Keily looked around the parking lot as the evening light shone down on her. The sun was still up, though in a few hours it would begin to fall. The weather was nice, not too warm for summer yet with a small breeze. She was waiting at the entrance of the local museum, so she had opted for something simple to wear for her little date, just a white polo underneath a dark blue suede jacket. She had chosen to keep it open due to the nice weather. White bloomers were under her blue jean skirt and a pair of black boots traveled up to her knees, buckles adorning them. Her necklace hung around her neck, her usual silver necklace, and pendants.

She was rather excited to get inside and check out the new set up of the museum. It had been a while since she'd gone last and they had recently put on a big Earth and space event, leaving the event open and decorating the large building. Playing the date swap game wasn't really a big problem for her. She figured whoever she got it would be and fun or interesting experience. After all, she found that she wasn't super close to some of the people in her large friend group. She'd been okay to get paired with Brooklyn, who had seemed excited to have gotten her. She didn't know much about her, but she couldn't imagine not liking her. After all, she was upbeat much like the rest of Keily's family, so that was a good start. They were complete opposites, Keily would never do the things Brooklyn seemed to like to do, but she found it an interesting way and opportunity to get to know her a little more. That and Brooklyn always made her curious, trying to figure her out wasn't easy and Keily planned to do just that within the confines of their fake date.

Keily recognized Brooklyn's car as she pulled into the parking lot, parking just a few spots down from keily. Brooklyn had definitely gone a bit more flashy opposed to Keily's cute and casual look. While she had left her messy curls down and her usually bold eye makeup was the same, Keily could spot how Brooklyn had upper her appearance for their little date. Her skirt was black leather, hugging her hips nicely with fishnet underneath, a cropped leather jacket had been put on to match. Her top was a wine red color, snug against her body with the neckline being a halter. Her boots, as always, had a thick heel that was about four inches or so. The boots themselves laced up to be thigh high. Her lipstick was deep red like her top, a small bag hung off her shoulder, and silver earrings were in her ears, matching the small nose piercing.

Brooklyn smiled and the sight of Keily and run up to her as if she weren't even bothered by the heels. In her arms, Brooklyn carried what Keily assumed was her gift. A bouquet of pink tulips laid in one arm while in the other was some kind of small flat box and a white stuffed bear. "Hey!" She smiled, slowing to stop before her.

"Hey" Kiely smiled, "you seem excited."

"Oh, I am. Ha, I'm a bit overdressed...I didn't think when you gave me address that it was a museum exhibit." Brooklyn laughed, "I could've gone way more casual."

"It's fine, you look nice."

"You look cute too. Oh, here" Brooklyn handed off the gifts to Keily. "I wasn't sure what to get you, so I figured I can't go wrong with flowers, chocolate, and a stuffed toy."

"Thanks!" Keily smiled, pressing the soft plush of the stuffed dog into her cheek for a moment before moving to smell the flowers. "I'll leave them in the car though, to make sure they're safe rather than carrying them around all evening." Brooklyn nodded, watching Keily put her things aside but keeping the small box of chocolate. "Except for this, we can share these." She offered.

"Yeah! They're cherry filled, I had to resist not eating them on my way here." Brooklyn explained, "so, what will we be doing here?"

"Well, this is an interactive earth and space science museum." She began, "they have all sorts of cool exhibits and activities. We don't have to do them all, but there's a little obstacle course at the end of it and I really want to do that one!"

"Sweet, let's go." Brooklyn linked arms with the shorter girl, walking alongside her.

"You're okay with doing this right?"

"Hm? Yeah, it's cool. I don't really do museums much, but you get to pick the date so let's get started!"

The entered the grand building, waiting in line to pay for their tickets before heading into the main room. It was large, with many different little exhibits set up and on display. It looked to be more space-themed in this room. The ceiling was high and curved, leaving room for all sorts of models to hang. Smaller models of spacecrafts and satellites and planets that hung round and glowing faintly. There were smaller things to look at, such as rocks or chunks of meteors displaying in glass or small displaces of space suits and suck. Copies of blueprints were on display, along with books, other papers, and much more. Screens were mounted on the walls as well, playing footage and other videos on space and space exhibitions.

The girls talked a bit as they looked around, eventually leading to a separate room where Keily found was a spaceship simulation. The line had been long, but both were happy to wait in line and chat. They experienced the simulation with four other people; however, Brooklyn had made it a point to make sure Keily got to sit in the front rather than a passenger. As she took her seat behind Keily she sneered at the guy who had glared at her when she drugs Keily up to the front and sat her down. After that they went to the next room, a zero-gravity simulation made to mock the weightless experience of orbit. Keily had excited played around, while Brooklyn had been a bit more apprehensive.

They explored the space area a bit more, moving to watch a little light show or the universe before stopping to grab a little something to eat and look around at the smaller attractions. They didn't waste much time in heading to the other main exhibit though. The earth science experience was just as fun. The large main room had all sorts of structures up to mimic all sorts of different biomes and climates, along with videos and factual documentaries playing around on the screens. The lights were dim, some different colors to compliment the biome they were above. A large, cylinder of an aquarium was in the center of the room, filled with all sorts of colorful fish. There were little exhibits of animals from thousands of years created, even a small section on the dinosaurs. A large woolly mammoth model was clearly on display in one room, while another room was made to mock the ice age, the temperature in the room even being rather cold with blue and white bulbs lighting it. outside, in a small enclosed area, a few members from an exotic animal group and set up, having a little show to educate people on exotic animals. There were even a few the girls could go up to pet, feed, and interact a bit with.

The girls now we're heading for another room across the large room. Keily was looking over the stack of decorative and glossy cards she'd gotten from one of the souvenir stands, the cards had brilliant artwork of both space and the environment and animals on them. Brooklyn had bought a little snow globe to take home, along with a little space-themed coin. "Hey, Brooklyn?" Keily asked, slipping her card away in her bag.


"Well, I'm curious about some stuff…" Keily began, "I figured you were the best to ask about it all.."

"Ask away my dear friend, I'm as open as a book."

"It's a bit personal" she warned.

"Like, sex and stuff?" Brooklyn questioned, "no problem girl, ask away."

"What does it feel like?" She inquired first, "I can't fathom having something in me. I can't wear tampons because of it."

"Oh, starting with a tough one" Brooklyn laughed, "I don't how to describe it, I mean, it hurts a bit the first time but you get over it. It feels good though, to me at least, unless you get an asshole who doesn't know or care about what he's doing."

"Have you had an experience like that?"

"Yeah. I leave ninety percent of the time though."

"Ninety percent?"

Brooklyn shrugged, "sometimes I just put up with it. Next question" she chimed before Keily could say anything more.

", isn't it embarrassing to get all touchy like that, being naked and all?"

"Maybe at first, but you get used to it. I think that if you have a good partner who cares about you and makes you feel special, you just don't care."

"Oh, that's really nice" Keily put thought into the idea, she could imagine it being to some extent. "Kinks?"

"Kinks? What about them?"

"I don't know, what do you think about them?"

"Eh, they fine I guess? Some people have them, but some of them are kind of weird though." Brooklyn gave a sneaky smile, "then there's Toma, who I believe is into just about everything."

"Why do you say that?"

"Don't know, just feel like he is." Brooklyn laughed, leaning closer to Keily, "hm, should I spill his dirty secrets?" She questioned to no one in particular. "Maybe I shouldn't...he'd kill me then he'd kill you."

Keily rolled her eyes, "then tell me your kinks."

"Oh, I just love when my partners wear cat ears and let me call them daddy, hot right?"

"...uhm…" Keily shifted awkwardly, "I guess…?"

"Keily I'm joking."

"I kind of believe you for a minute there" Keily laughed, "you just sounded so serious and you're pretty wild to begin with."

"Haha, no that's too weird for me!" Brooklyn laughed, "honestly though, I don't have many. Does tender love and support count as a kink? Because I think that's my secret kink."

"Mm, couldn't anything really be a kink?"

"I guess so" Brooklyn rubbed the back of her neck, "yeah, there's some odd one out there…I mean some people are into-"

"Okay! Don't think I want to know. What's something you wished you'd known before you started doing it?"

"Well...I guess I just wish I had known more about it. My parents never really gave the sex talk before I started high school and things like sex became more interesting to me so I was just kind of naive about it."

"I can't imagine you ever being naive" Keily commented, " about...oh, was your first time magical and romantic? All the movies and everything make it seem so amazing, is it?"

"I wouldn't know." She stated with a slight bitterness in her voice. Brooklyn slowed her pace a bit as she thought, "maybe this is a bit too personal…"

"No, you can tell me anything, I won't judge!" Keily was quick to backtrack, "but you don't have to!" She explained, "I don't want to sound pushy, I'm just curious is all."

"I don't really remember my first time. I was too drunk." She twirled a strand of hair, looking off into the distance rather than at Keily. "He was a classmate, but a few years older. He was a senior, actually, he'd been held back a year, so he was supposed to be out of school." She explained, "he invited me to a party, it was my first real high school party and I was super excited! We talked and had fun, I didn't really want to drink but he made me feel like I had to, so I did. I really liked him and I thought he liked me. He pushed me into having sex with him at the end of the night, I didn't really want to but I really like him and I wanted him to like me. Course, he never bothered with me again afterward."

Keily had slowed before fully stopping in her tracks, "oh" she spoke, looking up at Brooklyn, who had hidden behind her hair. "Oh, I'm really sorry, I shouldn't have asked." She moved to hug the taller, who remained still.

"Ha, it's okay! That was like so long ago, I don't even care!" She beamed a smile out, "now, come on. You wanted to do that obstacle course thingy right?"

The obstacle course was on the second floor in a large open room. The course was large and rather odd looking at first glance. In design it mimicked several different biomes split into four different parts. The first looked like a desert, plain sandy colors every, even real sand scattered on the areas ground. The game within it was a simple trivia game. The first to answer five questions correct moved on. The second was rainforest with plants and green placed all over. Small speakers were hidden as well to mimic the sound of light rain and animals calling in the distance. The obstacle in the rainforest section was to find ten hidden animal figures. The first one of turn ten in moved onto stage three, which looked like an ocean. It was more intellect-based as the rainforest had been. The game has been a puzzle, several stone-like pieces that were supposed to fit into one another to form a type of shark. Finally, the fourth obstacle was purely physical. It mimicked a mountain range, several rocks one would have to climb over to get to the final one, a large rock wall that had to be climbed up to complete the game. The game was designed currently for two people to compete against one another.

"Wow, this is so cool!" Keily beamed as she ran up the lady running the attraction, quick to sign up for a turn.

"You can leave me out of it, haha, I won't be doing any kind of climbing in this skirt" she explained, picking at the tight leather material.

"Aw, are you sure?"

Brooklyn nodded, "just make sure to beat whoever you get stuck competing with."

"I'll try my best!"

Keily waited ten minutes or so for her turn, smiley in excitement as she ran up to take her place. Looking over she found herself matched up with a taller boy. He was about Brooklyn's height, pretty black hair neatly cut and parted. His turquoise eyes were hidden by a pair of black glasses. Keily could tell from the one look he gave her that he was ready to win. Keily also found his eyes to be oddly familiar, the pretty blue-green color reminding her of Oliver's own eyes. "So, your name's Keily?"

"Yup, and yours?"

"Aspen Banks." He introduced himself.

"How's a little thing like you going to climb that rock wall?" He questioned, turquoise eyes narrowing with slight amusement.

"I can handle it." She stated.

"Yeah Keily may be smaller but she's amazing!" Brooklyn hollered from her place watching. "She'll kick your butt!"

Aspen scoffed, "is that your annoying friend?"

"She's not annoying" Keily defended.

"Really? I've heard her loud mouth all day throughout the exhibit. But I guess by the way she's dressed, she likes the attention." He commented, crossing his arms before looking back in front of him.

"Hey, you can't just say that about me!" Brooklyn roared.

"You came to an exhibit like this dressed like a slut, what do you expect?"

Brooklyn gasped "Jesus, Keily you have to kick that Aspen guys ass in this course!" Brooklyn turned to the shorter with a serious gleam in her eyes. "I'm not dressed properly at all, but I believe that you can kick his ass!" Brooklyn glared at him as he walked by again, sneering at her again. "You may be small and I may look like a slut at the moment, but dammit you gotta break that little ego of his own!"

"You don't look like a slut, you just look ready for a club." Keily corrected, "by saying you look like a slut you're just validating his comments about you."

"I love you much right now?" Brooklyn patted Keily back, "now win us this game!" Keily smiled with a determined nod.

About twenty minutes later Aspen and keily had emerged from their little game.

"Well, you lost" the boy laughed, "it's no surprise though."

Keily glared at him. She'd done great in the first area, fell a bit behind in the rainforest and then caught back to Aspen in the puzzle area. However, she had struggled to climb the rock wall, while Aspen did it without a trouble.

"Hey, don't talk to her like that, I'll kill you!" Brooklyn stood just behind Keily with her hands on her hips. "You know what? I want a rematch!"

"Rematch? Tch, little Kelly here already proved she's lacking."

"It's Keily."

"No, this time I want to go against you," Brooklyn demanded.

"At least Kelly's got some smarts, but a dumb thing like you?" Aspen rolled his eyes, "fine if you want to lose again. We'll go again before the attraction closes in half an hour, got that?."

"It's Keily." Keily piped up again with more aggravation.

"Deal!" Brooklyn pulled Keily back towards where they'd left their bags against the wall. It was easy to tell that Brooklyn was wound up now and Keily looked pretty aggravated herself. Brooklyn grumbled to herself as she slipped her heeled boots off, kicking them to rest in by her bag. "Keily, go to my car and grab the bag in my back seat for me?"

Keily caught Brooklyn's keys, "sure, why?"

"I have a change of clothes. Let's be honest I'm not going to be able to do anything in these clothes."

About ten minutes later Brooklyn and Keily re-entered the room, Brooklyn having changed out of her flashy attire and into a plain black top and shorts. She sat down near their bags to slip her gym shoes on while Keily set Brooklyn's old clothes into her bag. "Hold these" Brooklyn had taken her earrings out, letting the dangly stands of metal drop into Keily's hand. She had also given her bracelets and necklace up as well.

"I can't wait for you to beat him," Keily commented as Brooklyn tugged her hair up into a ponytail.

"Me too" she grinned, "he'll know your name by the time I'm done with him."

"Hey, change of plans" Aspen barked as he walked up to them, "Oh, you changed?" He looked down at Brooklyn.

"Why does it matter? You sound a bit disappointed." Brooklyn stood up with a smirk, "wish I wore that skirt while climbing the rock wall? That's probably the first time you go a look under a girls skirt."

He just rolled his eyes, "whatever."

"What change are you trying to make?" Keily stepped up with a skeptical gaze.

"Chill out, I just think we should do it, teams. My friend wants to go to, so how about me and him versus both of you girls?"

"Okay fine, Keily can kick your ass in the intellect sections and I'll destroy him in the agility sections, no problem."

They figured the rules out quickly. Aspen and Kiely would do the first and third sections, while Brooklyn and Aspen's friend, Ryan, would do the second and fourth. Once Keily finished the trivia Brooklyn would be allowed to move on to her next section, the same for Ryan and Aspen. The four came up to the start, Keily and Aspen taking their spots at the trivia, while Brooklyn and Ryan waited for the next section to open up.

"How about if we win you girls give a little kiss?" Ryan proposed as he waited with Brooklyn.

"Deal!" Brooklyn cut in before Keily could even speak on the idea. She glared at Brooklyn who just winked.

Keily finished the trivia first, letting Brooklyn in to run into the rainforest and get a head start on her search while Keily moved to wait for Brooklyn to open up the ocean section for her. Ryan was searching a few moments later. They were pretty evenly matched as they went through the puzzle section next; however, Kiely found herself finishing the shark a bit after Aspen, leaving Ryan with a head start to climb. Kiely heard Aspen snickering as Brooklyn barreled through the small maze of rocks and towards Ryan. She reached the wall and was quick to begin climbing. Ryan was halfway up the wall, so she knew she had to hurry if she wanted to catch up. He brunette pulled herself up quickly. Keily clapped quietly to herself, watching her friend catch up and begin to pass him. Brooklyn groaned and cursed quietly to herself as she felt a dull pain rising in her shoulder as she pulled herself up again; however, she didn't care as she found herself pleased to reach to the top before Ryan.

"HA, YOU LOST!" She yelled down as Aspen.

They all met up at the ground again a few moments later. "Well, Brooklyn beat me in both our sections" Ryan admitted, "buuut, Keily, you lost in the puzzle section. Looks like you owe a kiss." He gazes a sly smile.

"I never agreed to-"

"Just do it, Keily." Brooklyn looked over with a serious gleam in her sky blue eyes. "It's no big deal."

"Maybe not to you!"

"Ryan you can kiss her. I don't want to touch her." Aspen yawned as he turned away. Keily felt the bigger boy grab her wrist and pull her over, he leaned closer, so Keily tried to pull away. Suddenly she felt Ryan's weight stumble towards her, falling on her and pinning her down.

Brooklyn, who had shoved him, stood behind him with wide, fake eyes. "Oh my god! He's totally harassing my friend! Someone help!" Security was there within seconds, yanking Ryan up and escorting him out. Brooklyn had to repress grin as she spoke to one of them. "Honestly, he'd been saying such mean things to us all day! I too scared to go to anyone though, he's so much bigger than us, you know?" Brooklyn's eyes had grown big and wet, crocodile tears bubbling in them and sliding down her face. She had pulled Kiely over with her so she could wrap her arms around the smaller shoulders, letting her head rest on her. "I was so scared he was going to hurt my friend." She sobbed.

After the show with the Ryan, Aspen, and the security Brooklyn and Keily had begun to make their way back to the entrance of the building. Brooklyn was the first to speak, "You know Keily, I thought this was going to be the most boring date I've ever been on, but it was actually pretty fun?" Brooklyn tugged a curly strand of hair behind her ear, "even if I was a tad overdressed."

"I'm glad you liked it. I figured a relaxed and quiet date would do you some good. It would've been better if those jerks hadn't bothered us.

"Eh, I got to show Ryan and got him removed from the premises. I think that's a win."

Keily giggled, "Too bad Aspen didn't get kicked out too."

"If I see him I'll kick him out for you for you."

"Good to know." She smiled, "you know, in some weird way he kind of reminded me of Oliver."

"Ew, no. Oliver's a sweetheart. Whoever Aspen was was a big ol' jerk!"

"It was just his eyes, they were the same color," Keily explained.

"Just his eye color?" Brooklyn questioned with a small laugh, "I think you're just missing Oliver."

"Maybe," Keily muttered.

"Sometime I'll have to drag you out with me. It's pretty fun to go out and all, but it's more fun with friends." Brooklyn explained, "course I always make friends when I'm there."

"I'm curious." Keily began, "I guess I just don't get the appeal of going out like you do."

Brooklyn cocked her head to the side, "Oh, it's just fun. I mean, who could not have a good time with the music and the people around you getting you all hyped up."

"I guess that's the case for some people." Keily hummed, "That's the only reason though? You just like the excitement?"

"Well, yeah, for the most part." Brooklyn teased her fingers through her hair, "I mean, I don't get that much excitement from anything else. I was always a pretty wound up kid and when sports stopped for me I didn't have anything to do."

"So you replaced it and put all your frustration and energy into going out and partying." Keily finished, "you felt lonely and useless because you weren't apart of a team anymore, but it's still easy to feel lonely in a room full of people, isn't it?"

Brooklyn slowed her steps, "Yesh Keily, I didn't come on this date to be called out." She laughed, "you're little miss observant aren't you?"

"Well, truth is I've been watching you and trying to figure you out all night." Keily rubbed the back of her neck, "after getting you figured out a bit, it's easy to understand you. And Jasper talks about it a lot, he gets worried, you know?"

"Yeah...yeah, I guess." Brooklyn sighed, "my dates turned into an intervention."

"I didn't mean it like that, I'm just trying to understand you!"

"Like you said, I'm easy, aren't I?"

"Yeah." Keily smiled, "you're lonely." Brooklyn exhaled with a faint nod.

"To be honest, all the people I'm close to having others now. Emily and I were always super close, but now I feel like we aren't as much anymore. We're older now and she has Kirron and I can't expect anything from her, you know? I guess the same is with Jasper and Spandel. Even Oliver, I mean, I never thought he'd score a relationship before I did."

"I have a theory."

"Enlighten me."

"Well, option A is that you're spoiled and naive, blind to the dangers of your own carelessness."

"Ha, nope! I know what I'm doing. We already talked about naivety and I am not."

"Then option B is that you're lacking in the self-worth department. Maybe you just don't care that it may be bad for you and just want to relieve yourself, or you just think you deserve all the consequences."

Brooklyn raised an eyebrow, "you think I'm option B then?" She spoke, her voice teased with some kind of amusement.

"Honestly, I don't know." She sighed, "even after hanging out like this I'm not really concrete on anything concerning you."

Brooklyn hugged her bag against her body almost defensively, "I'm too confident to put in either of your theories."

"Yeah, you're really confident and outgoing, but sometimes you seem too confident if that makes sense? Is it all really sincere?"

"You know Keily." Brooklyn sighed, "I've told you to think tonight that I've never admitted to anyone, like the story about the first guy I was ever with. I never told anyone about what happened to him because I was embarrassed. Never told Emily, or my parents, or Jasper. Honestly, it feels kind of nice not to have it hanging over me the way it was."

"Is there more you want to tell me?" Keily wondered quietly, the two had left the building, stopping at the bottom of the stairs leading to the door. Brooklyn letting her body fall back to lean on the railing while Keily stood beside her.

"Yeah" Brooklyn glared at her. Keily hadn't noticed just how tired she looked until now, "but if you tell anyone else what I tell you tonight, even my brother, you'll regret it."

"My lips are sealed, promise!"

"So maybe I'm not as confident as I make it seem." She admitted sheepishly. "Don't get me wrong. I'm hot and I know it, no one's going to say otherwise,

"After my first serious boyfriend dumped me I was craving validation. So started going out more I would go home with a lot of the guys who told me I was pretty. I guess when he broke up with me I didn't feel very...I don't know useful for lack of a better word. I was already pretty cut up over that other guy as well. I didn't really care about myself I can fully admit that I really was being a bit of a whore. I was lonely, angry, and heartbroken. Not a very nice combination. And my parents were split up at the time as well, Jasper was exclusively hanging out with Hazel and his other friends. He never wanted to be at home, so the family was kind of a mess especially with our potential stepfather."

"I'm sorry" Keily had jumped up to sit on the railing beside Brooklyn, "I can't really relate to any of that, but I'm sorry you felt that way."

"Nah, it's fine. So I guess you can put a little bit of theory B into me. I really didn't care and sometimes I still don't."

"You don't still feel that way, do you? I mean, your family seems pretty good now and everything."

"Of course not. Besides being fun, it's just a habit now I guess." She let her eyes drift down to the ground, "but I guess I still have my issue with guys, mainly the wrong kind you know?"

Keily nodded, scooching closer to her to wrap her arms around the other's shoulders. She rested her chin on her shoulder with a small smile. "I think you're great Brooklyn if that counts for anything."

Brooklyn smiled, her hands coming up to grip Keily's arm. "Thanks."

"I think you're confused right now, as are a lot of people our age in this time of their lives, but I know things will start to shape up soon. And, I know that I'm the only one you've told about this, so if you want to talk again then don't be scared to." She offered.

"Thanks" Brooklyn grinned, "I'd like that!" She jumped up, "okay, no more sad stuff! It's getting late now and my bed is calling my name!" Brooklyn grabbed Keily's hands to help her up. They walked down the parking lot. Brooklyn ready to head for her own car. "Well, Keily, like I said, I had a lot of fun." She laughed, "all of it was fun, including Aspen and his dumb friend."

"Yeah, you really started crying just to get him in trouble." Kiely laughed, "thank though. I know it's not your speed, but I'm glad you had fun."

"We should hang out again sometime." Brooklyn moved to lean in to hug her, squeezing her tightly. "Thanks again" she spoke softer, "for talking and listening to me."

"No problem. Thanks for entertaining all my questions."

"Girl, ask any time. You know I'll answer anything!"

Keily watched as Brooklyn moved to get into her car, moving to get to her own afterward. Keily looked up from unlocking her door at the sound of Brooklyn honking at her. The brunette was beaming with a smile and waving goodbye once more. Keily grinned as well, waving back.