The alarm on her phone went off. Normally she would groan and press the snooze button at least another four times before finally getting up but today was different. School had just ended the day before and she was ready to start her summer vacation. The first thing she wanted to do was call up Sean and then start searching for a summer job. Perhaps they could even apply at the same location and be co-workers. Now that she thought about it she should probably give Tess a call too and see what she'll be up to all summer.

Olivia sat up kicking the blankets off of her and reached for her phone on the end dresser beside her and quickly dial her best friends number. On the third ring a groggy voice answered.


"Sean! Why are you still sleeping?"

"What are you doing awake?" he asked back "It's Saturday go back to sleep"

"I thought we were going to look for summer jobs?"

Her plans was quickly squashed when Sean uttered five words.

"But I have summer school" he yawned.

"What do you mean you have summer school?" Olivia whined at the news.

"I mean I have summer school, I failed math and I have to re-take the course"

"But we were supposed get summer jobs together"

"How do you think I feel! I literally was 2% away from a C in that class!"

"You should have asked if he could have rounded it up"

"I tried! I practically begged him to do it or at least give me extra homework but he wouldn't budge on it!" he vented to her.

"Then you should have sucked his dick"

Sean burst into laughter "You're think he really change it if I did?"

"Who's the gross one now" she laughed.

"Hey if it gets me out of summer school I may swing that way for the grade!" He said between her laughs.

"I guess I'll just have to visit you at school one of these days" she sighed dramatically.

"You know it'll take place in a different school, right?" he questioned.

"What do you mean?"

"Have you never gone to summer school?"

"" It was an honest answer. She never had to. The lowest grade in her life was probably a C. She never let her grades get too low because well, school sucked and she refused to go in the summer when she could be home relaxing before the next school year started. And high school sucked enough already adding growing up to that mix was just spelling disaster especially with all the hormones. At least for her it was since she seemed to be a magnet for bad luck but what made it manageable was how her parents and how they had raised her. They had given her three simple rules to follow.

One, grades must be above a C.

Two, be responsible.

Three, if they ever hit you hit them back, twice as hard, never take shit from anyone.

Her parents' words, not hers but she was good at following them. They had always told her that as long as she followed those rules she could pretty much anything as long as it was within reason. Sean's shocked voice snapped her out of her thoughts and focused on him once more.

"Seriously?! Not even in elementary?"

"Seriously" she confirmed.

"Oh well aren't you a smart nugget"

"So what school is hosting?"


"Everstein? But that's all the way in the east side!" She complained.

"Don't remind me! My mom is pissed too because it's out of her way from her work so she's making me take the bus"

"Good for her, she shouldn't deal with your dumbass" she teased.

"But you will?" He said hopefully. She could hear it in his voice that he wanted her to go with him.

"Fine what time do I have to be up?" Olivia sighed dramatically even though deep down she was happy he wanted her to go with him.

"7am" he said happily that she had agreed.

"That's really early—" she groaned. She hated waking up early unless she absolutely had to.

"Pleaseeee" Sean cut her off.

"Fine but I'm going in pjs" she huffed and he laughed.

SEAN! I said no phone! That was his mother yelling in the background.

"Crap I've been compromised, meet me at the bus stop at 7am on Monday" he said quickly and ending the call just as fast.

She sighed and tossed her phone next to her on the bed before standing up and grabbing her towel from the hanger behind her door. It was late and she was still in her pjs, her parents would be home in a few hours from work, might as well make it look like she actually did something productive today besides laying in bed and playing video games all day.

"Ollie can we go to the park?" her little sister, Emma, came running into her room. Olivia never understood where Emma got all her energy from, all she knew was that even her own parents had trouble putting her little sister to bed or even having her sit still for even 10 minutes.

"Did you make your bed?" Olivia said throwing her dirty cloths in a laundry basket.

"You haven't either" she pointed out with a pouted.

"Tell you what, I'm going to take a shower and if you can make your bed AND clean your room before I finish getting ready and cleaning my own room, we can go"

It was amusing seeing Emma's eyes brighten in happiness before bolting off to her own room to do what was asked. Olivia shook her head with smirk and went into the bathroom and jumped in the shower letting the hot water relax her muscles while she shampooed her hair. When she was done she went to check on Emma while wrapped only in a towel to give her a warning.

"How is it going? I'm almost done"

"Wait! Ollie you're going too fast!" Emma shouted while stuffing a bunch of her toys in her closet.

"*Chimis, I'm already going as slow as I can, I haven't even changed yet?"

"Well go slower!" the 5-year-old huffed while trying to pick up her pace.

"I'll try" she chuckled heading back to her room to finish getting ready.

She really did try to go slower but it didn't seem to be enough for her sister. By the time she finished dressing in some jeans, a t-shirt and converses Olivia decide to made her bed to give Emma a few more minutes. When she went to check on her again she burst out laughing at the site of her tangled in bed sheets.

"Don't laugh! Help me!" Emma struggling in the sheets.

"Hold still" she rolled her eyes and grabbed an end of the blanket with one good tug, Emma came tumbling out laughing.

"Do it again!" Emma giggled trying to wrap herself again.

"I thought you wanted to go to the park?" Olivia raised an eyebrow.

"Oh yeah!" Emma grabbed the sheets from her again.

Olivia shook her head and headed back to her room. The attention span of a 5-year-old really blew her mind sometimes.

"Hello? **Gorda? Chimis?" Her mother's voice called through the house.

"Upstairs Ma"

"A donde tan peinada(Where you going all nice?)" her mother teased peeking into the room.

"Hardly" she snorted "I'm taking Chimis to the park" Olivia replied as she combed the knots out of her hair before finally braiding it and tossed it behind her once she was done.

"Olivia be home by dinner time, I mean it this time!" Her mom sat on her bed and gave her a disapproving look.

"It was one time mom"

"I'm ready!" Emma ran into her room and hugged their mother around her legs as soon as she saw her "Mama! You're home! Ollie said she's going to take me to the park!"

"Be home by 5pm for dinner" her mom said firmly and kissed her and her little sister.

"Come on Chimis" Olivia took Emma's hand in her own. They both left her room and headed out to the park. Olivia listening to her little sister chattering away about her last day of school.

"Jake then said it didn't taste like anything so I tried it too but he lied it tasted weird"

"Chimis, you're not suppose to eat glue" She bit her lip to keep from laughing out loud.

"Don't worry Ollie, I didn't like it." She said jumping over cracks and making her own game as they walked.

"Just don't tell mom about this" Olivia smirked.


"Because she'll probably get mad at you for eating glue"

"Oh okay" Emma nodded before she looking worried "Are you going to tell her?"

"No" she said amused.

"Pinky promise?" she extended her tiny pinky.

"Pinky promise" Olivia humored her sister and wrapped her own pinky with her Emma's.

"Lock it" She demanded wiggling her thumb.

Olivia snorted but did as her Emma asked and touched her thumb with her own. Now completely satisfied, Emma released her hand and continued to chat away again. When they arrived at the park it was empty except for a couple playing with their baby, one kid's playing on the slides and an old man playing fetch with his dog. There was also a group of kids around her age by the swings chatting and laughing. She let her sister pull her towards the swings as they grew closer, one of them looked up and nudged his friend with a smirk as he pointed at her.

"Go on, just ask them to let you have a turn on the swings for a bit" Olivia encouraged Emma with a small push.

Emma ran up to the group and pointed to a swing, the older kids laughed and shooed her away making her sister frown and slowly tears begin to swell up in her little eyes. That had not sat well with her.

"Hey!" She snapped at them they turned to look over to her as she got closer. Emma ran to her and clutched at her leg.

"They won't let me have a turn on the swing" Emma sniffed while holding back tears.

"Really?" She glared at the group "What the hell is wrong with you guys!"

"I'm teaching her a valuable lesson" he innocently.

"And what's that? That you're an asshole? Why don't you pick on someone your own size coward" She crosses her arms annoyed. His friends snickered at her reply and he sneered at her.

"I'm teaching her that the world ain't always fair, I'd pick on you but your double my size and that wouldn't be fair to me" he teased at her while looking her up and down. His friends snickering at his jab at her. She clenched her fists in anger and punched him in the balls before he could react. She already knew she was on the heavier side, but she hated when people pointed it out. He fell to the ground clutching his groin.

"Hmmm would you look at that, the world is unfair" she smiled sweetly at him.

"You bitch" he snarled up at her from the ground. His friends looked ready to pounce but she held her ground, pushing her sister behind her to protect her if anything did happen.

"What's going on here?" called a deep voice from behind her, she quickly stepped away to get some distance and be able to see all of them. The guy she hit looked nervous as he stood up with the help of his group. She stared at the newcomer as he closed in. He was tall, built, and the most intense stormy grey eyes she had ever seen on a person. Dark hair fell over his forehead not quite reaching his eyes and he wore a simple black tee and blue jeans and black timberlines boots. She hated to say it, but he was attractive.

"She hit first—"

"I don't care who—" he paused. His head snapped towards her and he inhaled deeply before his face turned to pure disgust and hate "No" he hissed out to her and closed the distance between them until they only stood a foot apart from each other. She was taken back by his closeness and yet she could feel her face getting hot and hear the blood rushing through her veins.

"I, Matthew Woods, reject you" he snarled down at her and she flinched for a split second. A sharp pain tore through her and for the life of her, she could not understand why. She felt...sad, numb and then angry at the strange feeling. She shouldn't care what he thought of her. Who was he to say that to someone? How can you reject someone? What did that even mean?

"What the hell? I don't need your approval" she snapped back "I reject you too, asswipe, whatever that means" she replied back the words spilling out of her mouth before she even realized what she was saying. She picked up her sister and cradled her close to her and walked away. Until she knew they were far away from them. She didn't say any words until she knew she was sure that her voice wouldn't betray her emotions.

"You said bad words" Emma said quietly.

"I know, we'll find another park to go to, okay?" she swallowed hard hope her voice hadn't sounded off and trying to change the topic.

"But this is the only one that has swings Ollie" Emma said sadly.

"Then we'll tell dad to come with us next time" she shrugged and Emma brighten up at the idea.

"We can have a picnic! Mama can come too!" Emma leaned away a bit to look at Olivia since she didn't sound as excited "What's wrong Ollie?"

"Nothing just thinking" she faked a smile and put her sister on the ground and grabbed her hand again "Come on let's just go home, we can probably help her with making dinner"

When they arrived home Emma went running to her mom excitedly and told her what happened at the park.

"You should have seen her mama! Ollie punch a guy in the nuts! It was awesome!"

"You did what?" Her father snorted in amusement as he came into the kitchen.

"Hey dad" Olivia said sheepishly "He was asking for it! He was being a jerk to Chimis, so I taught him a lesson" She defended herself.

"That's my girl!" her dad grinned and kissed the top of her head making her grin in return, he picked up Emma and tossed her in the air as she giggled "And you, I don't want you going to that park anymore unless it's with me or Mommy" her dad commented while putting Emma down again.

"Ok daddy!" her sister agreed climbing onto a chair to sit for dinner.

"No, ve a lavarte las manos (No, go wash your hands)" her mom picked up her pouting sister setting her on the floor and gently pushed her in the direction of the bathroom.

"Hmm say something else" her dad purred at her mom.

"Daaad" Olivia groaned.

"What? It's why I married her and because her cooking is delicious" he joked.

"Keep taking like that and you'll be sleeping on the couch" her mother smirked at him.

"I'm sorry mi amor" he smiled and pulled her mother in for a kiss.

"Come on Chimis" she dragged her sister along to help her wash her hands slightly grossed out at her parent's PDA but at the same time couldn't help but smile a bit. She could tell they were still much in love and she could only hope she found something like that in the future.

Her father was the typical American with blond hair, blues eyes and light skin. While her mother was Mexican with dark brown hair that almost seemed black, hazel eyes and caramel skin. Her family (on her mother's side) weren't happy with her choice of husband and had often reminded her that it wouldn't last but they had proven them wrong and were now seventeen years strong and growing stronger every year. Her father's side of the family she wasn't too sure. They never talked about it them and she only assumed he didn't get along with them either.

Christmas and Thanksgiving were fun times to go visit family they'd often forgot her father understood Spanish (living with her mother and her Spanish bursts and rants he was bound to pick up the language) so whenever they tried to talk bad about him he would tease in Spanish and that immediately shut them up. That had been a few years back but now they weren't on speaking terms with either of their families anymore. Which was fine she could see it was less stress for her parent's and that's all that really mattered. Of course, she missed some of her cousins on her mother's side but at least she still texted with them every once in a while, but it wasn't the same.

"Girls hurry up" her father called out.

"We're going!" She replied as she and Emma finished washing their hands and headed back to the dining room to set up the table for dinner.

*Chimis- Emma's nickname at home, it's short for chismosa, which means you're nosy and like to listen to gossip. Can also be used as a term of endearment depending on how you use it.

**Gorda- Olivia's nickname at home, it means fat for a girl but it's usually a term of endearment in Hispanic or Latino families.

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