Hello everyone, my name is Storm knight, and this is the chronicles of the Universal knights: knights of the lost Empire

it's the second installment to Shattered Memories, if you haven't read it yet, you can check it on Wattpad cause it's confusing

i know some of this is Fanfiction Material, but half of it is my own writing, So YOLO

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Intro: greetings, I am Emperor Zion, ruler of the everlasting empire, for years my people have been living under the shadows, only now we must rise back up, I've seen the leaders of the world, they are corrupt, weak, cowardice, unfit to rule they're people, but all that changes today, after we discovered the Guardian bird in the middle of space with 2 other birds, we put them back in, as we look through one of the birds memories, one of them was the Guardian bird, and he was not alone, these children know who he is, and what they've been through, I sent my soldiers to scurry through space to fetch them, maybe they can help us with the invasion we're about to commence, prepare yourselves, for the fight for your world.

In Traverse Town, 3 kids were running down the street laughing, the boy then slides down the rails, the 2 girls run down stairs, the boy was running ahead of the,

"Come on girls, bet you can't catch me" says the boy

"Eric! Your cheating, you can't use rails" says one of the girls

Eric says, "Come on Nadia, I thought you were more competitive than that"

Nadia says, "oh you wanna make a big fat bet, come on Abby, let's get him"

Abby says, "girl power!"

As Abby goes another street, Nadia continues to chase Eric, Abby then tackles Eric, causing them both to fall down, all 3 of them begin to laugh.

5 minutes later

All 3 of them were sitting on the stairway, Eric takes a bite from his turn way pastry.

Eric says, "man this is so good"

Abby says, "slow down Eric, or you'll bite your tongue"

Nadia says, "that was fun, maybe we should play again"

Eric says, "no thanks, I'm too exhausted, running from you two is a living nightmare, if i was faster i probably would've want to play again"

Abby says, "I think you need more than just speed, you need to predict the future if you want to beat me at infection"

Both of the girls laugh and Eric then smiles and rolls his eyes, as time passes, the 3 look up into the night sky.

Abby asks, "so Nadia, how long has it been since you been in Traverse town?"

Nadia responds, "well, I've been here since I was 6, so it's been almost 4 years"

Eric says, "whoa, 4 years, dang, it feels like it's been a couple of weeks"

Abby says, "yup, time waits for no man or woman"

Nadia says, "hey guys, have you ever wonder if there are any other worlds out there?"

Eric says, "huh? What do you mean?"

Nadia says, "well, I've been having these dreams lately, that I was with my family, my real family"

Abby says, "whoa really? What are they like?"

Nadia says, "I can't tell, it's all blurry, I can only hear they're voices, but they seem so loving and caring, But it's just so hard to picture they're actual faces"

Eric says, "man, you must be the luckiest kid on the block, I wish I can remember my real par-"

Abby then elbows him, she points at Nadia, Nadia looked at her pastry with sorrow and confusion in her eyes.

Eric says, "I'm sorry Nadia, I guess I got too carried away"

Nadia says, "no it's fine Eric, hey it's getting late we should probably head back"

Abby says, "yeah we should, My foster parents would be looking for me"

Eric says, "yeah, let's go home"

As the three walk, a giant shadow hovers over them, a giant laser hits the shop in front of them, knocking the 3 of them on the ground.

"RUUUNNN!" Eric shouts

The kids begin to run, as soldiers slide down from their cables, the soldiers were wearing gold armor, they begin breaking into homes and destroy buildings, people begin running, a little girl was crying while holding a teddy bear.

"Mommy, Daddy, where are you?" Says the little girl

An officer slides down the cable, he pulls out his pistol.

"Spread out! Search everywhere for the girl if you have to" says the officer

The 3 kids continue on running, Eric then trips and falls.

Nadia and Abby says, "Eric!"

Nadia and Abby pull Eric up, two footmen pull their swords out, they scout around the town

Eric says, "Go, I'll distract them"

Nadia says, "are you crazy?! They'll kill you!"

Eric says, "I know, but you two can't escape with me around, I'll only slow you two down, just go! And don't stop running!"

Nadia says, "Eric no!"

Eric then runs to the footmen, he throws a rock at one of them, the soldiers then turn around and look at him.

"hey Tin cans, Come and get me!"

The soldiers charges at him, Eric then runs off into an Alley, both the girls keep running.

Nadia says, "I can't believe he did that"

Abby says, "there's nothing we can do, all we can do is not let his sacrifice be in vain"

The girls continue on running, the soldiers then subdue the civilians, the soldiers forcefully kneel them down, the officer walks up to the man

"Speak, have you seen this girl"

The officer projects a holographic picture, the girl has curly black hair, she was wearing a black tank top and shorts, she also had black gloves on.

"We know nothing of her, why are you doing this?" Says the man

Abby and Nadia hide as they look at the civilians.

Abby says, "Mom! dad!"

Abby was about to run, Nadia then grabs her.

Nadia says, "no, they'll capture you"

"It's nothing personal, but she has stolen from the Emperor" says the officer

"So he sends Men to do his dirty work, hiding behind his mighty throne?!" Says the man with aggression

"How dare you speak about our Emperor that way!" Says the officer as he was ready to gun whip him.

"That won't be necessary Morgan"

An old man walks towards officer Morgan, he was wearing a golden coat with a helmet, all the soldiers salute to the Emperor.

Officer Morgan, "Emperor Zion, please accept my apology"

Emperor Zion, "at ease"

Two footmen drag Eric across the floor, he was covered in scratches and bruises.

"Eric!" Nadia says it in a shocking tone

They forcefully kneel him down, Eric looks at Emperor Zion with fear.

Emperor Zion says, "hello young man, have you seen 15 year old girl"

A man watching this closes his fist, he then grabs Officer Morgan's pistol, pushing him down to the ground, he aims at Emperor Zion, one of the imperial soldiers shoots him in the shoulders, the Man falls down.

"NOOO!" A woman screams out

Everybody looks in horror, the man was groaning in pain, Officer Morgan then gets back up and takes back his pistol, he then spits on him, Eric tries to break free.

Eric says, "I'm going to make you pay for that!"

Officer Morgan says, "maybe this town needs to learn some manners"

A girl sets her foot behind them.

"ZION!" Shouts the girl

Everyone turns around and looks at her, it was the girl, she was carrying a handbag.

Emperor Zion, "Mia Greensweig, it's good to finally meet you in person"

Mia says, "don't patronize with me Zion, I know exactly why your here, just let them go and I'll hand them to you"

Mia then grabs her bag, she tosses it to him, Emperor Zion grabs the bag, he then opens it, two stones were inside the bag, one was a green stone and the other was pink.

"the infinity stones" says Emperor Zion

Emperor Zion grabs the stones.

"the most powerful artifacts known to this universe, clever trick, but clever isn't enough"

Emperor Zion tosses the stones, both of them turn into sand, Red liquid constructs into a stone in Mia's right hand, she was carrying the pink and green stone in her left hand, the soldiers and officer Morgan point their guns at Mia.

Mia says, "take another step, and I'll turn you all into sand"

"come now child, be reasonable, you know how this is gonna end" says Emperor Zion

"I know I can't beat you, but I know there's a lot of people who would like to have a beat down on you, so I'm gonna do them all a favor"

Mia tosses the stones into the air, she points the reality stone upward, Emperor Zion then creates red energy from his hands, he flicks his finger, blasting at shockwave at her, knocking her back into a house, Eric then breaks free and runs to the duffle bag, Nadia and Abby then runs, Abby runs to her foster parents, Nadia and Eric both grab onto the stones, creating a blast, knocking back everyone.

10 minutes later

Nadia wakes up, she gets back up, she was out of town, she looks down at Traverse town in ablaze, Nadia begins to cry, ships were the sky, she begins to run, off in the distance, a person covered in green armor watches the town burn.

"I will make you pay, everlasting Empire"

"Oh my friend we live this very day, this is our moment

Oh my friend we must be prepared, for the war is here

Ahh, ahh, ahh, ahh, ahh, ahh, AAAAAAAAHHHH!

I won't let their sacrifice, be for nothing, I will continue to fight,

For their freedom, standing against giants whom are barbaric,

Death is afoot but we will not falter,

Fight in the name of Jehovah, singing our victory,

We fight until the last one stands their ground,

A thousand voices cry into this world, this is our calling,

We will cut through the dragon's right eye,

We soar into the sky,



well guys, i hoped you enjoy, i will keep posting these, so Godbless and have a good day