Chronicle of Callisto

Chapter 1: Middleworld Versus Underworld

On planet Middleworld, there are islands, cities, towns, regions, and mountains. There is an island city known as Atlantis. Atlantis is technologically advanced and has huge skyscrapers. Kumari Kandam and Lemuria are cities that border each other, south of Atlantis. Kumari Kandam and Lemuria have architecture similar to the Vijayanagara architecture. The residents of Lemuria are known as Lemurians and the language of Lemuria is known as the Lemurian language. Meropis is an island with three cities. The cities in Meropis are Anostos - a city that is covered with red clouds and fog, Eusebes - a city where people have plenty of food and medicine, and Machimos - a heavily guarded city. The language of Meropis is Méropes. Méropes has three dialects named after the three cities: Eusebes Méropes, Machimos Méropes, and Anostos Méropes. The Méropes language is the only language to have a written script. To the north of Kumari Kandam is Mu. Mu has architecture similar to ancient Egypt and Mesoamerican architecture. Toward the North Pole of Middleworld, there is a huge island known as Hyperborea. The people that live on that island are known as the Hyperboreans. The language they speak in Hyperborea is known as Hyperborean. Hyperborea is covered in snow. Toward the South Pole is a large tropical island known as Terra Australis. Terra Australis has a city known as Patalis. On a different part of the ocean there are many islands. The islands are called Aeaea, Thrinacia, Ogygia, Aegilips, Samos, and the Isle of the Lotus-eaters. On Aegilips, there is a city called Ismara. On Thrinacia, there is a city called Telepylos. On Ogygia, there is a town called Nericus. The architectures of Ismara and Telepylos have skyscrapers, and some of the buildings were built in Ancient Greek and Byzantine architecture. The town of Nericus' architecture not only has Ancient Greek and Byzantine architecture, but it also has Epirotic and Cycladic architecture. Close to the islands is a huge mountain known as Mount Olympus. Mount Olympus has a long, flat area by the mountain known as the region of Scheria. Under planet Middleworld, there is a planet known as Underworld. Planet Underworld has four areas: Erebus, Tartarus, Elysium, and Asphodel Meadows. Underworld has six rivers. Eridanos River connects Asphodel Meadows and Elysium, Phlegethon River connects Tartarus and Erebus, Lethe River connects Asphodel Meadows and Erebus, Styx River connects Tartarus and Elysium, Cocytus River connects Erebus and Asphodel Meadows, and Acheron River connects Tartarus and Erebus. My name is Dimakos Damianos and I am an alien with a canine appearance, with green fur, wearing a purple tunicle stole. I was talking to Theodoropoulou Olympias. Olympias is also an alien with a canine appearance, with maximum yellow fur, wearing a gray sticharion.

I said, "Olympias! You need to destroy the AI robot Llama, Leandros Elina! You know that she will destroy Middleworld."

Olympias took out her sceptre and pointed the tip at me. She shot a red laser from her sceptre and it hit me.

Olympias said, "Silence! Elina will make planet Underworld proud! ELINA, GET OVER HERE!"

Elina was a robotic Llama with artificial intelligence. Her color scheme was Persian green.

Elina said, "Master!...I will use my phone laser app to destroy Damianos!...Is that what you want?"

Olympias said, "Yes!"

Elina made her hand turn into a mobile phone.

I said, "Oh shit!"

I started to run, and Elina chased after me. I went into my spaceship and left Underworld. The spaceship left Underworld and Elina summoned a laser from her mobile phone.

Elina said, "Damn it!...I failed at catching him! Asphodel Meadows is ruined without Damianos!"

I flew from outer space to Middleworld. I landed on the island of Aegilips and got out of the spaceship. I walked to Ismara and went to the downtown part of the city.

I said, "No way!...The buildings in Middleworld are way taller than Underworld's buildings!"

I found an apartment complex and I met a half ghost, half vampire. The half ghost, half vampire had the appearance of a horse. The half ghost, half vampire had gray hair and mane. She wore a dark blue sakkos.

"Wow!...You're an Undead!"

The ghost-vampire hybrid said, "Yes!...My name is Giakoumakis Callisto! Would you like to come to my mansion?"

I said, "Yes! I would like to come inside of your mansion. My name is Dimakos Damianos by the way."

She took me to a high-rise building, and into a room. Her room happened to be an apartment were the rooms were as big as a mansion. We saw a goat with orchid purple fur. The goat wore a lavender phelonion and a ruby red kabbadion. There was a woodpecker with harlequin green, jet gray, and yellow feathers. The woodpecker wore a Charleston green kabbadion and a mint green and medium purple epitrachelion.

Callisto said, "That goat over there is Kokolakis Christa and the woodpecker is Oikonomou Zenobios!"

Christa said, "Hello"

Zenobios said, "Hi!"

I said, "Hello!...My name is Dimakos Damianos! I came from planet Underworld!"

Zenobios asked, "What brings you here?"

I said, "Olympias created a robotic llama named Elina!...She's planning to use her to destroy all of Middleworld."

Zenobios said, "We should go to the Ismara Hagia Sophia and talk to Princess Lucio Felicia and Baroness Campanus Paloma about it!...This is a very serious issue!"

All four of us went to a different room of the luxurious apartment. We saw a deer with violet fur and gray antlers. The deer wore a green toga.

Christa said, "That is Lucci Laurentius!"

Laurentius said, "Hello!"

I said, "Hi!...My name is Dimakos Damianos!...I came from planet Underworld."

Laurentius said, "It seems like everyone introduced themselves...Let me get Quintus!"

We followed Laurentius to another room and we met Quintus. Quintus was a bat with green fur who wore a cardinal red toga.

Quintus said, "Hi!...My name is Alopaeus Quintus!"

I said, "My name is Dimakos Damianos!...I came from planet Underworld!"

Callisto said, "Everyone come to the main room!"

Everyone went to the main room.

Zenobios said, "Where Damianos came from, there is a robotic AI llama named Elina planning to destroy this planet."

I said, "Actually, Olympias is planning to destroy Middleworld, she is just using Elina as her partner."

The next morning, we were walking around Ismara.

Zenobios said, "We're in the part of the city that's built in Byzantine architecture. There's a huge Hagia Sophia where the princess lives."

We walked close to the Ismara Hagia Sophia. Callisto pressed the button and a dove with Neon green feathers wearing a dark violet sticharion showed up.

The dove said, "I am Baroness Campanus Paloma...Also known as Hadrianus! I see that a few priests came here!"

Callisto said, "We need to talk to Princess Lucio Felicia!"

Baroness Campanus Paloma said, "Come inside!"

We went inside of the Ismara Hagia Sophia. We saw a hyena with orange fur and brown stripes. She wore a canary yellow kabbadion.

The hyena said, "I am Princess Lucio Felicia!...The Princess of Ismara!"

I said, "Princess Lucio Felicia!...There is an alien from my planet Underworld, named Theodoropoulou Olympias, who created an robot AI llama named Leandros Elina!"

Princess Lucio Felicia said, "So we got the names of the alien and the robot llama...I already know that we have Giakoumakis Callisto, Kokolakis Christa, Oikonomou Zenobios, but I don't know the other ones."

I said, "I am Dimakos Damianos! The deer is Lucci Laurentius, and the bat is Alopaeus Quintus."

Callisto said, "They're monks of our temple!"

Princess Lucio Felicia said, "Baroness Campanus Paloma and I have nicknames to hide our identity!"

Baroness Campanus Paloma said, "My nickname is Hadrianus!"

Princess Lucio Felicia said, "My nickname is Vopiscus!"

Callisto said, "My nickname will be Comosicus!"

Laurentius said, "My nickname will be Flavia!"

Quintus said, "And my nickname will be Vinicius!"

Princess Lucio Felicia grabbed her sceptre. We left the Ismara Hagia Sophia and everyone got inside of my spaceship. I flew away from the island of Aegilips.