The Prisoner

Dr. Drake strolled down the basement steps.

In Dr. Peachtree's days, the basement was Sol-Con, a place where they kept the worst inmates.

Sol-Con's only inhabitant was one Hugo (surname unknown).

Hugo raised his head as soon as Dr. Drake came into view.

"Am I getting company?" Hugo asked.

Dr. Drake smiled. "You'll see."

Hugo handed Dr. Drake a book.

"Want another one?" Dr. Drake asked.

Hugo nodded.

Alarms blared in the upper floors.

A test subject, Ethan Shepherd, had escaped.

He ran towards a door.

He flung it open, revealing a dark basement.

Ethan ran down the stairs.

He spotted a cell in the distance.

"Can you let me out?" Ethan asked.

Hugo shuffled to the cell bars.

"Yes," Hugo murmured. "Come closer."

Ethan stumbled forward.


Nathan felt his foot shift forward against his will.

"Closer still."

Hugo opened his eyes wide.

"That's good!"

He spat a cloud of black dust at Ethan.

Dr. Drake returned to the Sol-Con cells.

Ethan twitched on the ground.

"Remind me, how long does it take to sprout?" Dr. Drake asked.

Hugo chuckled. "Ah, two weeks." He placed his hand on Ethan's shoulder. "Rise. Dr. Drake knows the way out."