"You cannot separate her from me!" Cassia had done her best to loop her arms around Emily in an attempt to keep her student close to her. The guards easily pulled them apart, one towing Emily away while the other held Cassia in place. "As Emily's headmistress, I demand you leave her in my company. Since her home is on Earth, I act as her guardian as long as she's in Equis."

"Oh quit being difficult Cassia" Victoria huffed as she sauntered up to the scene. "While you are correct in acting as her guardian, you forget that you're under arrest and have no bearing on her at this moment. Separation is a procedure, deal with it."

"But- she shouldn't even be here!"

Cato nodded in agreement, "does it make you feel good to have a traumatized student in handcuffs?"

Victoria shot him a sideways glance, "it certainly doesn't. Now just comply with the rules, Cosmia has the final say. Nothing I can do."

"Some balance of power, what's the point of having a council if Cassia has final say over everything?"

Victoria waved them off, leaving the pair to be separated and put in cells. Emily was left to be pushed in the other direction.

Cassia sat down with a heavy sigh as the door closed before her. The guard locked her in before moving to help handle Cato. Cassia waited for the guards to head back down the hall to the station at the door before she hurried up to the corner of the cell. She slipped her hand through the bars and reached for Cato's cell beside her. "Cato" she began softly, "where are you?"

"Sitting" he breathed.

"Come here" Cassia urged. Cato took a moment before getting up and talking his time to find the bars. Slowly he followed them before sinking to his knees at the end of them. He reached for Cassia, finding her hand and letting his fingers intertwined with hers. "Are you alright?" She questioned. Cato nodded even though she could hardly see it. He could feel heavy stress on his tired body, but he wasn't in too much pain besides a few aches and cuts here and there. his head hurt and he was tired from using whatever magic had mustered up while down there. His heart was heavy as he thought about Maple. She was gone and he couldn't see a thing. He felt lonely without her weight on his shoulder or in his arms. He took his hand back from Cassia, who seemed surprised as he did. His arms folded in his lap as he bent forward slightly and pressed the top of his head against the bars.

"I've made a horrible mistake haven't I?" He asked.

"You helped." She replied, "you took out Lowell and saved Emily, they can't ignore that."

Emily pressed her forehead against the cool wall once she was alone. Her legs dangled slightly as she had to heavy herself onto the bench. She was sure a cell like this wasn't met to hold a schoolgirl. Her dress crinkled and caught on the benches splintering wood. Her pounding head felt little relief pressed against the cool, damp metal of the wall. Her hair had fallen out of its bun and now stuck to her face and neck in a mix of dirt, blood, and grime. The small cell before her was tall and thin and one small barred window looked down at her. One of her heels slipped off and clicked on the metal floor and she made no move to reclaim it. Her feet were killing her, her head throbbing, her stomach-turning and her eyes were hurt and strained.

She was cold and for the first time since she'd arrived in Equis, the whimsical joy of the magical world was gone. Her eyes barely closed as she leaned back, her head lulling against the wall as she felt tears roll down her face. She cried silently and alone for a while before eventually falling over in a heavy sleep.

She awoke hours later at the feeling of a light hand on her shoulder. Her eyes squeezed closed before blinking open. She sat up at the sight of a tall figure looming over her, blinking a few more times she tried to steady her racing heart. The tall, svelte figure almost reminded her of one of the gelverian men in the maze the previous night. It was dark in the room, the window let in what looked to be a sky that was just a few hours away from sunrise. Emily looked up at Spandel with squinty, tired eyes. She was sure she looked disgusting having slept in an already dirty dress and running makeup. Had she slept soundly through the night? She wondered how she couldn't even remember falling asleep in the first place.

"Emily" he offered her a warm smile, "how are you feeling?"

Emily looked at him for a few seconds before rubbing her head. "I'm okay, I guess." Nothing seemed to hurt too bad besides cuts and bruises. Spandel took a seat beside her and helped her pull herself up from her awkward sleeping position.

"Daria wrapped clothing for you." He smiled, patting the paper at his side.

"When can I leave?" She asked, not paying much attention to the clothing. Her back hurt from sleeping on the wood bench and she wanted nothing more than a long, hot bath.

"My apologies" Spandel sighed, his lips falling to a frown. "Today, I will make sure of it." Spandel got up, walking to the door and heaving it open. The guards outside glanced at him but didn't say a word. He peered down the halls before turning back to her, "you may change your clothing now, we can leave this cell after if you wish."

Emily changed and knocked at the door gently. Spandel opened it with a smile, leaving Emily to smile a bit as well at his kind display. They walked down a long hall, twisting and turning down lines of steel doors. All cells Emily presumed. She picked at her shirt nervously as she followed Spandel's swift steps. "Spandel!" They both stopped immediately and he spun around at the sound of a female guard calling for him. she and her partners waved him to them, leaving Emily to follow slowly.

"Has something gone amiss?" He asked worriedly. The hall was long, with only one cell sitting at the very end.

"No, everything's secure" She assured him, "just- well have a look." Spandel peeked through the small, narrow peek hole on the door. His eyes widened for a moment before he turned to her. "I thought Laramine was the one adverse to silver?"

"Well, he is- the paperwork says so, but is it possible all of them are?"

Spandel paused for a moment before taking the papers from the other guard. He flipped through them, taking a few steps more to the side. Emily curiously padded up to the door, hopping onto her tiptoes to peer inside. She swallowed, her throat dry at the sight of Lowell locked inside. He wasn't squirming or writhing in pain, but the chains restricting his body were bound to him with little room for movement. His muscles flexed and tensed as the faint sound of singing skin hit her ears, the smell hit her as well. She felt her stomach turn as steam seemed to be rising from where the silver chains burned into his skin. Lowell sat, chained to the wall with his head down. He didn't seem to be in pain at all, maybe mile discomfort at the best.

"Should we remove the silver? We can't let a prisoner sit- it'll burn him down to the bone."

"It may be risky to rebind him now that he's awake...call for Luca to assist." Spandel handed the files back over and turned to see Emily peeing into the cell.

Emily's eyes searched Lowell several times, trying to get a look at the one mage she hadn't had a real run-in with last night. Suddenly Lowell lifted his head, his eyes catching her through the peek hole. His pupils narrowed and he sat up under the weight of his bindings.

"Emily" Spandel's hands found her shoulders to usher her away from him. "We can converse upstairs, surely you will be more comfortable there."

It was warmer upstairs than down in the lower halls. The familiar sight of the council's tower lobby brought little comfort to Emily as she followed Spandel closely. They entered a little room hidden down one of the halls. It was a small office, appearing as no one worked inside of it. It was tidy and cozy, book and files organized neatly and plants sitting on the windowsill. Spandel sat down on the sofa, leaving Emily to follow and sink into the black leather. "Are you hungry?" He asked.

She thought for a moment, "no."

"Are you well? Do you need healing assistance?"

Emily thought again, "no, but thanks."

"It's my job to take care of others" he smiled, his magic was good and nurturing by nature. An awkward silence fell between the two. Spandel looked down at his folded hands in his lap. He was unsure of how to proceed now. He'd never been involved with something like this before. What happened last night was nothing less than a disaster. The council was now in disarray. Victoria was still with silent concern, while Daria was swamped with paperwork and reports to take and file for the records. Spandel hadn't even seen her since last night as she remained locked in her office all night and morning. Victoria was also dealing with Cassia, sine she fell under her watch. Luca was busy watching over Lowell and the other prisoners downstairs, as he usually did. Cosmia was responsible for Cato, but Spandel was almost positive she was not visiting with him like he and Victoria were Emily and Cassia. She was also dealing with the repercussions of the disaster- damage control really. She managed the press's questions, angry parents asking what happened and why, and frightened lower council members' murmurs of incompetence within Cosmia. She was the figurehead and Spandel could tell she was coming to her wit's end.

Spandel, similar to Victoria, was responsible for Emily. They'd never let someone go before the council alone. Someone was always tasked to bear their burden. A murder was given to Luca for example, then Luca's word would weigh heavier in the murder's sentence. Cassia had stopped time, so Victoria would play a big role in her sentences. Spandel was usually left with softer crimes, as his magic was lower on the totem pole. Not many people could harm the realm of healing magic after all. Emily had merely trespassed, as Cosmia put it, which left Spandel with a bad feeling in his mouth. He was glad to defend her, after all, he didn't believe she belonged anywhere near here. Still, Spandel was the newest member and he'd never dealt with something this big- even if he weren't representing Cato or Cassia, he was still concerned with the night's events overall.

"Emily, I am here to help you through all of this."

"Through what though? What do I have to do?" She asked, her voice edged with exhaustion. "I...I really just want to go."

"I understand" Spandel frowned. If it had been up to him Emily would've at least been sent home before here. It wasn't fair and cruel on Cosmia's part. He was sure Cossima had no real intention of trying to put Emily in jail for trespassing. She did this all the time when the students broke rules- to scare them into doing the right thing the next time. But this was no ordinary case. Anyone could tell by taking just one look at Emily that she wasn't well. "Well, you need to go before the whole council and tell them what happened last night."

"Oh," she breathed.

"I thought that you might feel more confident in telling me before you stand before all those people."

Emily nodded, "okay...where do I begin?" She almost laughed with nervousness. "When I go to the ball I noticed Mr. Oslyn's cat- Maple- running around and acting really weird. I figured she just lost him and was scared, so I figured I'd find him.



"My apologies for interrupting, but I know the other members won't be kind with their questions."

"Well I like Mr. Oslyn, he really is nice...I feel bad for him too, and he needs Maple to help him so I just thought I'd help." Spandel nodded for her to keep going. "Maple- who I think was Lazarus in disguise? I'm still not sure...it led us to the stairs...I pulled Vanemy along with me to grab her with me. I took her down there...I...I..." Spandel stood quickly and dipped down at her side. Her shoulders dropped, "she's-she's really gone" she whispered as if she had convinced herself otherwise.

Spandel didn't hug her but took her hands in his. "My deepest condolences Emily" he spoke, feeling as if he'd said those words so many times to the Collin's on Earth that it couldn't possibly mean much anymore. "You were very close to her?"

"Yes, she's my roommate. We got close pretty fast-living together and all. We did everything we could together, we were just...good friends." Emily sighed with watery eyes. "Lazarus- he told me that he killed Vanemy for fun- because he could." She cried, "I don't understand why!" She whimpered. Spandel's hand ran over her back a few times, allowing her time to cry.

"I am far less knowledgeable on Lucien than the others" Spandel frowned, "but I do know that they are very evil creatures who want nothing more than to harm others for their gain." Spandel wrapped an around her shoulders to pull her into a hug. "And I am very sorrowful that you and Miss. Rose had to be caught in the midst of it all."

Spandel didn't go on with any questions or tell Emily to finish practicing. She'd already been through enough, she didn't need it. She'd slept alone in a cell after sitting handcuffed for hours in a transport vehicle. No-one stopped to talk to her, no one seemed to be worried for her state besides Cato and Cassia, who were so cruelly torn away form her as well. For now, Spandel would let the blonde press into his chest and cry her heart, after all, it was the most he could do for her at the moment.

Emily found herself standing before the Grand Council in a dark room. On either side of her, the lower level representatives and council members sat to listen as well. Cosmia and the main four acted as the main figureheads on most issues; however, when bigger issues like this were brought to the council all the lower members came to weigh in with their questions and opinions. Emily nervously clasped her hand behind her back and leaned onto the balls of her feet for a moment. She found comfort in Spandel's familiar face. He looked at her with sad eyes, as if she were a person, unlike Cosmia's cold star that viewed her as nothing more than her next tool.

Cato and Cassia were stood beside Emily, Cosmia first in the order to speak and then Cato, leaving Emily for last. "Mrs. Eve would you please give your version of the incident that took place the night of the Eldoria Ball?" Cosmia spoke.

"Of course," Cassia stated strongly. "I arrived at the ball with my student and spent a majority of the beginning of the even helping direct students and making sure the preparations were correct. Afterward, I spent the evening dancing and spending time with my coworkers. Later it was brought to my attention that Mr. Oslyn's cat was running loose among the castle."

"Is that so?" Cosmia turned her eyes to Cato. "And why was your animal not under control?"

"She was ma'am. Maple was with me all night, later I recognized the other cat as a Lazarus in disguise- luring Miss. Evans and Miss. Rose to the dungeons."

Cosmia didn't comment, only told back and told Cassia to continue.

"I left the celebrations to search for the cat and Mr. Oslyn, but upon leaving the ballroom I sensed a faint power nearing the passages to the dungeons. I later recognized the surge of magic as Cato Oslyn's and several Gelviran Mages. I entered the Labyrinth and immediately found an incapacitated Gelverian Mage- Lowell- and searched further for Mr. Oslyn. I found Miss. Evans and Mr. Oslyn are in bad shape, almost about to be hit with magic meant to kill them. So, in my panic, I stopped time and did what was necessary to protect them." Emily watched as Cassia was silenced and members of the lower council raised their hands with questions and comments. It lasted a long time, but in the end, Victoria was the one to stand.

"Mrs. Eve, as you've heard us discuss this past hour, there are many conflicting arguments. Some believe you were in the right, while others are angry that you've failed to uphold the oath you took upon your learning of time magic. As the Grand Mage of Time, it is my responsibility to preside over those like you. To stop time- in my eyes- is to abuse time. While fate may fall with Ms. Cove, I do believe that using your mage to stop time and change events isn't right. If Cato Oslyn and Emily Evans were fated to die alongside Vanemy Rose then they should have. You are a decorated and respected member of society and an educator. I do not wish to take that from you, but I can only hope that you can understand that time is fragile. You will return to Amaria and continue to preside over the academy, though your magic will be vastly limited."

Cassia silently nodded and was led out by the guard.

Next was Cato, who walked up before them almost robotically. "Oslyn, how lovely to see you standing here yet again." Cassia hissed, "this is your fourth time I believe?"

"I suppose it is."

"Tell us why you thought it appropriate to use your taboo magic."

"Emily was in danger. She's not strong or educated enough for hard combat. When I realized she was in danger I simply stepped in."

"Did you call for help?"

"No, I did not."

"Why? Why didn't you alert your fellow faculty- who are far more qualified to deal with such issues."

"It happened so fast the thought didn't cross my mind. I was solely concerned with Emily." Cato argued. "She's a promising young mage, an excellent student, and I'd go as far as to say that she is a...dear friend to me." Cato smiled, "she's been nothing but kind to me- I'd be a monster not to help her."

A minor member raised their hand, "Oslyn, do you find your friendship with Miss. Evans, to be inappropriate?"

"Of course not!" Cato snapped, "I'm appalled you would dare try to implicate anything filthy upon it!"

"We are simply trying to understand why you seem to care so much for Miss. Evans, when you've shown nothing but cruelty to children in the past." Cosmia announced. "Let us review your previous offenses Oslyn. At age 15 you were first brought to this council facing murder charges of several village members in the Sylvia region of Equis."

"They used us, orphans, as slaves, they deserved everything they got." Cato hissed with Malice.

"Yes, I'm sure Mrs. Eve's parents deserved what you did to them too. Why she would allow the murderer of her own family into the safety of her school continues to confuse me to this day. Now, at age 18 you were deemed responsible for the slaughter of the swamp village Clyd. You dawned on a blade and mask and took no mercy in the people you killed. Men, women, children, it didn't matter as you chased the tail of evil and power."

Cato said nothing.

"Age 23 you are finally found for the slaughter and brought in, but Cassia Eve steps in and offers you a chance I was not willing to give you. Only a few months later you are back here and found responsible for the murder of a student."

"That student- she was-"

"Murdered by you, someone who had no say on if she lived or died. I do not care about the details that you have made up to appear in a better light Oslyn, I care only for justice. You are a repeat offender of the black arts- a lifestyle you willingly chose to take ay I remind you. There will be no debate for his actions, he's broken the law a fourth time and will not be given another chance."

"Cato Oslyn will be remanded to the Doveport facility until further notice." Luca cut into Cassia's lengthening speech.

Spandel watched Cato be walked out, his lips pressed to a thin line as he looked up at Luca, who glanced at him with cold eyes. While everyone prepared for Emily Spandel spoke, "I do not agree with how Cato is being treated."

"I don't either kid, but we can't ignore his past crimes just because he saved a student." Luca rumbled, "Cassia will push for execution; however, I won't allow it. Cato falls under my rule, so don't worry about it. You have Emily to worry about now, she's yours to address."

Spandel sighed, "of course." His stomach was turning a bit with nerves. He was new to the council, he'd never conducted a meeting such as this. That and his feelings were screaming at him to help Cato, but he couldn't in a position like this. I shall visit him in prison and speak to him myself. Spandel told himself, and as Luca said I will fight his case too.

"Emily Evans, I have no desire to hear your side of the story," Cosmia spoke, leaving Spandel to look up in confusion. He was supposed to listen to Emily and sentence her- of course, he had every intention to send her home without any consequence.

"Emily all I ask is that you tell the council that this is indeed one of the beasts you witnessed just hours ago attack Cato Oslyn."

The doors swung open and several higher-ranking soldiers seemed to be escorting Lowell in. Emily swallowed the lump in her throat at the sight of him. At least it's no Lazarus she told herself. Emily looked over at the Gelviran for a long moment, thinking of what to say. "Yes, but I only-"

"Good enough, send him away." Cosmia waved her hand in dismissal. Lowell appeared to shake in rage as he felt the team of guards pulling him away. He couldn't resist with chains lacing his body, but he could speak and speak he would. "Emily you may be escorted back to school-" Lowell eyed Emily before lunging away from the guard's grips, leaving the young student to whirl back to face him with terror in her eyes. He was so fast and Emily couldn't seem to bring herself to move.

"Don't let him touch her!" Someone shouted over the commotion of the room. Before anything could happen a pale green barrier appeared before Emily, blocking off all but one of Lowell's arms from getting near her. Lowell had been lifted slightly from the ground as well, encased in a silvery light from Daria's magic. She appeared to be struggling to hold him in place though. Emily stared at the clawed hand reaching for her with watery eyes, Luca's footsteps were quickly approaching them so that he could take care of Lowell himself.

Lowell's arm stretched closer to Emily, who moved to step back, only to feel the creature's claw graze her. She gasped at the prickly feeling running through her arm, while Lowell grinned and chanted something in a language she couldn't understand. A bright light filled the room as Luca blasted him with a spell. When the smoke cleared Emily was staring down at her arm, a glowing red symbol had appeared around her wrist. She felt tears prick her eyes immediately as pain surged through her body.

"Stop!" Victoria screeched before Luka could perform another spell. "Stop Luca- look what he's done to her!"

Emily was doubled in pain, just like Lowell was.

"What curse have you put on her?" Luca demanded an answer, while Spandel moved to see if he could do anything to ale her pain.

"Figure it out yourself" Lowell spat, "all I know is you won't be killing me any time soon." He smiled at the fluttery feeling rising in his chest as Spandel healed him and Emily.

"He's linked his senses to hers!" Daria cried in worry, looking up to Cosmia. "What do we do now?"

Cosmia had hardly moved from her seat. Her face was twisted in anger as she lost control of the room. "Spandel, take Emily back to Amaria now, Luca, take Lowell back to his cell. The rest of you in this room will remain and discuss what has happened. Cassia, Cato and Daria will follow you Spandel."

Spandel was unsure of what was happening back at the tower, though he was sure everyone in that room was debating what just happened as well as what they were going to do. They had to be gentle with Lowell and the risk of hurt Emily, which he was sure Cosmia hated. She had been ready to kill him on sight he was sure. Daria beside him was scribbling on various forms, likely finishing her records of what happened. She looked worn out and exhausted. Cassia was sitting in the front of the van, talking rather quickly on the phone trying to arrange things at the school, as well as trying to stop Cato from being taken.

Cato was sitting across from spandel and Daria, right beside Emily, who looked ready to fall asleep against him. Her wrist illuminated gently with the runes of Lowell's curse. Spandel laid his head back, he was unsure of how to break curses in general and his healing wouldn't reverse it. "Spandel help" Daria sleepily poked him, taking his attention to the papers.

Cato nudged Emily gently, pushing her back upright and awake. "What" she blurted out.

He hushed her, "are you alright Emily?"

"Oh," she breathed, "yes...I'm just tired...in every sense."

"We have a long ride to the prison, so nap after we're done talking."

"Are they really going to lock you up?"

"I'm afraid so" he sighed, "I should've known it was coming sooner or later, Cosmia has a rather big distaste for me."

"She said you...killed all those people." Emily began, "That you killed Mrs. Eve's parents even..."

"I told you before that I've killed people." He stated.

"Yes, but...I don't know" Emily looked down. She supposed she hadn't imagined those kinds of things when she thought about him killing. Maybe she had seen him cast a curse on some man or something, not full-on taking out villages and families."

"Black magic is messy Emily, messier than someone who has never experienced it can understand. I'm sorry you had to hear all of that."

"Did you really kill a student?" Emily whispered.

She couldn't decode the facial expression her teacher made, "the incident was nothing that it appeared to be...but yes. In simple terms, I killed her. But as Cosmia says, the details mean nothing."

Emily frowned, "I'd disagree-"

"Emily I have information to give you, so listen very closely for I will speak quietly and not repeat myself."

Emily tilted her head, "my office" he whispered, "take the books from the last drawer in my desk- let no one see them. Take the viles from there as well, never open them." He ordered, "never allow them out of your sight, there is a bag wrapped in cloth under the floorboard next to the bookcase, remove it and take the bag."

"Okay," Emily whispered, not daring to ask why as he went one. "You remember our morning lessons on Gelvira and Lucien."

"Yes- most of it."

"Tell me what you remember about the servents and Lucien, quickly."

"Oh- uhm...Lowell- he has monsters and beasts that fight for him and Laramine is pretty weak but medically talented."

"Yes, now Lazarus?" He dropped his voice even lower, leaning closer to her. "What is he?"

"I-he..." She froze for a moment, thinking about him. "He's the ringleader, just under Lucien."

Cato nodded, "there is no care in his heart, he'll kill you without a thought- no matter what he says he will always kill. Remember that all. The books have more on them, more than I could ever teach you, children. Lucien isn't at full power, so you have time."

"Time, what do you mean-"

"Emily, I have hight doubts this will be the last you see of them." Cato frowned, "I don't trust the council to keep you or anyone else safe for a second, so please take the advice I am giving. I know better than anyone how to protect myself."

"The things you're giving me...its black magic isn't?"

"Related to, but it requires no actually use of black magic. Now, Emily, there's a forgotten servant, remember him?"

Emily's head hurt, "L- L something"

"Leith, he's talented with fire- right?"

"Yeah him!"

He hushed her again, "don't forget him, okay? I have one more thing for you, about...about Vanemy."

Emily's eyes grew, "what do you mean?" Her voice trembled.

"There is a book in my office, entitled Gelvera's Garden, take it and read about the gardener, you may find something useful for Miss. Rose."

"I don't understand...Vanemy- she's gone."

"Read the book" he pressed, "don't stop, read everything. Please, I want to help you. My notes will explain everything...please don't look down on me for what you find."

Emily nodded and the car began to slow to a stop. It was time for Cato to go. The guards pulled him around roughly and Emily found herself tearing up at the thought of her sickly teacher locked away. Cassia got out and spoke to him breifly before he was tugged away. She sat in the back now, holding Emily as she fell asleep.

Lowell hissed as he sucked in a heavy breath. There was such strong pain radiation from the link on his wrist. The emotions shot straight to his heart and he admittedly couldn't recall a time where he'd felt so much emotion caused his heart to stir. The fact that he felt like he should be crying made the hairs on the back of his neck stand. His ears twitched at the sound of voices just down the hall from his cell. He shifted in his chains and strained to pick their words up.

A tingle ran down his spine as he listened to what he presumed were a group of guards gossiping. They were talking Cosmia and what she was going to do with him. A smug smile took his face as he knew very well they couldn't touch a pretty little hair on his head until they unlinked him and that child. He didn't even know how to do it himself. He'd have plenty of time to escape and return to his partners once again. After that, he didn't care what happened to that student. He'd have Lord Lucien lift the curse on them and leave her to Lazarus.

But Lowell overheard something very different than what he had expected to. A guard asked if Cosmia was going to go with her plan or not and if the rest of her council mates would for it. While another claimed they didn't care if the student was killed, it was worth it to put an end to Lowell's decades of mischief. Lowell snorted to himself, Cosmia wouldn't kill a kid.

But when he thought about it more he threw his head back into the wall with an angry growl. Of Course, that bitch would kill a kid. He thought, sometimes he forgot that Cosmia was much different than the previous mage of a grand order. She wouldn't have a problem using her law to overrule the council this time. His plan would crumble if she did.

He had to admit to the trace of respect lingering in his mind for her. Kill a child just to kill your enemy. I commend your black heart, Cosma. He sighed. "Enough playtime" he grumbled to himself, shifting in his bindings. He had planned to stay a bit and play around. "I can't let that drat die until I get back to Lucien!" He huffed. He twisted his hands around in the rope knotting his hands together. He stuck his thumb out and smashed it against the floor, snapping it back and hissing as it broke. He twisted his shoulder as he squeezed his hand free. I'll get out of here, find that brat and take her to Lucien. He'll breathe the curse and keep a solar mage for himself. He smirked to himself, slowly and quietly wiggling from the interactive ropes and chains. His magic wasn't going to work here, so he'd just have to rely on his physical benefits.

He looked to the small, barred window and cocked his head. If I break those bars, I could slip out he thought. He was on the leaner side and lately, he had grown thinner in their plight to collect all the things needed for Lucien's return. It'll be tight, but I'll make do.

And so, as he dug his claws into the many bars and mustered all the strength he had left to pry them apart, he smiled. "Time to pay Amaria a visit once again."