The darkened country road filled her view as the car bounced over the increasing amount of pot holes that seemed to pop out of nowhere.

Even with her quick reflexes and handy night vision, Adriana found that she was struggling to drive like a normal human being.

Well, vampire actually.

Her humanity was long gone – nine years and counting. She could just imagine the sneers of the other vampires as she complained about her measly nine years in comparison to their hundred or thousand year old status's.

To them she was just a baby vamp. A mistake that shouldn't have happened.

It would have been nice to have been accepted into this small clan of insanely wealthy vampire elitist's, especially since they stole her humanity from her, but what can you do?

That's why she was currently driving down the lone dirt path, heading back home to the place where it all started.

One of the many meeting places that the vampires chose to congregate annually.

It was all business and socializing, not something that she particularly felt apart of; but it was mandatory.

Adriana sighed, sated from her recent meal. She could feel the fresh blood pulsating throughout her body.

It settled her into a warm feeling of contentedness – almost like sinking into a hot bubble bath after a long hard day at work.

The only problem was the aftereffects of feeding.

Most of the time, they weren't really an issue, but the last person she drank from had some serious anxiety and the girls personality traits were starting to catch up with her.

Adriana's hands gripped the steering wheel until her knuckles turned white, her eyes erratically darting to the review mirror every couple of seconds.

Yep, she thought distastefully. Definitely one of the major pains about being a vampire was the transfusion of personality.

Apparently, feeding on someone's blood carried what she referred to as a BTP – blood transported personality – and some people's blood had more of an impact than others.

The effects lasted until the next feeding and most of the time it was actually a relief to feel mildly human, as long as the person wasn't absolutely crazy.

Or an addict.

Thus, the reason why she had been turned into a vampire in the first place.

Apparently, the vampire who had sucked her dry hadn't done their research. They had, according to the rumors, fed on a heroin addict and picked up some of their less desirable addictive personality traits.

You see, these vampires only feed to keep themselves healthy. They very rarely turned people into vampires unless there was a very good reason to do so; wealth, talent or intelligence being high on their agenda.

So, when they found out that she had been turned - a young, thin, mousy brunette with no skills or connections, they weren't too impressed.

In fact, they were pretty much horrified.

She was now the embarrassment of her new family.

The black sheep.

The girl who would have to work for minimum wage for the remainder of eternity, while the rest of them were sporting cocktails on their yachts - or whatever it is that rich people do.

Adriana rolled her eyes before hitting another pot hole and yelping in surprise.

There was one catch, however, while her personality took on the traits of the person she last drank from, for a brief period of time; the one who drained her of blood took on her original personality traits permanently.

So, there was a vampire out there, somewhere, with her identity.

For some reason, that never sat right with her. In fact, it annoyed her to no end.

Especially since it was so hard to remember the person who she used to be. Had she been perky? Moody? Emotional? It was hard to say since her temperament now varied between meals.

And of course, no one was willing to tell her who the vampire who took her life was, just incase there was bad blood between the members of their small community; no pun intended.

A beam of light broke Adriana from her thoughts as a small SUV slowly passed her. The occupant of the car was only partially visible through the heavy tinted glass, as they turned their head to glance at her briefly.

Adriana bit her lip and prayed it hadn't been anyone who would have recognized her.

The people of this community thought that she had decided to flee town nine years ago. That's what the note indicated anyway; the one the vampires had left after their little blunder.

If the people of this town saw her again...noticed that she hadn't changed since they last saw her, at least physically, it might make people a little suspicious.

And despite her protests, the vampire congregation refused to change their meeting place.

It both scared and excited her at the same time.

Was Matt still there?

Not long before she had turned, she had a boyfriend. Her memories of him were vague and blurry and they came and went like soft whispers in the wind.

It was something that the other vampires found incredibly odd since all details of their human lives apparently disappeared after turning.

Maybe it was due to her age, or perhaps she had been more sentimental than most, but her memories still sometimes reemerged.

Not in a way that one would expect, however, it was more like having visions of someone else's life. She could never remember the feelings she had, or her thoughts at the time. It was just faces, soft touches and loving words.

She must have been in love, Adriana thought sadly. Too bad she couldn't remember how that felt.

Her car slowly descended a steep hill, as the lights of the town up ahead slowly came into view.

Adriana ran a hand through her light brown tresses, and bit her lip, feeling her teeth puncture her swollen lower lip as a small trace of blood entered her mouth.

Home, sweet home...