Kevin didn't know how he wound up in this white, never-ending abyss. He didn't recall being in sleep mode or teleported there thanks to one of his professor's inventions. But him being the positive, forward-thinking robot he is, the blue-armored boy saw the pros of his current surroundings. White, quiet, clean... all of those things his hometown of Statera City couldn't cater to and that wasn't to say he didn't see the area's disadvantages either. It was quiet but too quiet. No one else seemed to be there except him, how could he escape? At first, Kevin tried to fly around for any exits or a wall to tackle through, but nothing.

For the last couple minutes, the android walked around in an attempt to forget about his current situation and make the most of it. How he missed his sister dearly, if Kelly were there, she'd lighten her brother up with her jokes and silly songs with even kookier dance moves.

"Hello?!" Kevin called out, raising his voice to echoing decibels. There's no way he was the only one in this vast space of nothingness, there was no way. "Is anyone there? Hellooooo?! ...huh, no one... that figures. Guess I'm stuck here all alone... no Kelly to keep me company, no professor to assure me everything will be fine and he'll fix this, no Gypsy to make me laugh... what am I supposed to do?"


"What? Someone else is here, I'm not alone?!"

The blue-armored bot's mechanical tinker started cranked into overdrive with joy and anxiety, turns out he wasn't the only one trapped in the white abyss. In the distance that a normal human could never see from eye-level, he spotted a young male decked out in blue, walking around just like he did moments ago.

"Anyone out here?! Min?! Gramps?! Jojo?! Anyone?!"

"Oh, heavens to Betsy! Another person, I gotta go meet him right away!"

With that said, Kevin flew straight for the unsuspecting stranger still hollering for anyone in sight and when he saw the robot hover above him, he flinched taking a few steps back.

"Holy crud, watch where you're flying, man!" He shouted, flashing a glare at the bot taking his slow landing.

"Sorry!" the blue android sweetly apologized with a bow, a Japanese custom he learned from anime. "I didn't mean to scare you, I'm so relieved to see another person here. I thought I'd be stuck here alone forever."

"Tch, we're still stuck here, what's the diff?"

"Well, there's not really a big difference, which is what you meant when you said 'diff', right? Not judging the way you talk, but-"

"Dude, just get to the point." the boy in the blue kung-fu uniform folded his arms, already impatient with the bot's babbling.

"Sorry, sorry, my point is we can be friends and make the most of it together!" Kevin grinned, but his acquaintance didn't look too happy.

"Oh, whoopie..."

"Gee, you have an odd way of showing your exhilaration... not to judge. Anyway, I'm Kevin, I'm a robot as you can tell. Not to sound condescending, but it's pretty obvious from how... robotic I look. Enough about me, tell me about yourself!"

"Gladly. The name's Mark, a.k.a the Mark Man, one of Statera's finest."

"Wait, you're from Statera?"

From what he learned from his professor, Kevin knew that Statera was a tiny town compared to how it is currently as a metropolis and similar to his and sister, twins were considered the protectors of their hometown. Statera's Saviors, to be exact.

"Your ears need wiring? Yeah, I am. Me and my sis try to save it from crooks, raccoon bandits, and pickle aliens or whatever. A tough job, but easy work for these cannons here." Which Mark referred to his bulging biceps he flexed.

To that, Kevin naively retorted, "Um, what cannons? I don't see any..."

"Ugh, what a lame bot... so why'd you ask that I'm from Statera? You from there? If so, I would've remembered seeing a metal freakshow like you."

A comment like that would've offended the android, but he let it slide, "No, actually, I'm from a more upgraded, futuristic version of Statera... called Statera City."

"Huh, the dump got an upgrade and then some. Interesting."

"Oh, it is. I have some pictures of it saved on my hard drive if you'd like to see it... anyway, just like you and your sister, my sister and I are the city's saviors and-oh, my gosh!"


"Aaah, this is what my professor meant! He told me he built me after you so technically, in a literal and figurative sense..." Kevin wrapped a long, shiny arm around his new friend's shoulder. "You're my ancestor!"

And Mark, staring blankly into the whiteness, could only respond in his typical jock fashion, "...what in the freakin' heck?"

There will be another drabble involving Mindy meeting Kelly for the first time, that'll be posted next week. After that, updates will be sporadic. I'm also taking requests, so if there are characters you would like to see interact(no more than four, please), they don't have to be from the same story, the point of this is to see these characters interact with each other. And don't request anything with a character you own or a character from a show/movie/book/video game. I'll probably do a terrible job writing them in-character, so I'd rather stick to what I know.