Fat raindrops splashed against his windshield as Gil pulled out of the parking lot. Waiting for traffic to clear, he saw Tish standing at the bus stop. He stopped the car and rolled down the passenger-side window.

"Want a ride?" he asked.

"Thanks so much!" She said gratefully, climbing in. "The guy I usually ride with is off today and I forgot it was going to rain." She smiled, and pushed her wet hair away from her face.

"No problem." he replied. "Where do you live?" He pulled back on the road.

"In Edgewater. On Early. But if that's too far for you, you can drop me on Sheridan and I'll get the bus."

Gil chuckled. "I just picked you up from the bus stop. Now you want to go back?"

Tish smiled, "Oh yeah. Sorry." She stared out the window for a few minutes as he drove. "Hey, did I tell you about this call I had today?"


"It was crazy! So we go out to this fancy club. I forget the name of it. It's on Western. We get there and there's this big crowd in the parking lot all around this one car. People are pointing, they got their cameras out, the whole shebang! So I walk over to see what's up and Sean, my partner, he's breaking up the crowd. So I get up to the front and guess what I saw!"

"What did you see?" Gil asked.

"This guy, skinny rich dude. Someone said he was an executive or something, anyway he had his pants down and he was hanging over the end of this car." She moved her hands in the air, demonstrating.

Gil tried to picture the scene and failed. "What was he doing?"

"He had his dick in the tailpipe!" Tish cried. "He was fucking the car!" She howled with laughter. "God as my witness!"

"What did you do?" Gil asked, wiping away tears.

"Well, Sean, that coward, wouldn't get down there. I had to glove up, hunker down and take a look. He was all swollen and he'd definitely been drinking. Hoo boy, did he smell! He was pretty out of it, too. But anyway, he wasn't going nowhere. So I go over to Sean and ask if he still knows that photographer from the Daily News. He made some calls, and I radio for the fire department. I told 'em to bring a hacksaw or the Jaws of Life. So while we're waiting this little old man comes up to me and asks 'What's gonna happen to the car?' I say, 'It depends, why do you ask, sir?" It turns out it was his car! The guy was a partner at this firm and the perp was fucking his car!"

Gil laughed harder and gripped the steering wheel, doing his best not to lose control.

"Did you bring him in?"

"Of course! But not until Sean's friend came! He even brought his friends!"

"What did you hit him with?"

"Pfft!" she scoffed, "Anything I could think of! Destruction of property, vandalism, public indecency, public intoxication, you name it! Sean's friend said he'd try to convince his editor to put the pictures on the front page tomorrow."

Gil chuckled and turned down Early Street.

"Oh there's my house! Looks like the boys are home." He pulled up to the curb. "Thanks again for the ride." Tish said, climbing out.

"No problem." Gil said. He watched her climb the steps, then pulled away from the curb and headed home.