"Kaaaaaaiiiiin-" A distant voice echoed within the hybrid's blank mind. He recognized the voice, but decided to ignore it for the time being to let his mind fall back into it's deep slumber. Much to his dismay, however, the voice was persistent and continued calling out to him in it's almost childish way.

"Come on, Kaaaaiiin! Wake up!"

Eekainine finally gave in to the calling he kept hearing, struggling with his heavy eyelids as he used every force of his being just to simply peel them open. A bright orange and red hued sky blurred his initial sense of sight while he remained perfectly still, trying to adjust his eyes to the odd lighting and surroundings. As the hybrid began to come to his senses and actively wake up, he realized just how odd what he was staring at truly was.

The sky was red and orange, innocent fluffed dark gray clouds scattered sporadically. The sun appeared almost as if it were an inverted cosmic black hole. Rather than entrap all light within its darkness like a black hole, this sun still appeared as a pitch black circle, but had an outer shining thin rim that radiated light into the land.

Obviously, he was just in some dream, and immediately closed his eyes while letting out a huff of air from how ridiculous he felt by thinking he was awake after seeing such a sight.

"No, Kain! Damnit, don't pass out again!"

This time, the shouts were profoundly louder and accompanied by a pair of hands on his chest to shake him into consciousness. With his eyes shot wide open out of the sheer fright of being jumped awake, Eekainine grabbed onto the assailant's wrists and sprang himself up into a sitting position. His eyes landed on a very familiar figure kneeling down beside him, the God of Insanity, Zekai. The look on the God's face portrayed pure concern, though, a look not often worn by the usually giddy and lofty demon.

The more Kain came to his senses, however, the more concerned he got himself as well. He began to look around his surroundings, a curious and increasingly worried set of feelings causing the beating organ in his chest to increase in speed. As he glanced at the vast emptiness of the land around them, the only conclusion he could currently come to was that they were no longer on Earth. And that terrified the hybrid more than anything.

"Where are we?"

Eekainine whispered out his question with a quivering tone, genuinely afraid of the answer. His eyes continued to scan the land around them. On the horizon, he could see structures that appeared to be some form of mountains, but for the immediate miles spreading out around them, there was only flat land covered in a vibrant green grass that contrasted the hazy atmosphere. The air was not cloudy or foggy by any means, but the humidity and heat itself almost blurred vision enough to make the area feel as if in a daydream of sorts. There was no landforms, buildings, or even other living creatures where they sat on the grassy ground. Sounds of the warm wind and their breath were all that broke the silence between their outspoken words. The stillness and emptiness definitely did not help in calming Eekainine's nerves.

Before the Demon God could actually answer his friend's question, however, Eekainine happened to glance down at his own hands still clutching onto Zekai's wrists, and an immediate gasp escaped past his lips as he pulled them back and physically scooted himself backwards a few feet. His hands looked different than usual. All of his favored jewelry, from rings to the many bracelets, were all black and silver as opposed to the vibrant array of colors that they should be. His fingers were skinnier with more veins showing through the skin than he was used to seeing, and at the edge of his fingertips sat a couple sets of elongated sharpened black nails on each hand. The nails felt to be made of a stronger material compared to typical fingernails, though, being much stronger and thicker to resemble what an ideal set of claws would be.

Eekainine immediately began to examine the rest of himself once he realized that the feeling of wrongness he had in the pit of stomach was beginning to surface more and come into reality. He no longer had on the elaborate robes he always wore so proudly, his entire upper body exposed to the warm breeze passing by them. His pants were stiffened with a dark red substance that reeked as the hybrid's breathing increased, allowing him to sniff up more of the humid air that simply made the stench worse once he was exposed to the idea and reality of the situation he was in.

As the hybrid lifted his hands to get a better look at them again, he leaned backwards ever so slightly that revealed the largest part of the realization of this odd sort of transformation. Eekainine began to understand where the heat of the air was coming from as a shadow loomed overhead, being cast down by a set of wings that rested against his back. The wings were tall enough to cast the shadow well over his head, but he hadn't noticed their presence until that small movement caused them to momentarily block out the sun from casting it's rays down on him. The idea of the heat radiating from where he sat was what truly rose the curiosity within him, however, more than the shadows the wings were casting. As he tilted his head upwards and back enough to look behind him, a new feeling of dread instantly formed in the pit of his stomach when his eyes landed on the flames that engulfed his set of wings.

The fire didn't cause him any harm, nor did it do any severe damage to the grass surrounding them. Primarily, the flames were an unavoidable visual effect, but they still managed to send that dread and fear to settle at the core of their owner. With an even shakier and unstable tone than when he first woke up, Eekainine questioned his friend as his voice rose, desperately needing to hear the answer he already knew to be true.

Zekai couldn't help but stare in pity at his dear friend as the realization easily overtook the hybrid. He didn't need to voice the answer for Kain to understand where they were and what had happened to him. The Demon God also knew, however, that if he just spat it out, he'd be able to over the shock faster and perhaps start to calm down and stay in a rational mindset. Zekai let out a long sigh, eyes gazing over the new demonic form his hybrid friend had taken on, choosing his specific words carefully as he spoke up loudly but calmly.

"Welcome to Hell, Sir Eekainine."

The hybrid instantly froze in his spot, his right hand finding it's way over his mouth as his eyes widened in shock. Somewhere deep down, he knew that had been the reality of where he was, but hearing it out loud was immensely worse than imagining the truth.

"No- This can't be- No, no, no…" The jumbled words began stumbling out between his nimble fingers, head shaking in a short denial as he tried to piece together the why and how of where he had ended up.

"How? How am I here? Why am I here? The last thing I remember was-" The hybrid had to pause as he dropped his hands down to the ground below, fingers tangled in the soft blades of grass. It took a full minute of digging through the memories of what happened before he blacked out before he finally came to a realization.

"The last thing I remember was being with you. We were on Earth. In New Orleans."

"And that's all you can remember? Do you even know what day it is?" Zekai asked just above a whisper. His sharp eyes clearly shone with worry, an obvious frown fixated across his entire demeanor. As soon as he saw the hybrid shake his head to the questions, his face twisted with the idea of having to explain what all had happened between the memory he recalled and where they sat within that moment.

"Kain, it's the second of November." The Demon God paused after revealing the date as he saw just how much of an impact that bit of information had on his friend. If those eyes could have gotten any wider, they would be bulging out of their sockets.

"What did I do?" The breathy plight was practically inaudible. Eekainine's lips couldn't even move properly to form the words needed to ask the question in a proper speaking manner. As the day's date sank into his mind, the hybrid recalled a certain request from the mission he had taken just a few days ago.

'Make it back into heaven by midnight.'

The fact that he was sitting there, in the middle of Hell with Zekai, was evidence enough that he hadn't fulfilled his fiance's request, and something had gone terribly and horrifically wrong. But he had to know. He had to know the extent of what he had done since the memories were lost to him.

Zekai knew the angel inside Kain would crumble at the mere idea of what he was about to be told, but he knew there was no better way of the information getting to him than just revealing it and having it done with. With an extra long arm and hand reaching upwards to scratch at his head, the Demon God glanced off to the side with an uncomfortable hesitation before opening up the facts to his dear friend.

"Kain, you did bad things, my friend. So many bad things. It's like it wasn't even you, though. At the very least, I've never personally seen you in that state." Zekai quickly shook his head once he realized he had almost been rambling, finding the uneasiness of what his friend had done and having to explain it to him more difficult to do than he had originally anticipated it to be. A short sigh escaped past his dry lips while his right hand traveled up into his already messy blonde hair to ruffle it up even more as he expressed his thoughts on the events that had occurred. "Honestly, Kain, I haven't seen a massacre of that many human lives in such a long time. It's like you had conspired with Death himself to clean up on some headcount he'd fallen behind on. I don't know how exactly it all happened, to be honest with you. You'd left my side in one moment, and you were passed out when I found you, but as soon as midnight hit… Oh, god, the minute that time passed into Halloween, you turned into an absolute monster. With no connection to the Heavens or your angelic origins, the demon inside you took over, and it was obviously bloodthirsty."

By the time the Demon God finished his ramblings, what little color had previously been on Kain's face had easily sunken away, leaving the pale and horrified hybrid behind. Kain simply stared in disbelief at his friend. It was impossible. It had to be. He couldn't remember a single second of what the demon before him had claimed had happened. Judging from the way his presence felt sitting on that particular lot of land, however, and how different his physical appearances seemed to be, he had no choice but to believe the story.

His worst nightmare had inevitably come true.

"What am I to do then?" Eekainine's voice remained a hushed whisper, the trembling words just barely managing to reach up to the larger demon's ears beside him. "What of Inari? The Council? Do- Do I still have a home to return to after committing such crimes?" The hybrid couldn't help but stutter out his final question. He knew just how little the angelic community trusted him. He knew how little they thought of him after finding out he had demonic blood coursing through his veins. It was always an unspoken belief that if he were to ever lose control, his species would fully reject him despite his history as an angel. Within the public's eyes, for a being of Kain's status and what was expected of him in his position, one single wrongdoing would be enough to tear him down. Just for the simple fact that he was a hybrid. And to have caused a massacre of extremity to the extent that Zekai described, Eekainine subconsciously knew he had automatically became an outcast of the society he loved so dearly.

"I don't believe I can answer those questions, Kain."

"Please, Zekai." The hybrid stared in desperation at his friend. As much as he tried, no other words, pleas, or questions could manage to escape past his dry lips. Short and shallow breaths soon released into a long sigh once Eekainine slowly realized how pointless trying to vocalize his stress actually was, and just how uncomfortable he was making his friend by it. Zekai was always such a lively and positive type of demon, but he was visibly distressed due to the situation.

After what felt like an hour of silence, the hybrid spoke up once again, his eyes landing down on the soft blades of grass that blew freely in the gentle wind. His voice had a hint of sadness to it, a sort of hesitation that rarely could be found in the typically confident man's tone.

"How do I get back home? If one thing is certain, it's that none of my questions will be answered by simply sitting here."

With a simple nod of agreement, Zekai slowly began to prop himself up on his knees with his hands down on the ground before pushing himself up onto his feet. He kept his upper half bent over, however, as he offered a hand to the hybrid to help him up as well. Once the troubled Elder had accepted the offer and was up as well, the God straightened himself to his full nine feet height, head tilted backwards as he gazed up at the red hazed atmosphere around them.

"I can get you back up to Earth. From there, though, you'll be on your own. And I mean that in an emotional sort of way, obviously, y'know, since I physically can't step foot up in Heaven and won't be able to support you after you confront everyone again!" With a toothy, lopsided grin, the demon God turned his sideways and downwards to glance at his friend as he did his best to lighten up the somber aura surrounding them. And even if it wasn't completely delivered in a positive way to the hybrid, Eekainine still let out a huff of a chuckle and shook his head in light amusement from the attempt to cheer him up.

"Come on, you big oaf. We've wasted enough time already. Let's just get going."