The year was 1991, the year that brought us Nirvana's Nevermind and grunge music, the Cold War was coming to an end, the US was in Operation Desert Storm, T2 Judgement Day was a hit in the box office and Mark Wahlberg was a rapper...what? Don't believe me? I'm serious! Alright, I don't want to get off topic here, we take you to the town of Listfield, Texas, a small town where everyone knew everyone. In this town lived Elliott "Eli" and Caroline Dawson a happily married couple in their late 20s. Caroline a freelance writer for the Listfield Post worked from home with aspirations of being a full-time journalist, Elliott works as a scientist for Omicron Research a research company on the outskirts of Listfield that dealt in scientific research, a job he enjoyed and it put food on the table. Although they were happily married the one thing they wanted desperately more than anything in the world was a baby, especially Caroline who wanted to be a mother before the age of thirty. The couple was sitting in the doctor's office awaiting the news.

"I hope it's good news," said an anxious Caroline holding her husband's hand.

"Don't worry...I'm sure it will be" replied Eli stroking his hand through her blonde curls.

Their doctor came in with a frown on his face, they didn't even want to hear the news just by the look on his face but he still had to deliver the bad news.

"I'm sorry Mrs. Dawson're infertile, that's always the hardest part of my job but there is always adoption," said the doctor put his hand on her shoulder.

Caroline shook her head, tears began to flow down her face and on to her denim jeans. Eli held her close to him and stood her up and the two headed out the door. The couple walked to their car a blue sedan and got in, the mood was grim and dismal.

"Well sugar plum, guess maybe we should adopt," said Eli putting his hand on his wife's leg.

"It just won't be the same..." frowned Caroline.

"Well, we really don't have much choice in the matter," said Eli starting the car.

The couple headed home feeling like they came from a funeral.

Meanwhile, billions and billions of miles away not in another state but another planet, the planet of Tarsiss lived a species of advanced cat-like creatures called the Krayiri. The Krayiri were an inquisitive yet peaceful race of creatures who loved nothing more than learning about other planets and inhabitants. Tarsiss was ruled by King Am'don and his faithful spouse Queen Madala, the couple dressed in their royal robes were in their room in the high castle pondering of what to study upon next.

"Well that was an interesting visit of Pectron IV, I feel we learned a lot," said King Am'don looking over his map.

"Yes, most intriguing" replied Queen Madala.

As the two were pondering the map all of a sudden they heard the crying of a baby.

"Oh dear, young Prince T'Jalak has awoken from his slumber, I will attend to him," said Queen Madala going to check on the baby.

She walked to his room which was guarded by two very tall armored Kyrayirian guards.

"Your Highness," said one of the guards.

"As you were" replied Queen Madala.

She walked into his room, scattered with playthings and mobiles she approached his crib and saw her child who resembled more so his father with his white fur and long ears.

"There, there my young prince...mother is here now" she smiled coddling her son.

She checked inside of his diaper and saw it was empty so he wasn't crying over a soiled diaper...which was a relief for the queen because she near lost her sense of smell with all the undergarments she's had to change.

"It must be time for the consumption of your nutritional formula" smiled Queen Madala as she prepared the formula that was necessary for the young prince's growth and nutrition.

She picked up the infant and fed him, sitting down in a chair and humming a lullaby to him. As he drank his formula from the bottle he had a smile on his face which made his mother smile after he finished she put him back in his crib and he closed his eyes and slept. The queen walked back to the observation room where her husband was waiting for her.

"Have you figured anything yet?" asked Queen Madala.

"Yes, our next venture will be the forbidden planet...Earth and we will send our son to learn of the human ways," said King Am'don.

Queen Madala had a mortified and disgusted look on her face.

"With all due respect, has your Cerebrum gone haywire? There is a reason Earth has been a forbidden planet with their pollution and fascination for war and you wish to send our only son? That will be over my deceased carcass!" exclaimed Queen Madala in protest.

"My Queen, how will we ever learn of that which we do not know? He will be under watchful eye and will report to us on his eighteenth birthday, as my father did with me when I was his age when he sent me to Remilik V, as he told my mother 'whether you are young or as old as my great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-grandfather your experience of learning shall never cease' and I am fascinated with blue and green planet" retorted King Am'don.

"I am still worried for the safety of our child, if he is harmed in any way I will call for your execution" replied Queen Madala cross.

"I understand your concern, I have done some research and found a place that would be ideal for our son's growth, it is a small town the humans call Listfield, Texas, and I have found two suitors for our son a couple by the name of Caroline and Eli, two earthlings who desperately want a child as the earth woman suffers from a disease the humans call infertility" said King Am'don.

"Infertility, explain" replied Queen Madala.

"A disease in which a woman cannot bear children" replied King Am'don.

"How dreadful, but how did you find such suitors?" asked Queen Madala.

"Easily my queen, it was all a matter of research as Listfield, Texas was voted number one most peaceful town to live in by the human race and the suitors were chosen at random," said King Am'don.

"I am trusting your judgment but the stipulation of your execution if harm occurs on our child still stands" replied Queen Madala.

"Excellent, may the process begin," said King Am'don preparing to send his son to Earth.

Meanwhile back on Earth, Caroline and Eli stopped at the church to say a prayer. The two entered the pew and pulled down the bumper and knelt down to pray.

"Lord...if you can hear me, I know I am not worthy of your mercy but please I ask this one time if my husband and I may be blessed with a child, I have wanted the gift of a raising a life as my own to nurture and love and raise to be an outstanding individual, please Lord...that is all I ask of your loving and giving nature...Amen" whispered Caroline with her hands folded.

The two decided to stay for mass unknown to them that pretty soon Caroline's prayer was going to be answered.