"Hello, ladies and gentlemen! Who here has wanted to get revenge, but never had the means or opportunity to do it? Well, worry no longer! I'm your host, Travis Ricky, and this is . . ."

"Revenge is sweet!" the eager crowd chanted, applauding and whooping. They seemed to not be able to get enough vengeance.

"For those of you who tuned in last week, you'll know that our last guest, Jenna, had the tables turned on her by her younger brother, Damian. Well, instead of inviting another guest onto the show, we decided to treat you to a few stories that kids of all ages have emailed to us, since revenge has been around for a long time, possibly forever. So we decided to treat you to a couple of stories about revenge right now to satisfy your cravings!" The audience applauded politely, and Travis beamed at them.

"Well, you asked for it, and here's our first story for you, voiced by actors to protect the identities of the posters," Travis smiled, as the camera panned out and the sound of applause faded.

Halloween candy

Hi, my name's Will and here's my story about revenge from when I was ten. In my neighbourhood, there were a lot of kids of varying ages, and I got used to playing with them. It was fairly small, and nobody was worried about us going missing or anything. It was a lot of fun, except for Halloween, which was a lot scarier for us because of the gang of teenagers who would come here to raid from us.

I don't remember their names, but there were three of them and they stole our candy from us every Halloween. It didn't matter what we did to stop it, they always got our candy from us one way or another, and I was getting pretty sick of it. So I created a plan . . . and a few new recipes.

My favourite sweet snacks of all time are all chocolatey: chocolate chip cookies, Oreos and brownies. I also quite liked baking with my sisters, and learned to make brownies and chocolate chip cookies for myself. Well, I made my chocolate chip cookies and brownies for myself and my friends like I always would, but I swapped some ingredients with other ingredients and added ingredients. I swapped the regular milk chocolate with chili-infused dark chocolate, and the brownies had an extra ingredient - prune juice, which, as everyone knows, is Mother Nature's laxative. And the Oreos had toothpaste instead of their normal cream. I told my plan to the other kids and handed round my special food. Those teenagers wouldn't know what hit them.

Halloween came and all of us were quietly freaking out. Nobody knew how this was going to go, but we wanted to catch a glimpse of it anyway. Sure enough, they came over, and demanded that we give them our food or we got beat up. They took everything, and ran off, laughing at us. We grinned and continued trick-or-treating. I got a lot of candy that night, and I remember eating loads of it and getting sick the next day.

A few days later, I'd forgotten all about the teenagers who'd stolen our tainted snacks, and found about it a few days later from a friend.

"Hey, did you hear about those kids that stole all our candy?" he asked me.

"No, why?" I replied. His response was epic.

"My brother goes to their school, and he says he saw about five kids who look like they went in their pants. They must have eaten your candy!"

"Five kids? But we only saw three. What gives?"

"Maybe they were giving our candy to their friends, so they all ate it."

I couldn't stop smiling for the rest of the day, and I was just a hair away from wetting myself laughing when I saw three teens all wearing suspiciously wet pants.

Chrome dome

Hi, I'm Tracey and this isn't my story; this happened to my sister, Andrea. I am sharing this with her permission. It involves high school mean girls and shampoo.

When she was in seventh grade, Andrea was being bullied by some mean girls in her classes. (Every class has a few of these lovely people.) They called her names, but they mostly stole her stuff. They usually stole her pencils, her notes, and, after swimming lessons, her shampoo. And they used it all up every single time. It really got on her nerves, because she hated having to wait until she got home to wash her hair. And now she had to do it all the time with them. It got on her last nerve one day, and she snapped.

One day, I saw Andrea take two bottles of shampoo instead of the usual one, and one of them (the one the mean girls took) was tainted with small doses of hair removing cream. The other bottle was normal, and she used that bottle. About a week later, she started to see results. No, I tell a lie - the whole school could see the results.

According to Andrea, their hair started to come out when they brushed it in front of the mirror to show off. It seemed normal amount of hair to come out of someone's head, but eventually, their hair was ruined. One girl went completely bald, and another got a massive bald spot that she covered with a hat. Apparently it blew away in the wind and that was how everyone found out about what was happening to her. None of them ever lived it down, and it was still fairly fresh news when I started there three years later. They didn't dare go near me, though, once they figured out who my sister was!

Light fingers

Hey, I'm Zoƫ, and this is about the time I found out who was stealing from my little brother with a special pen, a hidden camera and my phone.

Now, everyone's got a list of people who they would protect with all their heart, and on my list is my little brother, Zachary. He's the only sibling I have, and I love him. He's helped me out loads, and I've helped him loads. I admit it, we fight sometimes, but all siblings do, right?

One day, he came home anxious and close to tears because his watch had been taken. Eventually, it was found . . . with the battery taken out and the watch face cracked. Both could be replaced, and Grandpa had done so himself many times when he was still with us, but Zachary was distraught. He'd always loved that watch. Our grandfather gave him that watch before he died. Zachary had treasured that watch ever since. Whoever did this didn't want Zachary around any longer.

After the watch, it was his PE kit. Then his books. The thief had an MO of stealing Zachary's stuff, destroying it and leaving it lying around for him to find. I couldn't take any more of this, and I set a trap.

I designed and made (did I mention my best subject was Product Design?) a very fancy-looking pen for Zachary to use. It was blue and silver, and was monogrammed with his initials. It was a very nice looking pen, if I do say so myself. But what you didn't know was that the pen had a tracking device inside, which was linked to my phone. I could go on my phone whenever I wanted to and check where the pen was. Which worked very well when the pen was stolen. It hadn't even been a week since the pen had first been in school.

I turned on the tracking device to monitor the pen's last movements. It had gone to my school to the richer part of town, where all the rich kids hung out. Things were getting weird fast. I knocked on the door, and a middle-aged lady answered. She was in a business suit and looked tired. I was getting more nervous by the second.

"Excuse me, ma'am," I said. "My brother's pen is in your house."

"Is this an excuse to go inside and steal my money?" Her stoic features became angry. "I've had enough of thieving kids like you. Get off my doorstep. NOW." She began to close the door, but I put my foot in the gap.

"I can prove it!" I told her. She looked at me like she'd never heard a bigger lie in her life. "The thing my brother lost has an audible alarm that I can set off from my phone. When I set it off, you'll hear it coming from your house." She scoffed. I turned on the alarm and a shrill ringing noise came from inside her house. The woman's face turned white. I turned the alarm off.

"I don't understand," she whimpered. "How'd it get in there?"

"Do you have any kids that go to the local high school?" I asked.

"My daughter does. Why?" she asked.

"Can I talk to her?" I asked. A blonde girl came down the stairs. The smile on her face twisted into a sneer.

"Who are you and what do you want?" she asked.

"Stop stealing from my brother," I told her. She laughed in my face.

"I never took anything, you weirdo! Besides, why would I want Zachary's stuff?" she sniggered.

"I never told you his name," I pointed out. She stopped smiling.

"Well, if I really stole his stupid stuff, prove it!" She got into my face. I pressed the alarm and a ringing noise came from inside the house. She jumped at least a foot in the air. So did her mother.

"Do you have any idea where that ringing noise is coming from, then can you bring it to me?" I asked. The girl rushed inside, and, like a miracle, produced my brother's pen. It was scratched a little, but the damage was only superficial.

"Here you go," she whimpered. "Take it." All her attitude had completely gone. I liked it.

"Why did you take it?" I asked. She didn't say a word. "Well?"

"He was always so annoying, you know that?" she sneered. "All his perfect answers and perfect clubs and everyone liked him! He was getting too big for his boots." Her mother looked angrily at her daughter.

"Inside, Lola," she hissed. Her face was scarily pale. "We need to talk about this." Then, to me, "I'm sorry about my earlier attitude and about my daughter. She will definitely be punished." The door was shut in my face, and I went home.

I don't know what happened to Lola, but I hope she never treats anyone like she treated my brother ever again.

Travis beamed at the camera, showing off a set of white teeth. "Well, unfortunately that's all we have time for, but if you want more stories like this, then tune in to an episode of . . ."

"REVENGE IS SWEET!" the crowd cheered.