Chapter 17: The Epilogue

The days of our lives are planned for us – nothing happens by chance. All those who deny destiny, deny the gods. Some people are created to do great things and others are created to do small things. King Owen's life was fated before he was even born. The gods conspired to give him the bloodline of a hero and on the day he was to give up his power to the two houses of government, he proved how important a good bloodline is.

"People of Deckono, you have been ruled and controlled by a power hungry king. For so very long you have desired your freedom and, on this historic day, I the Leading Lady give it to you. Once the king signs the Prime Minister Act into law, freedom is yours."

The Leading Lady was proud of her little speech and the Distinguished Gentleman clapped at her words, like the fool he was. King Owen walked up to the podium. The people in the audience sensed a change in the king – a new aura of manliness. The Leading Lady handed King Owen an ink pen and the piece of paper with the Prime Minister Act written upon it.

King Owen cleared his throat and spoke. "My people. My loyal subjects. I am the rightful sovereign and protector. I am not power hungry, for I am power. I have all power. I cannot be bribed, for all wealth is mine. The King has always fed and protected his people. I am free from corruption, for who can stand before me and live. King Orson freed the people from a weakling and today I end the tyranny of democracy. I here by demonstrate my power."

King Owen took the ink pen and shoved it into the Leading Lady's eye. Then he ran up to the Distinguished Gentleman and wrapped his hands around the old fool's throat and choked him to death.

It was over. The guards arrested the other members of the House of Lords and the House of Ladies. And the people shouted: "Long live the King! The Goddess Protect the King."

The End