AN: Welcome to the novel I wrote when I was fourteen, my pride and joy, my ultimate feat of lesbianism. Feedback is adored.

Summary: Shadows are their own race of beings, each having a human counterpart who lives in the world of light. A thousand generations ago, they were exiled from the Surface world due to a curse borne of human hate. Now Nyx (or "Nick"), a shade and descendant of the one who cast the curse, must infiltrate the huma race in preparation for the shadow beings' great revenge. This is Nick's mission: exterminate the human race. Starting with Nick's own counterpart, Lily.

The only problem is, Nick's heart isn't really in the mission. Because, it turns out, Lily is super hot.

Chapter One: Sunset

Her name was Lily. Nyx knew it was Lily, as she signed her name on every grade school worksheet, every diary and formal contract of her life. Lily. Nyx knew from her etymology lessons that it was a flower as well as a name, a flower with long petals that flared out in a star shape. Lily. Two syllables. Four glyphs. Pronounced like "lih-lee."

She was going to sleep. Nyx's work day was over.

Nyx knew that the darkest day was coming soon, and that she didn't have much time left to prepare. That didn't worry her, though. She'd studied Lily all her life. Her wretched mirror image. Although, by all accounts, Nyx was the more wretched one.

Nyx. N-y-x. Or Nick. That was how her name was anglicized, translated to the language Lily spoke. Her real name was indecipherable to human ears, better expressed by a pulse of light than by a written word.

Her great ancestors had prepared her for this. A lifetime of study had prepared her for this. She was the descendant of a shadow queen and she would take her place as the leader of her long-forgotten army when the time was right. Victory was approaching by the second. All she had to do was succeed in her final act of espionage: infiltrating the human race as one of them.


"Nervous?" Noctis asked nervously. Nyx flashed a look at her brother. He was perhaps the most nervous shade that had ever been spawned. She, on the other hand, was not. Not even a little bit.

Okay, maybe a little bit. It was kind of a big deal, being the first shade to step foot in the human world in one thousand generations. And, you know, the entire future of her people and the world did depend on her actions. Hers. No one else's. No one could blame her for being a bit nervous, if she was. But she wasn't. She'd trained for this her whole life. She was destined for this job—even her appearance made that clear. She had red hair and light eyes. Just like her great ancestor. So she wasn't nervous.

Even though technically her ancestor had gotten her into this mess by being irresponsible and falling in love with a human. And then by being—in a very human fashion, Nyx privately thought with disdain—jealous to the point of vengeful passion. Still, it was Nyx's duty to avenge her. It was everyone's duty to reclaim the world they'd lost.

Noctis clasped her hand tightly, ink over ink. "You're going to be great," he said reassuringly with a blink. Nyx squeezed his hand back and stood up, ready to cast her incantation. But before she did, she needed a moment. This would be the last time she saw her brother for six months. She had to take him in, hold onto him. Just to keep something to stave off her loneliness as the only one of her kind in the world.

"Noctis," she said, trailing off as she realized she didn't know how to continue. "Noctis," she tried again, words sticking in her throat.

He shook his head. "Nyx." They didn't need to say anything. She nodded at him, letting go of his hand.

A dozen ancient words left her mouth, and she was on the Surface.