A/N- This character only got a brief appearance in WTSS. I need to flesh her out more.

2- The Dollmaker

"Now I Lay me down to sleep,

I pray the Lord my soul to keep..."

Emily recited the words, loudly enough for her roommate to hear. Once her roommate returned to the living room, she flung open the window and climbed out.

Living on the first floor of an apartment building had its benefits. She looked at the map she packed. A shortcut through the woods.

The leaves crunched under her sneakers. She walked further.

The map indicated the old Peachtree Asylum was a mile ahead.

A group of figures in medical scrubs stood in the distance. She approached them.

"Ooh, she'll like this one." one said. His friend handed him a soaked rag. He walked up to Emily. She tried to run, but one of the men grabbed her. He placed the rag over her face.

Emily woke up, strapped to a wooden X.

"Miss Sally, she's awake," an orderly whispered. A woman with curly brown hair dressed in an old-fashioned nurse uniform walked up.

"Are you comfortable?" Sally sneered. In one hand was a gauze pad, the other a sharp needle.

Emily struggled against the restraints. Sally just eased one of Emily's wrist bands off. She rubbed the medicated pad on her wrist before jamming the needle in. Intravenous tubes connected her to the vile machine.

"And now, for the other one!" Sally said. She walked over to Emily's right and repeated the process.

"What are you doing?" Emily shouted.

Sally walked over. "Ever donated blood?"

Emily nodded.

"Well, we need about... hmm... 4.7 liters!" She gave a signal. One of the orderlies flipped a few switches. Emily tried to free herself, but the sickening throb of machinery drowned out her attempts.

Sally caressed the steel cylinder. "Don't want to waste a drop."

"What are you doing?" Emily shrieked. One of the orderlies' hands covered her mouth afterwards.

Sally just smiled, watching the tubes twitch. "I prefer my dollies to remain pristine. I don't want to run you through the process alive. What better way than full exsanguination?"

Emily's gaze darted to the table beside the machine. Sally sat beside it, looking at different dresses. She held a pink apron dress up, then glanced at Emily. "Pink is definitely not your color."

"But why?" Emily asked. "Why are you doing this?"

Sally laughed, cradling a white dress. "I only do this to the prettiest." She set the dress on the table before checking on the machine.

In an instant, the nurse dropped her human facade. A hideous creature with skin where her eyes should be stood in the room. Her hands were completely red, while her skin elsewhere was ghostly pale.

She raised one hand. "Looking a little pale, aren't we? Did I scare you or something?" Emily flinched. The nurse had eyes on her fingertips. Ugly, white orbs with a black pupil in the center.