I may be able to hold the world,
I may not break under pressure,
I may give you everything,
But I am still human.

I can make you happy,
And pretend to be happy myself.
I can do everything,
And seem like nothing is wrong.
But I am still human.

I will break, but I'll do it alone
I will fall apart, but I do it,
where no one can see me.
My soul has died within me. . .
It's hard being a human like me.

I'm sorry when I can't handle anything anymore.
I'm sorry when I get mad when I'm tired of my life.
I'm sorry I couldn't do and be enough for you.
I'm sorry I am a human like me.

I no longer have a passion for life
I can't seem to feel anything anymore.
What can be done to make me feel better?
I need hope and a passion again
I need someone to believe in me
Someone who believes I can do it.