Honestly, I've just been in a horror, mystery, sad mood lately, so, I'm indulging myself and writing this. Normally I'd keep story idea's like this to myself and just imagine it, but there's something fun and oddly relaxing when it comes to writing this for me? Anyways, hope you enjoy. I didn't intend to split into to parts, but it's gotten longer than I envisioned at first.

"Noooo!" Emily's voice took on the rare tone of whining as she grabbed Kirron hand. "I told you, no canceling anything relating to your book for me!"

"It's just one interview, I'd rather go and help you with your article." Kirron stated, "I do a ton of interviews for the book, it's not every day you go off on your own adventures like this."

Emily huffed, "It's okay, Vanemy said she'll go with! It's boring stuff anyway, just the history of this town. I just need a few interviews with the locals and some shots of the main attractions. It's nothing worth you canceling important press stuff for."

"Filming and photographing is my thing Emily, I'm the best to help. Besides, I-"

"No." Emily crossed her arms, "no, I want you to do your interview and all that good stuff for your book. I'll be gone three days tops, Vanemy and I can handle it."

Kirron frowned, "if I refuse not to go with you?"

"Uhh, I don't know, the consequences will be dire!"

Kirron sighed in slight annoyance, "fine, if you want to go alone so badly then I'll stay and work on the book."

Emily smiled, wrapping her arms around him from behind, "don't worry, it's just a little info trip."

Kirron hummed, "what's so article worthy about this place anyway?"

"Weeell, Graycott is a really pretty town." She began, "there actually isn't anything too standout about it...besides like legends and that kind of made up stuff. The big thing is its festivals during the summer. Everyone raves about how you can see the night sky so clearly at night. Fog covers the lake, the full moon is bright- that's what my employer wants me to report on, so that's what I'm gonna do."

"I guess that sounds nice, I'm just surprised you're doing it for someone else. Last time I checked you weren't looking for a job."

"Yeah, I'd much rather write on my own and post to my blog, but they approached me asking, isn't that cool? They liked my articles so much they wanted me to do one for them!"

"That is nice" Kirron smiled, "course they'd want you, you're the best."

"Oh, I know I am" she sighed with a grin before gasping softly. "Man, I think I've been spending too much time around you, my ego never used to be so big." She got up, "I should take a nap to fix that."

"A nap to keep your ego in check?"

"Yeah, any excuse to take a nap really. That and Vanemy and I have to be out driving by five AM if we want to make it…" She sighed with a frown, "not gonna be a fun morning. Want to nap with me?" She questioned.

"You were complaining about me wanting to take off a few things for the book to travel with you but now you want me to stop work to take a nap with you?"

"...Yeah...we don't have to nap I guess, we can do...other things?'

"Other things?" Kirron smirked, "what did you have in mind Kitten?"

Emily gave him an odd look at the flirty sound of his tone, "I-I didn't mean like that!" She went red, "I meant like read a book or something."

"Well, you're the one who said it weird." He stood up, "but fine, I'll read a book with you till you fall asleep."

"You should also cuddle with me."


"Don't maybe me, you're going to!"

"Don't tell me what to do."

Kirron sighed as it picked his head up from where he'd been resting it on the car window. He hadn't drifted off to sleep as he'd wanted, his mind was far too occupied for actual sleep at the moment. The last conversation he had had with Emily was stuck in his head. She hadn't really even spoke to him the morning she left. She woke up earlier than him for once, gave him about a million kisses, said goodbye and hurried off to meet Vanemy. She left on Monday, likely arrived that night and should've returned on Wednesday; however, it was Friday night now and still, no one had heard a word from either of the girls, well, besides an odd phone call Kirron had gotten that morning.

"Come find me!" Had been the short and sweet phrase Emily said before hanging up. The message was odd though, as Emily's voice had been breathy as if she'd been running. Her voice had sounded distant from the phone as well, making it sound more like a recording rather than a phone call. Lily had pointed that out earlier upon replaying it, as Kirron had been too concerned with coming to find her to really notice. Still, even if it hadn't really been Emily on the phone, Kirron was ready to look for her, something was wrong, and he couldn't seem to wait for another second to go. Lily had invited herself along to find her sister, while Kirron had asked Bryson to come along.

Bryson was driving, his eyes focused on the empty road. While Lily was in the back looking out the window. They had to be getting close to the Graycott by now, the giant lake that sat surrounding the small town was in sight, it's waters, not a crystal blue as Emily had expressed them as. They were gray, coated with fog, and gross looking. In fact, nothing about the surrounding land was beautiful as Emily had mused.

"So this is the place?"

"I guess so, it's the only town around."

Lily's voice had been unimpressed as they slowed to a stop, pulling up to the town entrance and parking the car in a small lot by the welcoming sign and small shop. Kirron was the first one to step out of the car, though everyone was out quickly to stretch their legs from such a long trip.

"It's...ugly…" Lily stated, looking around. The boys nodded in agreement. The road was overgrown and cracked, no cars in sight besides one other. The building of the small store looked old and rundown, the doors cracked open and windows stained with dirt and broken. "I doubt anyone's in there, but should we look in that store?" She wondered aloud.

Bryson shrugged, "who knows, maybe there is someone around." The pair walked for the store, while Kirron headed for the only other car parked a few spots away. It had to be the car Emily and Vanemy took, peering inside he confirmed it. A few blankets he recognized as Emily's were dropped in the seats, the few bags the girls took still sitting in the back seat untouched. He tried to open the door but found it locked.

Inside the store, there was no one. The only light came in through the broken windows and doors as Bryson forced them to push open. The floor was cracked and dirty with whatever contents were on the selves now scattered across the floor. The front counter was empty, the cash register open. Lily walked behind the counter while Bryson looked around the bare selves. Lily ignored the small droplets of red on the counter before her as she kneeled down, opening the cabinets to have a look around.

Bryson looked over as Lily slowly stood up, holding a small handgun with two fingers, as if she didn't even want to be holding it. "Found a gun...some bullets...some blood." She stated.

"Blood?" Bryson asked, taking the weapon from her. "Maybe I should hang onto this then, just in case." Lily gave a grave nod.

The three got back together, discussing the lack of anything they'd found. Next, they walked down the small stretch of road, towards where the town grew thicker with buildings. All of the buildings looked abandoned like the store in the front. All lined with broken windows, crumbling structures, and empty spaces. The cars that were parked on the road were all old and broken down, some looked like they hadn't moved in decades while others only look a few years old. Trash and debris littered the streets. Lily picked up a newspaper from the ground, a single old and yellow page. "This newspaper was printed almost forty years ago." She stated.

"Forty years? This place couldn't have been abandoned that long." Bryson commented, "I mean, all the stuff we read about it made it sound like it was still kicking."

"Well, it was wrong." Kirron scoffed "So was Emily, there's nothing here she could've possibly written about."

"No there is" Lily argued, "think of the interest people would have in how some beautiful place could become a ghost town without anyone noticing."

"Look" Bryson pointed out, hurrying over at the sight of a discarded black bag on the ground. The camera bag was lying on its side, the top zipped partially closed. Kirron scooped it up, finding the camera and a few memory cards, most were untitled and likely still empty. Kirron powered the camera on, though its batter was on the last of its life.

"There's supposed to be another camera, a smaller one. They must have it." Kirron mentioned, clicking through the photos and skipping through the shorter videos clips.

"Anything interesting on there?" Lily asked, getting to her tiptoes to see the small screen.

"Not really" he hummed. Most of it was shot's from their journey to the town, snapshots of the scenery and attractions they passed. There was a short clip of Emily trying to capture a small cat running around the outside of some restaurant. Kirron removed the card and grabbed the only other marked one. The video started abruptly as the girls were walking into town, both faced with confusion as they looked around.

"I thought this place was still active?" Vanemy could be heard behind the camera.

"Me too…" Emily looked around, "I guess that guy got it wrong."

"The articles on it were outdated."

"Yeah…" Emily was facing the camera; however, her gaze was past it, looking in the distance behind Vanemy. "Maybe I should call him and ask if he still wants me to do an article on this place." the camera cut out for a second and quickly flickered back to Emily. "I guess we can get some shots of this place just in case. I can write about it and send it to him when we get home since there's service."

The girls walked around for a bit, remaining outside of most of the old buildings. "Whoa" Vanemy spoke in awe, "look at that place!" The camera zoomed on a large building on the skyline. It was several floors high, seemingly towering over the little town.

"It looks like some kind of hospital or something big like that." Emily could be seen walking in front of the camera, "could be something-" Kirron frowned as the audio cut out, the video growing fuzzy and skipping.

"You don't think Emily went there, do you?" Bryson asked, "she looked pretty interested in it…"

"I don't think, I know she did." Kirron sighed, clicking the camera shut and tucking it back into the bag.

"That building can't be in good shape, they couldn't get hurt in there." Bryson frowned.

"Or there's some creep in there holding out," Lily stated. Kirron gave her a sideways glare, "what? It could be true." She huffed, "if there is be prepared to fight them off or something, probably some weirdo that wandered in there and is like living there or something."

"Let's just get to that building, I want to find them leave before get's dark." Kirron walked forward, down the long road cutting through the center of town.

The building was just a few miles up the road, hitting in the wake of a thin fog that surrounded the forest area.

From the road, it looked like the typical abandoned building. Weary green double doors were closed, the paint chipping and splintering off. The main entrance looked to be on the front side, as he approached the left. There are small holes in the door, bullet holes no doubt. Some of the windows were boarded up, while others were left bolted with iron bars. The bare windows were all broken, not a single one was still intact. Edges of shattered glass sat uneven and jagged. The windows were a grey-brown as dust and grim had likely been settling on it for decades now. The brickwork didn't look too bad, a few chunks missing here and there, but the walls looked sturdy.

None of them were quick to rush into the building. They went in slowly, quietly. The air inside was different. It was thicker and hot in their lungs as the breathed. Sunlight peered in through the windows and pried open doors, casting broken rays around at random. Lily had suddenly become apter to remain closed between Kirron and Bryson, who had lingered closer to each other subconsciously. There were no doors separating the area they were in and the surrounding halls and rooms. The walls were coated in dust and the paint was chipping off to fall onto the splintered wood floor. Around the room hunks of the wall had been torn out as large scratch marks hatched patterns randomly. Most of the furniture was still present though it was torn, dusty, and grimy. The first floor was in a better state than the ground floor with all doors still intact. A thick layer of dust stuck to everything in sight, unlike downstairs where the dust hung in the air disturbed at any minor occurrence.

"No sign of anyone…" Lily muttered.

"This place is huge." Kirron commented, "maybe we should look around on our own, we'll find them faster."

"Yeah, just-" Lily looked around, as if she'd heard something, "we can meet up on the next floor when we finish looking around, that way if something happens we can still hear each other."

"Scared?" Kirron looked back at her.

"No!" She defended, "I just don't feel like falling through a bad floorboard and not having you jerks around to help!"

"It's fine, we'll be around if you need help." Bryson assured, "same for you Kirron, just call for me and I'll be there. We've all got each other's backs today."

They broke apart. Kirron and Bryson taking one end of the floor, while Lily took the other. She walked with an indifferent expression, though on the inside she wasn't too happy to be on her own. This place left her with an uneasy feeling as she walked around, looking into every room and only occasionally calling out for Emily or Vanemy. She wasn't close to Bryson or Kirron, but she had to admit to herself that it was hard to feel unsafe with either of them around, let alone the both of them. Lily stepped into another hallway, stopping suddenly as she caught sight of a figure standing at the other end of the hall.

The man was tall, his body hunched over and leaning to the right slightly. He was emaciated with dirt and other grit smearing his clothing and body. He looked like a sack of bones. His skin and practically nonexistent muscles barely holding together. His skin was grey and translucent, so much so that one could see the veins and arteries twisting beneath the skin.

Lily stood there silently for a moment before slowly taking a small step back, suddenly the skeletal creature lunged forward. She barely got a scream out before it was on her, wrestling with her much smaller body and clamping a bony hand over her mouth. She looked up with panicked eyes, only to see his cruel, detestable, disturbing smile in a permanent sinister snarl. Sunken, milky white eyes stared with mindless menace into hers. Its jaw was clearly dislocated ad open showing jagged human teeth and a torn tongue. Lily trembled, her eyes wide and her breathing stopped. She pushed against its body, trying to shake herself free, but it was no use. Lily squealed, her body tumbling down the stairs as it shoved her.

When Lily woke up, she found her body lying limp against a table. Her arm was raised and didn't seem to want to come down. She blinked several times, her eyes blurry as she stood. She looked down at the table as her arm was twisted to lay on it, belt-like straps were fastened tightly to hold her arm in place. "What's going on?" she looked around wildly, her eyes landing on some kind of creature before her. It wasn't the skeletal man from before, but a lanky, almost stick-like figure. She imagined it was taller than even Spandel, leaving it to almost touch the ceiling if it hadn't been bunched over. It had no face. Instead, where it's features should've been there was a white thin, fleshy skin stretched over its face. Its hands were clawed, long points that were a few inches long and black. It was naked, though didn't appear to have any generic parts or any identity at all. It was a tall, faceless creature holding a hammer and nails in its hand.

"What are you?" She trembled, it only tilted its head and moved closer. Lily's screamed, her voice breaking as her throat began to sting. Her arm was strapped down and she still couldn't seem to get it undone. "Bryson! Kirron!" She cried, her voice heavy with tears as she cried. The being in front of her took a hold of her bound wrist before she felt it's long finger's slide down her hand press something cool against her fingertip. Lily forced herself to look down, she froze at the sight of the metal nail helping to her finger, she slowly glanced up, finding the human-like monster holding a hammer. "N-no" her voice broke as her eyes grew wide. "No- no!" She began to yank on her arm furiously, trying to break free. "No!" She cried, "Kirron!" She screamed, "Bryson! Help me!" She screamed, "I know you can hear me! Help!"

A very short silence filled the air in the seconds that Lily watched in horror as the hammer swung down, hitting the head of the nail and leaving it to pierce her finger. She'd lost her voice in those few seconds, but it was back as quickly as it had gone. She wailed in pain, her scream louder than it had been when she called for help. It was high, edged with pain, and almost sounded painful. Her wails filled the air, "someone…!" she managed to get out, though it wasn't very clear. Lily trembled in horror as the creature began to slowly pull the nail out. She felt it place the nail on her middle finger next. "Not...again…" she cried, "no more, no more!" Again, she felt the nail pierce her finger.

"Lily?" Footsteps could be heard down the hall, Bryson's breathless voice calling out. "Are you here."

Lily meekly looked back at the doorway. Her body had collapsed to lay against the table. "I'm here" she called out, though her voice was weaker from all the screaming she'd done. She looked back, only to find the monster had disappeared; leaving the nail in her finger.

"What happened? Lily?" She could feel Bryson slowly approaching her from the doorway. He looked at the table, finding blood staining it. He looked away at the first glimpse of Lily's trembling and bleeding hand.

"Who did this to you?" He asked in urgency, placing a hand on her shoulder. Lily didn't seem to apt to answer, she looked at her hand, it trembled as if she didn't have any control over it.

"There are some medical supplies in the room down the hall...the one with the red door...go get it." She pleaded. Bryson left, returning with an armful of things quickly. Lily had begun crying again as he set them down at the table beside her. "I need you top-pull the nail out of my finger."

"Pull it out- I don't know if I can-"

"You have to, I can't move if I'm stuck to this table! Please take it out" she begged, "I-I can't do it myself. I know I can't!"

Bryson frowned, taking a deep breath before moving to her hand. Lily reached around on the floor with her free hand, picking up an old leather strap, likely a broken piece from the bind's holding her to the table. She gagged at the thought of shoving the grimy leather into her mouth, but she did anyway. "Why are you doing that?" Bryson looked up as if buying time between him having to actually pull it out.

"It'll stop me from biting my tongue." She spoke, slightly muffled as she took the leather between her teeth. "It can also help provide alternate stimulus rather than...never mind, there's no time to go on a big tangent, just...just do it…"

Bryson turned to her hand and Lily closed her eyes. Her groans of pain were muffled as her jaw clamped down on the leather. More tears fell from her eyes as Bryson managed to pull the nail free about halfway. He had to grab the hammer from the floor to pry the rest of it out. He moved to unbind her, but she stopped. "I...need to be still...while you clean it" she panted, "there's water in my bag." Bryson nodded and grabbed the water from her bag, he poured a bit over her wounded fingers, taking a cloth from the first aid and gingerly dabbing and trying to clean as much of the blood away as he could. He did the antibiotics next and Lily winced and the stinging and bubbly feeling as the liquid hit her wounds. He cleaned her hand off once more before finally grabbing the bandages and wrapping her hand tightly. He unbuckled her, leaving Lily to collapse fully onto the ground, spitting the leather from her mouth and taking a moment to catch her breath,

Kirron had wandered to the next floor, leaving his ears deaf to Lily's screams downstairs. He hadn't meant to go farther without her or Bryson; however, after clearing his part of the floor and moving to wait at the stairs he heard footsteps upstairs and rushed to see who they belonged to. He found no one in sight, but there was something on the floor. It was the small camcorder Vanemy had taken with her to film. Kirron picked it up, finding it still full with battery and in tack. He leaned against the wall with a creak and began to watch what was on it.

"This place is insane" Emily muttered as she walked, "I mean, it's amazing, but like insane."

Vanemy giggled behind the camera, "it's kind of spooky too." The girls were not on the floor Kirron was, instead, appearing to be in some kind of basement. "This will certainly interesting, writing about this town and how it was just abandoned and no one seemed to notice." Emily nodded and walked forward with only the light of her flashlight. Suddenly the blonde tripped, hitting the concrete ground with a thud. Vanemy shined her light down, "are you okay-"

"Yeah, sorry I tripped over something."

"Emily get up now." Vanemy ordered, "now, get up!"

"What?" Emily was in view again as Vanemy filmed the floor. In red, there was a pentagram painted and Emily had landed right in the center of it.

"I think you just fell into a pentagram…" Emily was up within seconds and running across the room, her hands feeling the wall frantically before the click of a switch was heard and creamy yellow lights slowly flickered on. There were several things drawn on the walls and floors, several books and papers left behind.

"Oh my…" Emily gasped, "wow...this is like actual...ritual stuff…" the camera shook slightly as Vanemy walked up to where Emily had begun looking into a book. "Whoever did this, I think they were trying to summon something." She glanced up.

"Like a demon?"

"Looks like it."

"Uhm...like a demon like Spandel?" Vanemy's voice was edged with hope.

"No, I think demon as in religious stuff."


"I think we should go now. I have enough footage to write off of, this place is getting really weird now." Emily turned, "come on."

Kirron frowned, "you just had to investigate the creepiest building here, didn't you?" He huffed, flicking to the next clip. It was mainly a few shots of the basement as the girls left; however, in the last short one, Kirron found that Emily's was no longer on camera and the audio was shot. The final clip skipped and the audio was twisted, leaving a female's hand frozen on screen picking up the camcorder.

Kirron shut it off, had they not made it out of that basement?