When I get home

My room is empty

I have furniture

My clothes

My bed

Which is also empty

Four walls and me

Only me

I am alone within those walls

I miss the energy of companionship

I miss the energy she gave me

I miss the flow of routine she had me on

Seeing someone you love jump up at the sight of you in joy...with that smile

Exchanging our hearts and sharing our souls

I miss that feeling

The healing it offered

The distraction it gave

The touch of another person keeps some of my demons at bay

Fighting them alone is tiring

When I am down

At the edge of defeat

My back against the walls

Bloodied and exhausted from the anguish

A light appears

She rode to my side on a steed of sunshine

Right when I needed her the most

To lift me up

The guiding light to keep me going

The strength I want to keep on fighting

I'm at the edge of defeat once more

My back against the walls

I see her lift up their king

Her demons fuse with mine

And she fades into nothing

But I keep on fighting

I break the line

I rush forward into the horde with blood and sweat in my eyes

Beating back the coldness and racing to their king

The one who shares my face and soul but not my mind or heart

I know one day I will find someone who will fight with me as I will fight with them against their demons

But today I make my stand against the darkest parts of my soul alone

Maybe my room isn't so empty after all

I have myself

I have my hopes and dreams

I have my strengths and weaknesses

I have me

And that's okay

The walls are no longer against my back