I stood before the forest, as the fires waged on with no end.

I saw people yelling and screaming as their homes were consumed with flames, many running out from the trees and grabbing me, in a hard shaking movement.

"Do something!" they yelled at me, "Please!"

I looked at the family, tears in their eyes and I just closed mine, humming a quiet song.

The family stared at me, as smoke clouded around us, and they yelled, "What are you doing!?"

I breathed in the smoke, as it fueled me with energy. After that my body was more smoke then flesh, I blew away in the wind and rushed through the burning trees of the forest.

I breathed out fire as a bi-product of the smoke and watched as I consumed the last strong tree of the forest.

I reformed myself in the middle of the ashy woods and felt my skin form last as my human smoky body reappeared.

All there was was smog and smoke around the area, and I kicked a bit of debris, as the last flame gasped for oxygen, but went out with nothing to feed it.

I hovered out of the forest in the wind of smoke and the family that was just on the outskirts ran up to me and demanded to know.

"Why didn't you stop?!"

"What are you...?" they asked in terror.

"Me?" I replied, and they nodded their heads weakly, "I'm your mother..."

They looked at one another, then back at me and asked again.

"What do you mean...?"

I sighed, and began to sink into the ashy earth... slowly entering into the earth and disappearing from sight.

I soon entered the core of the earth, my home as I turned into lava and pushed around the planet like molten.

I soon re-entered the iron centre, my job being done, as I gave birth to a new being... me disintegrating from existence as the next of kin poured with energy.

She asked me.

"When can I eat, mother, when?"

"In time..." was all I whispered in her heart, "In time..."