While I was walking in the park, I was cut off by a bridge that had no entrance. It was 2 stories high with a fence to serve railings. I remembered that there was an underpass. So I'm walking to there. The more I walk alongside the bridge, the more it seems familiar. Near the cracked asphalt of a rood that leads to nowhere and many trees, I see the underpass. Covered in overgrown vines, it was tainted by nature. I feel an extreme sense of familiarity. I enter it to turn to a tunnel.

When I'm trying to go across, a man comes up to me to say, "Excuse me. Do you know where's Charlesburg Botanical Gardens?" I couldn't see him due to his skin tone and the lack of lighting in most parts of the tunnel. I assume that he came out of the subway here. "Go down and make a right out of the tunnel," I answer him. He says "thanks" and I continue my trek. He screams, "what the fuck!" and I turn my head. I'm shocked. It is the ripped skin of a nude lady; no body but some blood. I call 911 while the man and I are running away from the body.

Not seeing where I'm going, I run into another tunnel. And I see more of the bodies. All of them were female. When I look at one face, I could remember my long-forgotten past. The bodies were old skins I used to wear and make with my talent. I made them to change my appearance from my original form (Klara) into a beautiful one. When one form was deemed ugly by modeling companies, I change my shape modeling on models found in beauty magazines. I never bothered to wear my original form until years ago. Because I found it to be ugly instead of moderately beautiful.

I used my talent to attack past menaces. There was once menace named Josephine Jacoby. She bullied me in high school because I was ugly. She even told me that I will always be ugly even if I changed my appearance. I wanted to ruin her life. So I took on her shape, but my remade skin of her didn't look like her. I needed to stalk her. I knew where she worked. I slowly mimicked her looks. I even copied her DNA with some blood from her. All that was left was to copy her memories and that was pure fantasy. I kidnapped her, locking her in a room in this underpass. I lived at her home, searching for passwords and social security cards to steal money from her.

Before I could do, an old friend I had in high school stopped me in this tunnel. He recognized me with my behavior. I couldn't remember how Josephine acted. My actual behavior hadn't changed since high school. He was baffled by how I could take someone's shape. He didn't have the police put me in a research facility. He told me that beauty doesn't mean appearance: It was all about the heart. He wanted me as a lover in high school and still was after seeing me. So I molted my Josephine skin off and revealed my true form.

This molted Josephine skin is the one I'm seeing now. I'm just so shocked that I didn't know what was real beauty until the age of 23. What also bothers me is the fact I used shape-shifting for identity theft.