Hey guys it's me again, now i bet your all wondering, why i left out Scarlet and her family from the big battle, well here they are now

Secret ending


Lucas, Nora, Bianca, and Scarlet walks through the palace in the darkness.

"Daddy what's going on? I can barely see a thing" said Bianca

Lucas replies, "I don't know sweetie, but whatever it is it can't be good"

Scarlet says, "maybe we should've gone with the others

Lucas says, "I'm afraid you're right about this one"

Nora observes her surroundings.

"This darkness isn't natural, it looks as if a person acquainted in dark powers is causing all this" Nora thought

As they walk through the darkness, Scarlet looks up ahead and sees a shadowy figure.

"Uhh hey guys do you see this?"

Scarlet turns around, the 3 of them were unconscious on the floor, she then gasps, a talon grabs her by the throats and pulls her up, revealing it to be Tenebris.

"Hello Rosie, long time no see"

Scarlet tries to break free from his grip.

"Let me go!" Scarlet shouts

"Hush little one, there's no need be afraid of the dark"

The darkness fades off him, revealing his scarlet macaw, Scarlet looks stunned.

"Y-You're like me?!" Said Scarlet in a scared tone

"Surprised? Looks like we're gonna get along just fine"

Scarlet looks at him angrily.

"What are you gonna do? Kill me?!"

"No, not just yet at least, I need to see an old friend of mine, I'll bet he would be thrilled to see you"

Tenebris gives an evil chuckle, a dark portal emerges, Scarlet cries out, both of the, enter the dark portal, A cloaked figure walks up to Lucas and the others, Lucas slowly opens his eyes, his vision was blurry, he sees red eyes coming from the cloaked figure.

and that concludes "knights of the lost empire" i hope you all enjoyed it, i want to thank T8ECR34T0R, Atarya QueenofEgypt, Nightfly123, Jaime64games, RiodanJaneiro97, ZadArchie, Metal Navy, Storyteller Angel, WargishBoromirFan, and that guest from chapter 4 for all of you're support, i couldn't have gotten this far without any of you're help, and for that I'm grateful

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