It's four in the morning and I needed some Kirron and Emily goodness to lift my spirits, so I cranked this little idea out.

Emily's toes barely scraped the water's surface as she let her legs dangle off the edge of the dock. She was laying back, her arms folded behind her head as she looked up at the night sky. The moon was flowing pale light with far more twinkling stars beside it than in the city back home. The water before her was calm, small waves lapped against the dock, the air was still warm and the light from the beach house behind her gave her more comfort in being out here alone. Kirron had jumped in the shower after their long day of swimming and relaxing in the sun. Emily had been on the patio reading under a blanket, but she eventually found herself setting her book aside and wondering out here. She was still in her bathing suit from earlier, not wanting to bother to change until she showered after Kirron. She had put a light jacket on though.

At first, Emily had been worried for this little vacation. After all, they were staying just off a beach and she wasn't too ecstatic about swimming at all. She'd been worried about spoiling the fun for Kirron, but surprisingly to her, she had managed to dive in a few times. Granted, she remailed where her feet were firmly planted on the ground. Still, she sighed, Kirron would probably have more fun swimming out more. She couldn't help it, she just couldn't shake the anxiety that came with the water. Memories of playing in the water as a child were flushed out with the one memory of the one time she had slipped up. Being drug out of the water by her father and being given CPR, only to wake up to him crying, didn't make her any more eager to jump in.

Granted that was a long time ago and she was an adult now. Maybe it was childish now, she wasn't sure.

Emily pushed herself up with a silent huff. Kirron would be done soon if he wasn't already. She figured she better head back up to the house, but Emily found herself resting her arms in her lap and leaning to peer into the water. It was dark and she couldn't see anything in it. It sent shivers down her spine. Deciding it was time to leave, she slid her hand along the dock to grab her bag, only to whack it. A soft splash was heard as she unintentionally pushed it off the edge of the dock. She scrambled to get up. Her phone, book, and a billion other things were in there! She crouched at the edge of the dock, one hand gripping the wood for dear life as the other extended to grab the bag, which was slowly drifting away. Emily whined a bit to herself, leaning more off the dock to try and reach.

Emily fell back on to the dock, her hands pressing into her face as she resisted the urge to start crying. She sat on the edge and dipped her feet into the chilly water. It's not that hard, stop being a baby she told herself, just jump in, grab it, and get out. Emily closed her eyes before letting her body slide into the deep water. She held onto the edge and tried to grab her things, but she had to let go and swing a little out. She grabbed it and flung it onto the dock, not bothering to try and swim with it. Emily held herself still for a moment, the water around her calmed and she smiled a bit. Just holding herself there was a lot, a big step. The only other time she had dared to go out far was with Kirron holding her, but she was alone scaley brushed against her leg and Emily shrieked with a jump. The water around her splashed and crashed as her body jerked away from whatever had touched her.

Suddenly her calm was over and the anxiety was coming back. Her legs shook and her arms paddled, unsure of what they were doing anymore. Her eyes were wide, but the water stung them. It was dark, had she gotten turned around? Where was the dock? She closed them and reached out before her, her hand coming down to grab something that wasn't there. Tears overwhelmed her eyes and her throat burned as she choked on her breath and water. You're going to die, her mind screamed at her and her stomach jumped. She reached again for something she could no longer see as her head dipped under the surface.

It didn't grab the dock, but someone's fingers were wrapped around her wrist in a stone grip. If she hadn't been so panicked she might've recognized that it hurt. Suddenly the cold, murky black of the water was gone and her thigh was scraping against wood as they heaved her up. Emily pushed herself up meekly, and fell back on the dock with choked breaths and coughing up water. She shakily sat up, only to have Kirron down at her side with his arms around her in an instant. He yanked her into his hold, her head bumped his chest as she fell back into him. She could feel his heart racing against his chest to match her own.

"What the hell?" He spat out, "what were you doing?"

Emily coughed up some water before answering, "I was- things got- I don't...know" she panted. She looked up at Kirron with big eyes, finding his gaze hard and concerned. To him, it had looked like she had left the house and ended up in the water. Her bottom lip trembled, both from the cold and because her face was hot with tears. "My bag fell in, I needed to get it. Everything was fine" her voice broke, "everything was fine and then- then they just weren't!"

Kirron hugged her, "you know you have a hard time swimming, why would you worry about getting your bag? I'd rather pay to replace everything in it than pay for a funeral" he hissed, maybe he was being a bit harsher than he intended, but his voice still healed worry and stress. "I heard you yell, I looked out and you were just...gone" he brushed her hair from her face and pressed his lips on her forehead. "You scared me."

"I'm sorry" Emily sighed. "I hate it" she sniffled, "I hate not being able to get past it. It's so childish- I just wish…"

"Emily" Kirron rasped, finally standing back and pulling her along. "I know it's scary" he spoke, looking back on his claustrophobia. "I know how it feels to hate it- the anxiety and worries, but you can't just jump in. What happened when you were a kid was traumatic, you can't try and rush it all away. You'll hurt yourself."

Kirron held her close as they walked back up the beach. Emily was still shivering and now her mind drifted to a hot shower and curling up in bed. "I-I know" she admitted, "but I still want to try."

Kirron nodded and kissed the top of her head, "then we'll try together- whenever you want. Just never do that again- don't scare me like that ever again."

"I won't" Emily wrapped her arms around his side, "I'm sorry. I love you." She spoke, a bit muffled as she pressed her face into him and tightened her hold more.

Kirron smiled as she came to the patio door. He pulled her into an actual hug, squeezing her tightly, a hand at the back of her head and tangled in her hair, and his chin resting on top of her head. "I love you too" he breathed.