"Hello, ladies and gentlemen! Who here has wanted to get revenge, but never had the means or opportunity to do it? Well, worry no longer! I'm your host, Travis Ricky, and this is . . ."

"Revenge is sweet!" the eager crowd chanted, applauding and whooping.

"Today's guest is rather young, but who said revenge had an age limit?" The crowd chuckled. "Put your hands together for Kingston!" Travis boomed, as a red-haired, green-eyed boy that looked to be no older than twelve walked onto the stage and shook Travis' hand before sitting down.

"Now, Kingston, why are you here? What's happened to you that makes you want revenge?" Travis asked.

"Nothing," Kingston answered nonchalantly. "I'm here on behalf of my little sister, Mallory, who's too young to do this herself."

"Aww," the audience cooed.

"Well that's very noble of you, Kingston. And what could have happened to Mallory that brought you here?" Travis pressed.

"For about three weeks, every time I go to pick Mallory up from school, she'd have bruises on her arms and legs, and if I'd ask, she'd get mad. And she wouldn't play with the neighbourhood kids outside any more. All she ever said was that it was fine," Kingston confided.

"Go on," Travis told him.

"I made a bet with her. I said that if it was really fine, then she can prove it by going there wearing a camera and letting me see the footage. And that's why I want revenge," Kingston answered.

"You found out who did it?" Travis asked. Kingston nodded.

"They're backstage and they've been denying everything since I confronted them about it," Kingston replied. "I might as well show you the video I took."

"Go ahead," Travis encouraged.

Start video

As soon as the video starts, you can tell that it's being held or carried by someone. It's moving around to the rhythm of a little girl's footsteps, and the girl approaches a park. Suddenly, she is blocked from the entrance by two boys. One has brown hair, and the other boy has black hair.

"Where's your entrance fee, little girl?" the brown haired boy asked.

"I need an entrance fee?" Mallory asked.

"If you want to go into our park, you need to pay us a fee of two dollars," the black haired boy informed, grinning nastily.

"But I don't have any money," Mallory stuttered.

"Then you're not coming in," the boys chorused before shoving her aside. The camera rolls with her, and eventually lets us see a close-up view of some grass. We hear both boys laugh, sounding cruel and malicious.

"Now move it back to your playpen, little baby. We have customers to serve," the brown haired boy instructs. Crying, Mallory runs away from the boys who laugh harder. Once she is out of the boys' sights, she turns the camera off.

End video

The crowd was stunned. That video was very strong evidence proving that the bullying had been going on. Travis broke the silence by asking, "Well, Kingston, what's your next step now that you have your proof?"

I'm going to get a few things I'll need, then have a little talk with the boys who have been messing with my sister," Kingston told him. "Excuse me." He disappeared backstage, followed by a camera crew as he steered himself towards a small closet, pulling out a large duffel bag. Then he turned and went in the other direction, cameras behind him all the way. Eventually, Kingston and the camera crew reached the two boys in the video. Outside, the audience start booing them.

"What do you have to say for yourselves?" Kingston asked immediately. "You've been messing with my little sister for ages, and I wouldn't be surprised if you've been doing this to other kids, too! Do you really feel tough asking them for money? That's embarrassing!" The brown haired boy squirmed in his seat, but his friend wasn't intimidated at all.

"Don't think you can be all high and mighty with me, loser. Do you know who my dad is?" he bluffed.

"If he's anything like you, he must be a total jerk," Kingston answered. The crowd laughed.

"Anyway, my dad's a lawyer. And what is yours, a janitor?" he snubbed. Both boys laughed at Kingston. "And he could send you to jail."

"At least I don't have to rely on my father to raise my social level in a conversation," Kingston smiled. "Now, what are your names?"

"I'm Max," the black haired boy told him. "He's Warren."

"Well, you two are coming with me," Kingston smiled. Max and Warren took one at Kingston and gulped with fear and apprehension.

"This is going to be awesome!" Travis cheered.

Kingston wasted no time in leading Max and Warren to a dog park, a TV crew following them all the way. Max was still rather defiant, but Warren was being helpfully submissive for Kingston.

"What does this have to do with anything, stupid?" Max whined. Warren was too terrified to say anything. Meanwhile, Kingston was unpacking his stuff . . . which consisted of duct tape, rope, dog toys and some dog treats. Max scoffed at the display, while Warren was confused, but kept his mouth shut.

"What is this supposed to do? Make us smell bad? Ooh, I'm so scared, I better stay away from you," Max joked as Kingston started tying their hands behind their backs. Once they were restrained, Kingston started taking the dog toys and tied them around Max's and Warren's waists. Max's tone changed pretty quickly.

"What are you doing, you maniac?" he yelled. "You're not allowed to do that!"

"I can do anything I want, so long as I obey the law," Kingston smiled. "And there's a reason I have all this dog stuff is . . . well, it's better if I show you." A little girl with long brown hair and green eyes wearing denim overalls and a T-shirt approached them, with brown hair and green eyes and a huge German Shepherd on a leash. It wore a muzzle and looked angry. Max dropped the tough guy act and started whimpering with terror. Warren followed suit.

"You're not going to let that dog eat us, will you?" he gulped.

"I don't want him to bite me!" Warren wailed.

"Percy won't bite you because he's wearing a muzzle. But I can't guarantee he won't stay away from you," Kingston explained. "Because you two are both covered in dog toys. His dog toys. And once he's off the leash, he's going to want them back. So he'll probably start chasing you for them."

"That's not fair! He's bigger than us!" both bullies yelled.

"Mallory had the same odds against you," Kingston reminded them. "But I'll be nice and give you a ten-second head start. Ten . . . nine . . . eight . . . " The moment Kinston started counting, both boys took off running, screaming at the top of their lungs even though Percy was still on his leash. But once he was off his leash, Percy ran after them, quickly shortening the gap between himself and his beloved toys. Meanwhile, Kingston and the little girl were enjoying some brother sister bonding time as they watched Max and Warren run away from Percy.

"HELP ME!" Warren howled. "PLEASE!"

"I WANT MY MOMMY!" Max blubbered.

Kingston and the girl laughed as they shared some popcorn. Suddenly, the camera zoomed in on her and Travis strolled over to ask a few questions.

"And who are you, kid?" he asked.

"I'm Mallory, Kingston's little sister!" she informed Travis, happily taking another fistful of popcorn from the bag her brother held. "And they-" she pointed to Max and Warren "kept picking on me, but my big brother taught them a lesson! He's awesome!"

"Well, he clearly cares a lot about you," Travis smiled. "More than some children care about their younger siblings."

"I know that, and that's why I love him!" Mallory smiled. "All my friends have big brothers or big sisters, and they hate them! Some don't even know their birthdays, but my big brother's so nice to me and my friends are all jealous of me!"

"I'm not surprised," Travis smiled. "Hey, why don't you and Kingston finish the episode for us?"

Kingston and Mallory smiled into the camera and said in unison, "That's it for 'Revenge is Sweet'! Goodbye!"