It all really began to hit the fan the day Aine found her self cleaning out a dead man's fridge. She was assisting with the administrative duties of tidying the affairs of an old goblin that had seemed to kick the bucket and to be honest Aine was glad for the magical surgical mask. The gloves on her hands helped to keep her skin from touching whatever the man had kept in his fridge but she still couldn't name half the stuff, there was a kind of slime on most of it. "And this man did what? If I may ask." Aine said through her mask still getting whiffs of whatever was in the fridge.

"He studied fungi to my knowledge," the agent behind her said going through paperwork, his tone was bored and uninterested in what was going on around him, Aine couldn't blame him there wasn't really anything exciting going on yet she was trying to have some respect for the dead. Aine wasn't an agent, but she was now an administrative helper, though she wasn't sure this was actually in her duties. She oversaw paperwork for the most part, yet here she was cleaning out a fridge.

"Be careful with all that, his work was delicate!" Drago said coming in and snapping at her. Aine felt the urge to break one of the slime cover vials but knew better.

"If you don't want my help I can go back to the office," Aine said over her shoulder as one of the slimes she touched seemed to stick to her and slowly start to work its way up her hand. "Is it supposed to do that?" She asked blinking not sure what to do with the black fungus moving up and seeming to swallow her arm.

"Do…" Drago was suddenly behind her his hands around her as his fingers glowed, "Woman can't you be more careful that is a very toxic fungus to humans! I am glad you wore gloves!" He hissed as the seemed to shriek and recede back going back into its vial. "Don't you know anything about handling fungi of magical varieties! Or at all?!"

"I am sorry Drago." Her hand felt kind of sore and she winced when she tried to close it. He didn't miss the wince and both his hands took the one they were around and he brought it up.

"You are such a foolish woman." He whispered as he looked over her fingers. "Seems you got a minor dose of the toxin through the gloves." He ran his fingertips over her skin carefully using magic to heal the burning the toxin had done through the glove.