Negotiation skills are a desirable asset for job candidates who are looking for a job. The ability to negotiate requires skills such as interpersonal and communication skills which should be used together to get the results. They should have these skills to analyze a problem to determine the interest of the other person in the negotiation.

To be a Successful Negotiator you should require these skills:

Active Listening Skills

They should have the skills to listen to another person actively to find the areas for compromise during the meeting. It involves the ability of verbal communication as well as the read the body language of the person. The skilled negotiator will spend more time listening to another person instead of spending more time in negotiation.

Clear and Effective Communication

Clear and Effective communication is very important during the negotiation. If you failed to communicate well it might lead to misunderstandings which can spoil your important deal or fail to get the desired outcome you wish.


Effective negotiators must have the skills to work together as a team and make a collaborative atmosphere during the negotiations. By working together it will be easy for both the sides to reach an agreeable solution.

Maintaining Good Relationships

Negotiators should have the interpersonal skills to maintain a good working relationship with their team members who are in involved in the negotiation.

Andrew Bloom Seattle possesses all these skills which are mentioned above in his amazing professional career. With the help of these negotiation skills, Andrew increases the profit margins of his company and also helps them to create a huge clientele for his companies.

Having more than 2 Decades of experience in his professional career, Andrew develops many skills which help in his glorious career and he always is highly enthusiastic towards his work.

About Andrew Bloom Seattle

Talking about his skills, Andrew Bloom Seattle is a persuasive negotiator who is involved in revenue and profit maximization and strategic account development. Moreover, he is a people-oriented person with a positive outlook who is highly enthusiastic about networking. He has been awarded as the Associate of the Quarter and Sales Associate of the Year. Pertaining to his education, He completed his Bachelor of Arts in Business Management and Finance from Seattle University in 1995.