Cane walked up the stairs to his adoptive parents' house one afternoon. Immediately greeted by the creaky groans provided by the raggedy wooden porch. A sound he was used to since he first set foot there. The stoic ninja stood on the doormat but didn't ring the doorbell just yet. Lowering his head like he had uncertainty in his mind, which often wasn't the case since he's usually calm and collected. What was he hesitant about? This is the exact house he was born and raised in, the one he felt welcome in with his adoring parents. One would be close-minded enough to say that having gay parents wasn't considered the "ideal family", but Cane didn't care. Why should he? If it bothered someone that he had two fathers, why should he be bothered by their ignorance?

Lifting his head up, the blind male pressed a finger against the doorbell, waiting for one of his fathers to answer. He already had a good idea of who would respond. Moments later, a pudgy, black male with short dreads in a ponytail opened the door. Had to be none other than Bart, the motherly one of the parents.

"Oh, Cane! What a surprise to see you here today! Gosh, it's been how long since you last visited? Ah, who cares? Come in, come in!" Bart ushered his adopted son with a charismatic smile, closing the door after them.

Cane remained silent during their stroll to the living room where his other father probably was. Not because he didn't appreciate Bart's warmness, definitely not. Something just kept nagging him in his head, it's been bothering him all day and he knew he had to let out that feeling sooner or later.

"Bing! Bing, we got company! Turn that game off and look who we have here!" the chubby male entered the living room with the boy, finding a skinny black male also sporting dreads styled in a headband. Neither of them found it surprising to see him sprawled out on the couch, lazily watching sports as usual.

"Aw, can't it wait, Bart? The game's tied with less than a minute left, either team could come in clutch with the buzzer-beater!" whined Bing, bolting up the moment his husband had his hand on the remote. "Wait, wait, wait, no! No, no, no, don't shut it off, they're about to-"

Click, too late. The game flickered out of existence once Bart smacked his thumb on the power button.

"Aaagh, why?! Damn it, why do you always gotta ruin my fun, man?! Every time I try to watch my games, you wanna jump in and shut it down! I swear, you really are taking this wifey thing too seriously!" the scrawny male whined, throwing his hands up in frustration.

"Hmph, then that must mean I'm doing a pretty good job. But could you stop moping and say hi to your son, please?" sighed the pudgy male, shoving his husband back so he could sit on the couch.

"Huh? ...oh, snap, Cane! What's good, my man? Still winning those tourneys, huh? Heh heh, knew you'd be a food-fighting champ just like your dad!"

"Come sit with us, Cane," Bart scooted to the far right side of the couch for the ninja to see between them, patting the seat. "You've been awfully quiet since you got here too, is everything alright?"

"Yeah, what's wrong with you? You didn't lose a tourney, did ya?" asked Bing as Cane cupped his hands in his lap, gulping silently.

"Cane, talk to us, it's not like you to be this quiet, unless there's something really bothering you. What's going on?"

That's when the stoic teen had to rid that nagging feeling in his head. Speaking in his deep, monotone voice, he said, "I... just wanted to thank you.. both of you..."

"Uh, thanks for what?" the lanky male appeared confused, resting a cheek on his hand.

"For... for being such amazing parents. ...for always being there for me when I had no one else. ...for giving me a chance to live and exist," Cane gulped a lump in his throat, voice starting to tremble. "You may think I sound pitiful and I don't blame you, but you have no idea how much you both mean to me. ...from the day I was born, no one wanted to treat me as a real person. They all thought, 'Oh, let's just give this disabled kid hell for no good reason.' ...I hated every minute of being in that orphanage... but thank god you were both there to care for me, nurture me, teach me... make me feel human. ...and they say that gay people, let alone, black gay people don't make ideal parents. Way to take that assumption and just shatter it to pieces because I honestly feel I wouldn't have this much love and respect for my biological parents than I do with you. So, for every single thing you've done for me... th-thank you."

"Aw, Cane," Bart wrapped his quietly sobbing son in a hug, along with Bing. Those words sounded so heartfelt, so genuine. And they came from someone who knew how to wear his heart on his sleeve, yet he had no problem pouring it out to his two guardians. "Cane, baby, you didn't have to go out of your way to tell us you're grateful for us. We know you are and it's really sweet that you feel that way. Don't you agree, Bing?"

"You kidding? Of course, I do! Hell, we should be thanking you for being the greatest son of all-time! You know... since Bart and I started dating, we've been wondering if we could start a family too. Even though, our families were so against the idea." spoke Bing.

"But luckily, you came into our lives and we could not be more fortunate. So, thank you, Cane, for bringing so much joy to us. You really are the strong, kindhearted child we always wanted."

"And don't forget that!"

The stoic teen sniffled once more, putting on a small smile, "You know you won't... and I promise one day, I'll make it up to you both by giving you a grandchild."

"Oooh! In that case, I really hope it's a girl. I wouldn't mind having a boy, but a granddaughter would be the best thing ever for me!" cooed the pudgy male, though his husband looked ready to debate him on that.

"Nah, we gotta have a grandson! Need another boy to pass our legacy onto, grandson or nothing!" Bing argued.

"A girl is just as capable of learning ninjutsu as a boy, you fool! Don't start with that chauvinistic crud now!"

"ho said I'm being chauvinistic? I'm just speaking the truth!"

"Speaking nonsense is more like it!"

Chuckling to himself, Cane just sat back and listened to his parents' bickering. Happened every time he came over, never got old and it probably never will. Which was just fine to him. No matter how much he loved them, there was always that one thing he never grew tired of. Who cares if they weren't "ideal parents"? They were his parents and no amount of ignorance could change that.

As I'm sure you already know, the past week has been filled with controversy concerning the death of George Floyd and for a while, I've been thinking of how I wanted to go about writing this. I didn't want to focus on the struggles of the black community with police brutality since we're constantly reminded of that. I wrote this to uplift the black community(and before you ask, I'm black myself) and as well as the LGBTQIA community since it's Pride Month. So if you're going to be ignorant and feel the need to share your lack of respect for both communities, then do yourself a favor and back out. Otherwise, consider yourself blocked.