A/N- This is the last of the three previews.

20- The Pharmacist

Two days after her abduction, Janice sat in her cell. Fred approached her cell.

"You look nervous," he said. He unlocked Janice's cell. "Dr. Cummings has something to help you."

Janice followed Fred down the hall. The odor of numerous chemicals filled the air.

The second man from the carriage ride stood there. In one hand, he held a test tube.

"Orville, this is Janice,"

Orville raised his goggles. "Oh, isn't she the new patient?"

Orville was a short, chubby happy guy. He had blonde hair, silver eyes and a pale complexion.

Fred walked over and whispered something in Orville's ear.

"Calm down? I've got that, right here." Orville opened a cabinet and fished something out of it. He placed a vial in Janice's hands.

"Should I drink this?" Janice asked.

"Only a drop, my dear."

Janice slowly opened the bottle and raised it to her lips. She accidentally downed the whole thing and passed out.

Orville walked over to her. "Should we label this one an accidental overdose?"

Fred shrugged.