Happy early Birthday Charmpanda! Hopefully, you like the idea I've come up with for your Birthday present. It started as just ten stories, but I didn't want to do the same things as last year, so I thought, how can I up this? 50 shorts of course! Well, it's more like 40 shorts, with short AU stories placed between every nine shorts. Anyways, happy earlier Birthday again, hopefully, I finish your gift in a somewhat timely fashion. Enjoy. :)

Missing Princess: Emily calls Kirron with the case of a missing child!

"Ohmygod Kirron!"

Kirron struggled to open his eyes as he rolled onto his back. It was dark within the confines of his bedroom, the curtains were drawn closed and he was lying still in the center of his bed. His covers rustled and fell as he lifted an arm to rub his sleepy eyes. "Emily?" He murmured, "what time is it?"

"It's almost three in the morning."

"Why are you-"

"Time doesn't matter right now Kirron!" Kirron furrowed his brows as he pulled the phone away from his ear, the blonde's voice assaulted his ears loudly. He put the phone on speaker and tossed it onto the pillow beside him as he continued to lay in the same spot with his eyes struggling to stay open.

"Did something happen?" He asked in sleepy worry.

"Did something happen? Are you asking me if something happened? Of COURSE, something happened!" The girl on the other line exclaimed, her voice shaking slightly. "I can't find princess!"

He took a moment to process her words. "The...cat?"

She scoffed, "if you mean queen of my household, then yes."

"Wait, why are you up so late to notice?"

"I woke up because I felt her jump off my bed. So I went looking for her and I can't find her and now I'm too worried about her to go back to bed."

"What am I- I'm not coming over at three in the morning to search your house for her."

"Wow, and I thought you loved me." Kirron smiled with a light scoff. "Go to bed Emily."




"Did you check the basement?"

"Of course, she loves to sleep on the dryer."

"Pantry? Closet? Under the dining table?" Kirron went on to list various places within the blondes home. His straining slightly as he yawned and finally say up. He could hear the girl on the other line rustling around her house as she looked for the feline. "You have three cats, why do you need all three to sleep?" She answered, but Kirron couldn't make her words out. He jumped as the girl suddenly screamed and dropped her phone. "What's wrong?" He asked urgently.

"I found her."

"You had to scream when you found her?"

"No, she was hiding in the basement rafters and jumped down at me when I passed by." She explained, "anyways, I found her. Thank you!"

"Did you really need to call me for this?"

"I was panicking, who else would I call?"

"Someone who's not trying to sleep at three AM."

"Sorry" She laughed, "love you."

Kirron hummed, "love you too. Go to bed now."

"Wait! Goodnight joke before we go hang up?"

"I think I'm good-"

"Too late it's happening." She cut in, "what did the pancake say to its husband before bed?" He hummed, "I flipping love you!"

"That's not even a good one. Go to bed." Kirron hung up before rolling over to get back to sleep. He peeked one eye open a few minutes later as his phone opened with a new text. He opened it quickly, smiling at the photo of Emily in bed, the fluffy white fur of Princess curled up over her shoulder.

Crushes: Brooklyn says some oddly bold things at times.

"You know Emily, your dad's kinda hot."


"What? I'm just saying."

"NO. Don't ever say those words to my face ever again."

"You dads hot."

Emily groaned, burying her head into her pillow in embarrassment. "Stoooop." Brooklyn laughed, throwing herself next to Emily on the bed.

"It's not that bad, It's like having a teacher crush or something."

"Ew, no." Emily lifted her head. "Having crushes on teachers is weird too."

"Come on, you've had to have one before."

"No, I like people my own age!"

"It's about the fantasy of it." Emily pulled a weird face, never wanting to hear her dad and "fantasy" mentioned in the same sentence ever again. "Come on, stop making it out like it's weird! People are attracted to older people all the time! Lily had a major crush on her history teacher in school!"

"That's different, she as a kid who didn't know better. You're an adult!"

"You're right. I am an adult. I could date your dad if I really wanted too."

"I'm going to be sick."

"And you know what? Kirron's dad is hot too, let's throw all the hot men out there."


"I'm going to tell Kirron to his face that his dad is-"

"I beg that you don't."

"I just want to see his reaction, Valerian, too."

"Do you think about these things before you say them?"

"No, not really." Brooklyn stated with an amused smile, "I'm gonna do it. You can't stop me."

One AM: Toma stops by Raven's place after a late night rehearsal.

Raven had not been happy to hear the knocking at her door. Looking at her bedside table she found the clock read nearly one AM, prompting her to groan to herself as another knock could be heard at the front door. She rolled out of bed with a slight yawn, grabbing her rob to slip it on before heading down the hall. She peeked through the peephole before unlocking and pulling the door open. "Toma, what are you doing here?" She asked, her voice slightly heavy with sleep.

The said boy was rubbing the back of his neck somewhat sheepishly. "Well...you know I told you that my mom was out of town for the weekend and I had a rehearsal tonight and I...forgot my key and locked myself out."

She tried to suppress her amused smile, "you locked yourself out?"

"That's what I said, isn't it?"

"Come on in grumpy." she pulled the door open some more to let him in with a smile. He walked right in, looking around as Raven flicked the light on.

"Have any food? I'm starving." He went for the fridge as she hummed in approval.

"Did practice run this late?"

"No, but I stayed late. It was one by the time I got here." He stated, "can I have this?" He asked, pulled a small container of the leftovers Rave had put away from dinner earlier. He didn't bother to heat it up as he grabbed a fork and went for the sofa, acting as if he was right at home. Amused, she followed and sat beside him. She smiled as her friend shoved the food into his mouth, it was becoming clear that he hadn't likely eaten all day.


"Why are you wowing me?"

"Without your mom around you don't feed yourself and you got locked out." She commented, "you must really need her."

"I don't need her." He scoffed. "I just didn't have any money to buy something while I was out. I don't get paid until next week," he admitted.

"You don't have any money?" She asked, tipping her head. "Doesn't your dad give you a couple thousand every month? I know you haven't spent all that up in just a few weeks…" Raven trailed off slowly, catching herself on her words.

The boy stiffened at the statement.

Oh boy… Raven thought, she'd likely accidentally struck a nerve. She waiting, expecting him to snap some kind of remark at her.

But he didn't, surprisingly he remained quiet as he set his food down. "Yeah, I guess." He looked as if he was struggling to remain silent after that though as he the inside of his cheek. "I don't want his money." He finally snapped.

"Yeah, I can see that." Raven sighed, moving to rest her head in her hand with a short yawn. "Sorry, it just came out."

"Besides, I give my mom most of the money for bills and everything." Toma admitted, "all the money he gives me is just meant to keep me out of his life anyways."

Raven looked back up to say something but stopped as the other stood up with a small stretch and walked back to the kitchen without another word. Raven got up to follow, "so, do you need to stay the night here?"

"Just until tomorrow." He stated, walking over to the sink. "The sofa is fine for me as well, don't bother with the spare bedroom." Raven nodded, heading back to grab him a pillow and blanket. She came back to the living room, finding that Toma had left his shoes lined neatly by the sofa, his jacket folded and resting on the coffee table. "Wow Toma, you're doing my dishes too?" She smiled, "you should come more often, with you around I wouldn't have to worry about doing anything around the house again." She joked. She followed him back to the sofa, watching him lie down and pull the blanket over his head as he cuddled up into a ball. Raven frowned, sure that he was bothered now that they'd said little about his father. "Night" she sighed, patting his covered shoulder before moving to leave.

"Night." Came his muffled reply from under the covers. The blonde had gotten on his phone at the sound of its vibration.

Did you do it?



Things got awkward. I decided not to ask.


Night Jasper. I'll ask her eventually.

Sick?: Christopher plays sick, that is until sweets are involved.

It was cold and Christopher did not want to leave the warm confines of Vanemy's sofa. He was snuggled there, fluffy blankets pulled to his chin and a pillow fluffed under his head. He was trapped in blissful warmth as he buried himself further into the sofa; however, he sat up at the sound of Vanemy calling for him. He made a face and fell back down when she asked him to give her a hand in the kitchen. "I can't" he called back at her. Vanemy was quick to come to the doorway.


"Well...I'm sick." He stated, letting out a small, rather unconvincing cough. "Oh, what a terrible cough I have. I better stay here and rest some more."

Vanemy leaned over the sofa's back, "Really?" She asked, moving to feel his forehead. She frowned, "you don't feel warm or anything." She commented.

"I still don't feel well." He rolled over, "I think I need to stay here and watch cartoons for the rest of the day."

"Oh" she frowned with a slight sigh, "that sucks, I was hoping you could help me bake."

He perked up slightly, "what are you making?"

"Just some brownies, chocolate and peanut butter in the middle." She answered before moving back into the kitchen. Christopher settled back down in his warm cocoon of blankets. Brownies really did sound good at the moment.

It wasn't long until the smell of the baked goods had teased his nose enough. The redhead sat up, letting the covers fall and his shoulders to shake slightly at the loss of warmth. He ignored it as he peeked over the back of the sofa. Maybe he should be in there helping Vanemy...surely she needed someone to taste test? He crawled out from where he had originally planned to fall asleep and let himself wander into the kitchen. "Don't worry Vanemy, I'm here to help after all." He stated.

"I thought you were sick? I don't want your germs by the food, I'm taking some over to Emily tomorrow."

"Well, I'm better now." He walked up, eyeing the chocolate batter. "Now allow me to taste test for you."

"You were sick five minutes ago." She deadpanned.

The boy pouted, "that was before the brownies." He reached for the bowl, but Vanemy pulled it away from him with a small smile.

"Pretending to be sick?" She asked, "well, I don't think liar should get brownies." She joked. The boy's eyes widened.

"How cruel." He whined. "Now I really do feel sick!" He called dramatically.

Dare: Lily dares not to question Valerian's odd sense of fashion today.


"Y-yee Haw"


"This is me now." He declared with an edge of reluctance in his voice. Everything about what he was wearing made Lily cringe in dislike. The hat...the boots...the vest- god the cow print vest.

"So...you're a cowboy now?"


"Okay…you do you...I guess…"

"See you around…" He looked back around the corner before sighing. "See you around little lady."

Lily's nose scrunched up, "don't call me that."

Valerian had ducked around the corner to get back to his room, where Jasper and Oliver were waiting. Oliver laying down on his phone while Jasper was smiling. "

"Now can you dress us like a cat and go interrupt Emily at the library?" Jasper gushed in excitement. Their game of truth or dare had dissolved into getting Valerian to dress as a cowboy and confront Lily, while Oliver had already dressed up to bug Vanemy, Bryson, and Raven.

Valerian shook his head.


"Oh...uhm…" Valerian struggled to get the word no out. "Well...I guess if you really want me to…"

"Can you also meow, crawl into her lap, and swat the book she's ready out of her hands?"


"No!" Lily snapped, having come to the bedroom's doorway. "No more dressing him up, you know he won't say no to you."

Jasper pouted, "we're just having fun, he can dare me any time he wants. Besides he wants to do it anyway, right?"

"Not really, but if you-"

"That's a no. Why don't you dress up and bother people?"

"Ah no!" Jasper quickly refused, "It's weird if I do it, Valerian makes it cute.

"You said you could be dared too, didn't you?" Lily put her hands on her hips, "I dare you to dress as a princess and go over to Toma's house."

"But he'll yell at me."

"It's a dare Jasper, it's only fair."

"Fine…" Jasper grumbled, standing up. "But Valerian has to do the cat thing!"

"No." Lily scoffed, "besides, the only one he should be dressing up for is me, got that?" She grinned, wrapping her arms around her boyfriend.

"Yeah!" Valerian agreed with a smile, but it disappeared a second later as his face tinted red. "Wait, what do you mean by that?"

Ocean: She's not 100% there yet, but maybe Emily will join in on the fun next time.

The beach was something everyone around Emily seemed to love. Living near the shoreline of the ocean surrounding the strip of land that she called home for the beginning of her teenage years made it impossible not to spend summer break at the beaches. She always heard her classmates making their summer plans to escape to the sand dunes and rolling waves of water that was the beach. As it seemed that everyone in the classroom she sat in had finished discussing their summer plans Emily realized that she had none of her own. She knew that her friends would eventually drag her out to spend a relaxing summer day at the beach, and honestly, that sounded nice. The sensation of warm sand on her skin, the sun beaming down on her, and the promise of games and a good time made Emily want to leave school that moment and head down there. Everything sounded perfect and relaxing, all but the promise of the royal blue body that was the Ocean.

No, she didn't like the thought of getting into the body of water at all. Despite those who looked forward to dipping into the refreshing water, the thought made her stomach turn. The sensation of feeling weightless as you glide through glimmering water made her squirm, and feeling of being so deep in the water that you would barely see the sandy floor beneath you only worsened the feeling. Yes, she was afraid of it. Many would find her reasons irrational and only push that she work to get over this little fear. At least, a little fear to them. In Emily's mind, it made perfect sense to fear the ocean. It was large, swarming with unknown creatures, deep and dangerous. Waves could bob into the air, larger than you could imagine, and crash down onto the surface, taking whatever's in its path down with it. On second thought, maybe it wasn't the ocean as a whole that made her afraid. It was the thought of her head sinking below the surface and not coming up for air that made her almost shiver. She'd already experienced the sensation of water filling her lungs and her body sinking below the water's surface, why would she dare to risk it again?

However, when summer did come along years later Emily found herself at the beach with her friends per Brooklyn's invite. They'd been there all day by now and Emily hadn't stepped foot in the water, despite Brooklyn threats to drag her in herself and Kirron's small pleading looks. No, she remained stationed on her blanket with her books. She did feel slightly guilty though, she could feel Kirron's eyes drift over to her every so often wishing that she'd join the fun. It was when night rolled along and everyone returned to the sand to have some fun on the land. Spandel and Jasper were currently cuddling by the campfire, Raven there as well trying to cuddle a reluctant Toma and he was left with a sunburn. Brooklyn, Vanemy, and Keily were playing with the sparklers a ways off while Oliver watched. Bryson was just behind Emily finishing up the food and Valerian and Lily had disappeared into the dock to look at the stars.

"I'm sorry" Emily muttered from where she sat on her blanket, Kirron next to her with her head leaning on his shoulder.

"For what?"

"For not having fun with you guys, I know you wanted me to get into the water with you."

"It's fine Emily, I understand."

"Yeah, but…" Emily sighed, "I don't know."

Kirron looked down at the blonde, who'd laid down to look up at the sky. "Do you want to?" He asked.

"Want to what?"

"Swim" he stated, "we can go now, just us."

"Oh" Emily looked on to the water, "I don't know, the sun's already gone."

"It'll be fine." Kirron pulled her up, "you don't have to, I'm just putting the offer out there." The blonde hummed softly, seemingly weighing her options.

"Just let me change real quick." Kirron gave an excited smile and moved to talk to Bryson as he waited for her since he was still in his swim trunks. Emily had picked grabbed her bag to run up the slight hill of sand until she got to the small changing rooms. She jumped slightly as Vanemy had run to catch up, putting an arm around her best friend.

"So, swimming?"

"Yuuup" Emily breathed as she closed the door to change. Vanemy leaned against the door.

"Don't sound so nervous, Kirron's not going to let anything happen to you."

"I know…" she sighed, "I'm just afraid of it…"

"I think it's nice that you're trying at least. I'm sure Kirron's happy, I mean what's more romantic that swimming under the moonlight? I wish Christopher could've come along, I'd drag him in too!" She laughed.

Emily's smile could be heard in her voice, "I feel bad he couldn't come."

"Me too, he was excited about it too." Vanemy sighed, "but I can't really do anything if his parents want him home for whatever dinner they're having."

"Mm, I'll have to kidnap him for you next time." Vanemy moved as she felt Emily open the door and walk out, still in the process of tying her sandy locks up. She held her bag in one hand as her free arm wrapped over her exposed stomach. "It feels weird being dressed like this in front of others." She admitted, picking at the white-pink material.

Vanemy smiled, grabbing Emily to pull her back towards the others. Emily followed with a small, but unsure smile. Vanemy let go, moving back to where Keily and Brooklyn had settled down to try and light some new sparklers. Kirron stepped away from Bryson to tell Emily to come along. Emily held his hand as they walked up to the shore, where she kicked her sandals off and Kirron pulled his top off. "I'm not getting my hair wet again." He warned before stepping into the cool water. It wasn't as warm as it had felt earlier in the day, but it was still a pleasant temperature. Emily followed the taller until she found she was about waist deep. She stopped after a few more steps, there was a small drop off just before her. Kirron could still stand off of it, his shoulder hidden under the relaxed water whereas Emily knew she wasn't tall enough to stand like him there. She stood there, her toes curling into the sand and her hands clutched under the water. "Come on" Kirron urged softly. "Here," Kirron moved closer to grab her hand and pull her along, which she followed trustfully.

Emily closed her eyes and jumped from the edge of the dropoff, right into Kirron, who held her up easily. She peeked one eye open, watching as the small waves hit her body. She wrapped her arms around his neck, moving behind him to cling to his back instead. "Emily you're going to break skin if you don't relax" Kirron commented with a small hiss as her nails had dug harder and harder into his skin as every small movement.


"Do you want to go back?"

"No, it's fine." Her grip loosened a bit, "it's actually pretty nice being in the water for a change, even if it's just clinging to you rather than having fun." She smiled. They swam together for quite a while, heading for one of the docks, popping in to interrupt Valerian and Lily's little cuddle session as they talked and looked at the sky. Emily had relaxed quite a bit, in fact, she'd even managed to let go of Kirron as they swam back for the shore. The blonde was genuinely excited as she managed to swim on her own with a smile. Kirron was just ahead of her. He looked back at his girlfriend rather often as she was a pretty weak swimmer compared to him, well, even compared to everyone else.

"Hre, come here we can swim together the rest of the way, we're still pretty far out."

"Okay," Emily huffed, her voice clearly sounding a bit worn as she grew tired. They got to the edge of the drop-off, Kirron climbing up easily, while Emily did as well; however, as she stepped onto the sandy ledge she found her foot slipping off the edge and all of her weight following. She'd barely gasped before she felt her head slip under the water. Out of sheer panic, her mouth open to suck in a breath and she found herself choking on the water. Within those short span of those five or so seconds Kirron had been quick to grab her. He surfaced, trying to push his wet hear out of his face as he felt Emily climbing onto him in a panic, her arms around his neck as she coughed. "The ledge-" She managed to get out, "it just crumbled." She panted.

"It's okay" he spoke. Even when they got to the shore Emily hadn't let go, now on the others back as he walked out of the water and trudged through the sand. He dropped Emily to sit on the blanket laid out while he did the same. Emily was still coughing up water, complaining that her chest was beginning to hurt from it. Kirron rubbed her back, grabbing a towel for her and him. Emily settled down, pulling the towel closer to her body.

She looked up at Kirron with a small smile, "Your hair is wet."

Kirron scoffed with a small laugh. "Yeah, but are you okay?" She nodded, "I take it that you won't be swimming with us tomorrow?"

"Maybe if you hold me…" Emily laid her head on the others shoulder. "It was nice to swim through, I felt like a kid again." She admitted with a smile.

Kirron's arms snaked around her waist, pulling her closer. "I'll hold you as long as you want Kitten."

Martin: Why has Oliver's bag quacking?

"I'm sorry."

Keily blinked at the sight of Oliver's slowly moving bag.

"I didn't want to have to bring him along."

Two webbed feet had popped out from the unzipped bag. Orange feet clapped against the grass as it drugs the bag along.

"I didn't want to cancel our date, but I didn't want to leave him alone all night, so I brought him along."

Keily pulled the bag away from the animal, smiling at the sight of a small duckling moving to quickly waddle away, bolting right for Oliver. Keily laughed as the little duck jumped at the boy's feet until he picked him up. "So you're apologizing for bringing a duck along?" she stood up from where she'd crouched down. "I bet not many people have heard that before."

Oliver cupped the bird in his hands, "I named him you know." He patted its head with a finger. "Martin is his name."

"Martin?" She questioned. Oliver nodded, watching Martin nestle down in his hands.

"I think it's one of the cutest things I've seen." She commented, "he's staying at the animal center?"

Oliver hummed, "Someone destroyed his nest, all the eggs were broken but his. The mother duck never came back, so we hatched him. I was there when hatched, it was odd to see."

Keily tried to touch the animal, but Matin wasn't having it. "I bet he thinks you're his mom."

Oliver gasped softly, "my son" he cooed at Martin, following Keily as she moved to sit down at the picnic table they had planned to eat at. It was late evening, but the sun hadn't begun to set yet. The wooden table was decorated sparsely with a pretty white cloth draped over it as the food sat untouched and covered. Tiny lanterns were flowing and wildflowers had been sat out rather than anything too fancy. It had been Keily's turn to plan a date, so she opted for a simple dinner on her farm due to nice weather out.

Oliver sat down in front of her, setting Martin on the table and leaving him a small pile of food out. "Is your family home?" He asked as Martin pecked at the food.

Kiely nodded, "mom's inside and I think Lucky's still out riding. We'll probably see him when he comes back."

Oliver looked around, "your father?"

Keily repressed an amused smile, "probably watching is from the living room window." Oliver looked towards the house. "It's fine Oliver." She pulled his attention back to her. "Let's eat, are your hungry?"

"Oh, yes!" He wasted no time entertaining the idea and digging in. Keily ate as well, though Oliver was quick to shove spoonfuls into his mouth.

"This is why I can't take you places." She commented, watching Martin run for a piece of food the boy had dropped onto the table.

"Stop calling me out" he whined, moving for a napkin.

She guided the duckling away from the food. "You look like you're five."

Oliver gasped with a small pout, grabbing Martin to turn away from her. "Excuse me but please never talk to me or my son again."

Keily rolled her eyes and moved to grab his collar and pull him back around to face her. "You're a dork."

"Yeah? Well, you're…" Oliver trailed off, not sure what to call her. "Mm, I don't have anything to call you. You're just cute."

Mud: Eskel questions if there's something wrong with him.

"Mama?" Eskel's voice was soft as he ran up to his mother. His tiny arms attempted to wrap around her waist as he raised to his tiptoes to reach her. The brown-haired woman looked down, a manicured hand coming down to brush through his hair. She hummed, not really looking up from her book as he pulled himself up to sit beside her on the love seat. Eskel had only just gotten home from school a few minutes ago as he was still wearing his school bag. His mother pulled it off him and dropped it to the floor. She made a face as she found it wet and covered in mud, as was the rest of his clothing. "Why are you dirty?" She questioned, voice accented with heavy Russian.

"Violet pushed me at school today." He stated.

She narrowed her eyes, "Did you tell the teacher?"

"No. I pulled her hair and pushed her back instead."

Eskel whined as she gave him a sharp smack to the back of his head. "What did I tell you? He whined again and refused to answer. SHe pinched at his cheek, "what did your papa tell you last time?"

He swatted her hand away and rubbed his cheek, "he said boys don't put their hands on ladies." He muttered, "even if they push you first." She nodded and picked him up to send him to leave.

"Go do your homework." She patted his back, "and change." Eskel sighed heavily as if her sending him off was the biggest inconvenience in the world. He ran through the house, heading upstairs to go to his room. He changed quickly.

"Fred!" He called out. Quickly the white and brown furry form of a bulldog came waddling in the room. The chubby canine's droopy face looked up to his own, causing Eskel to smile and pat his head. "Franklin" He cooed, as he spotted his other dog. The French bulldog was laying on his pillow. Eskel smiled once more at his pets before going to his mirror to comb through his hair, picking the dried mud from it. His eyes drifted around the room, spotting one of his imaginary friends sitting on the chair in the corner.

The imaginary white rabbit was buttoning the line green raincoat on his body. He stood, towering seven feet over Eskel as he hopped over. "Andrian, how are you. You didn't come to school with me today. Hm? Well, of course, I shoved Violet back. She bled you know. What do you mean?" Eskel spoke to the empty air beside him. "Oh, it wasn't my fault. She started it. Of course, I didn't cry!"

Eskel's smaller body hit the ground with a loud splash as he fell. The muddy water seeped into his clothing while his fingers dig into the mud. "Freak!" The black haired girl pointed at him, "freak! He's talking to himself again!

"Is he going to cry?" Another taunted, watching the tears form in his eyes.

"Why don't you get some real friends? Huh? Stop acting so weird all the time, what are you crazy?"

Eskel sniffed, moving to wipe the droplets of water off his cheek. He gasped loudly as he felt Violet's weight land on him. "Freak. Can't make any friends? You can't even talk to people properly, that's why no one likes you and why no one even wants to be your friend!"

Eskel whined as he felt the girls hand grip his chin and push his head back into the ground. She was giggling as her hand moved smack the side of his face, then moving to shove his face into the puddle under him. He whimpered as his skin ground into the harsh pavement. Water and mud flooded into his eye and up his nose, smearing in his skin and washing down his throat as he tried to breathe, causing him to sputter and cough.

Eskel stopped messing with his hair at the thought of what had happened. He could still taste the mud in his mouth, grains of dirt trapped in his mouth to grind and crunch under his teeth. Eskel frowned and left his bedroom to go down the hall. He knocked on his sister door but was ignored, so he went for the upstairs lounge instead. "Papa" he spoke, shooing his other brother away. Eskel moved to crawl into his father's chair, wedging himself beside him.

"What do you need?" He questioned, picking a small chunk of dirt from his son's hair.

"When will I get friends? Everyone has them but me."

"I can't buy you friends Eskel, you make them yourself."

Eskel huffed, "I shoved Violet today."

"I thought I told you to stop pushing girls around like that?" He frowned.

"She started it this time!" Eskel sat back, leaning into his father's side. "Is something wrong with me?"

The older man sighed after a long pause of silence. "No, of course not. You're just a bit odd is all."

"I guess." The younger sighed.

"I think you're pretty great malen'kiy yenot."

"Spasibo" He muttered a small thank you, though not really sounding happy to switch languages.

"You know, Willow and Violet are coming over for dinner tonight."


"You're both going to apologize."


"Stop it" the older warned, "Eden and Liana are coming, I bet they're going to bring Juliet."

"Will Gale come?"

"With Bell, yes."

Eskel nodded, "I like Gale. He's nice to me and we play cars together."

"Very nice." Eskel felt his father pulled him off the chair along with him as he stood up. "Come on, you have homework to do before your tutor arrives." Eskel sighed but clung to his father's pant leg as he walked anyways.

Forever: Kirron could hold Emily forever, even if it meant they were going to be just a tad late.

They were going to be late if they didn't get up now, Kirron knew that but he couldn't seem to pull himself away. Emily had wedged herself partly under him at some point in the night, her arms around his chest and her head lying right beside him, but her eyes were still closed in peace. The light was already forcing its way through the curtains, but Emily had made herself unbothered by it by pressing herself deeper into her, using Kirron as her shield. "Emily."


"I didn't say anything."

"You're going to tell me to get up and I'm saying no." The blonde stiffened a yawn and barely opened her eyes. She nudged a tangled piece of hair from her eyes and gave him a narrowed glare.

"Don't glare at me." Emily resolved to glare harder. "You have to get up."

"WHhhhY" She groaned.

"We have this conversation every morning." Kirron sighed with a small yawn of his own. "Besides, we're going to hang out with Bryson and Spandel today. I thought you were excited for that."

Emily rolled onto her back with a heavy sigh, "Yeah, but I'm sure we can spare an extra like... ten minutes?"

"Ten whole minutes?" Kirron warned, "it takes you ten minutes just to get out of bed."

"Ten minutes or I'm gonna do something."

"Do what?"

"I don't know, something."

"Fine, five minutes." Kirron decided, Emily smiles and rolled back over to grab onto him again.

That conversation had happened over ten minutes ago, yet they were still in bed and Kirron was pretty sure Emily had fully fallen back asleep. The blondes hair brushed in his face slightly as he nuzzled into the crook of her neck, his arms are tightly wound around her at the waist while she was leaning back into him. He glanced at her sleeping face, his eyes softening at the peacefully adorable sight. He knew he should be dragging her out of bed by now, but this morning he could bring himself to pull away from her. He was warm and comfortable under the covers while he also content to have her passed back out in his arms.

He glanced at the clock on the nightstand quickly before decided that maybe they could spare just a few more minutes of bliss.