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It's the night of the full moon. It's finally here. Oh god, I feel like throwing up. This is too much. I...I've gotta sit down. Plopping down on the chair, I look at the fishbowl and realize how this is the last time she'll be in there. I look around my room. I look at the trophies I won the past years. This year's trophy is siting proudly in a shelf separate from the others. It's only fair to display it to make it outshine the others. I showed the trophy to Vennela the day I came home from the competition. She was proud of me. It didn't matter that I was still mad at her.

I can't believe it's happening. I spent the day walking around town with Grandpa. We had lunch at Panera Bread. I ordered a Starbucks after for dessert, though it would've been better to have ordered something at Panera, but Starbucks' brands just taste sweeter, and the frappuccinos have the right amount of kick in their coffee to keep you up.

For the remainder of summer, I'm going to have Vennela to enjoy it with me.

I wonder. What if I had known how to properly release her sooner? What if she had told me her secret when I freed her from the moonstone? Would things transpire the way they did in the past days? Now that I know how to free Vennela, I see now that what I feel about her doesn't change anything. Even if she weren't the queen, I'd still want to be with her.

I wonder what I should do to the fishbowl since it'll be vacated soon? Maybe I should buy a goldfish and put the bowl to good use.

"This is really it," I say to no one, though that's not completely true. I look at the fishbowl, expecting her to speak to me the same way she did at Ms. Hatlestad's house. I don't think she's up for it. I think she's just as surprised as me.

I can hardly wait. I glance over my shoulder, squinting at my alarm clock. 8:45 p.m. Why does it feel like it's later?

I spoke to Mom on Skype two hours ago. She asked me about that girl I mentioned in my speech. Hey, I didn't mean to get all lovestruck in my speech. I was just... I don't know. I finally had to tell her that I met someone after the thing with Luna didn't work out. When should I tell her Vennela is Luna? She probably wouldn't understand. No one would. Anyways, I told her about my mystery girl and she's all excited. Any mother would be happy to hear her son's got himself a girl, but how many mothers find out their sons have moon fairies as girlfriends? At the moment, I'm the only one.

Dinner with Grandpa was an eventful one. For dinner we had this fish I've never heard of called mahi-mahi. Strangely enough it tastes like steak. Grandpa grilled it and seasoned it with lemon, garlic, and for our side dish I helped make the salad with spinach, dill, cucumber, feta cheese and tomatoes. I wonder how good of a cook Vennela will be once I release her. Maybe as good as anyone. Wish I could've had a skolebolle for dessert.

Grandpa is in bed right now. Seeing how the night is stretching on, I debate whether to free her here or go to the beach and free her there. It only seems obvious to go to the beach since that's where I first found her. You finish it where you started it. The moon's full and now's the time where I need to do it. I tap my leg as thoughts race through my head. I wonder if Perla's up. Maybe I should call her and ask her to meet me at the beach. Maybe I should clarify that Vennela will be there too by the time she gets there. I don't know. Either way, I have to get out of here.

I pick up my cellphone, my jacket, and grab the moonstone out of the fishbowl. I put on my jacket and put the sphere inside. I slowly open my door, tiptoe down the hall and slide on the stair railing. I land silently and make my way toward the front door. Quietly, I open the front door and close it just as silently. I put my keys in my other pocket and head down the street.

The buses will stop running soon. It's worth walking to the beach, because that way, I have more time to contemplate my plans.

Pulling out my phone, I dial Perla's number and continue my stroll.

The waves rock back and forth, creating this rhythm that's pleasant to the ears. I stand near the water's edge, the wind blowing in a mildly strong breeze. I hold Vennela's stone in my palm, glowing like the moon overhead. I glance at the sky, at the very moon illuminate the inky blackness. Whoever is in charge at the moment, I hope she can look past Vennela's search for wholeness.

Walking over to the left side of the beach I scan through the endless sand and wonder how long it must take someone to count each grain. It must be longer than eternity.

I feel the need to take off my jacket, but the breeze is still kind of cool. And the coldness from the water just adds to it. I feel like I'm walking through a freezer.

The rocks I hid in before reel me in. I sidle toward them, hoping no one sees me. I tread through the stones gingerly, tightening my grip on the orb. I find the spot I hid in last time, or at least I think it's the same. I hunker in, careful to hide the moonstone.

Gazing at the enormous moon, I wonder what the queen's replacement must be thinking. She must be feeling guilty about keeping this secret. It'll be years until Vennela goes back to the moon and returns to her rightful place. And I'm asking myself, "Will I have to go with her, too?" Hmm. Well, I'll be married to her and have kids, so it's logical that we'd be together. But then her subjects will know she left. Would her subjects lose respect for her though? Damn, politics. Sighing, I look over to the moonlight bouncing off the water. I wonder if there'll be any newcomers arriving.

I take my jacket off and lay it on the ground. I put the moonstone on a flat rock. There's no one around, and that's the way I like it. It won't be long now until Perla arrives. Won't she be surprised when she sees Vennela out of her stone. What happens to the stone after a Lunumian's been freed? Well, that's up to me to find out.

If I hadn't come here that night at Ned's party, would I still be the same person as before? Maybe a little bit of both. I'm still the same surfing-loving Travis I've always been. But now, the difference is, I have a girlfriend.

I wish I had a glass of champagne to toast. I'd do it with a cup of the seawater, but, ugh, it tastes so nasty.

Is Ms. Hatlestad going to come with Perla? It'd be a nice surprise if she did. But it's be best if she waits for Vennela at her house. This all feels like I'm bringing home a relative from the airport.

"You nervous?" I ask Vennela as to pass the time. I don't know what else to do, this is all too overwhelming.

'A little, yes,' she replies. She answers me the same way she did at Ms. Hatlestad's house. And I didn't even need to put her to my ear this time.

"Do you really want this?" I don't know what I'm doing, but I need to be sure she's serious.

'I want this,' she answers with seriousness lacing her voice. 'I've wanted this for so long. I'm not backing down.'

I hope she really means it. She better not be telling me what I want to hear. But her voice and the way she says it let's me know that she's being truthful.

"What are you looking forward to once I free you?" I'm really wondering what she's going to have planned. Maybe Perla can have her work for her at her shop.

'Well,' she begins, 'I was hoping I'd simply wait for you to return to begin our lives, Travis, but...from what I'm picking up on the expression on your face, I see that I have to have something to depend on.'

"Yes, something...something that'll keep you busy." All I'm thinking is having her do something like working at a grocery store, but then remembering that she doesn't have social skills or any concept of what a grocery store is just flings back to me.

'I'll be alright, Travis,' she says soothingly. 'I'll have Perla and Ms. Hatlestad to help me.'

"You're right about that." I say.

'We have nothing to worry about,' she reminds me.

Everything will be alright. It always is. Nothing can stop love. Ever.

I check my watch. 10:45. Walking here made the expedition worth it. At least I had the silence to help me clear my mind. When's Perla coming here? I hope she isn't running late. Until she gets here, I'm gonna reflect on the past days.

Starting this school year, Matt's gonna be Cymbeline's new arm candy. She and him will be the talk of the school. Me, I'll go back home and talk about my stay with Grandpa, and I'll even tell them about Vennela. Will they believe it? Not at first. What if I show them a picture of Vennela? Yeah, that's a good idea. I should ask her first. Man, I wish I had a camera with me. I hope Perla has one.

No matter where we are, whether it's here or back home, Vennela and I will always be together. I think I understand the concept of the Descent a little better. The moon seems so far or so close depending how you look at it. No matter how many miles it is, the rays of the moon will always light up your night. And that is how the moon is close to the earth.

Life and death. The will to live and the will to survive. It's all around us. Just waiting to be born.

My life wouldn't be what it is if Vennela hadn't been in my life. The Travis before was socially awkward. The only thing that brought me out of my shell was surfing. Now with Vennela, I feel more confidant than I was. Before, I used to will myself. Force it out. I didn't like to carry on a conversation because my life wasn't special enough to be worth talking about. And since I'm thinking about it, even without Vennela, I can still carry on.

I suddenly think about my dad. I wonder what he's doing up there. He's probably in Heaven right now with Grandma. He must be watching me right now. I always thought I had to be like him to measure up to his reputation. I'm nowhere near as generous and honest as my Dad, but at least I try. People expect me to be like my Dad was, like some exact copy. That's not what life is. That's not the point of family. It's about accepting yourself the way you are. It doesn't matter what people think, what matters is what you think about yourself.

Vennela had a long eternity alone. No one judged her. Only because they aren't human, and they have different rules and customs. I wouldn't say that they're above sin, but...they have different sins. I don't know what those sins are, but they do.

Maybe it's a good thing that Vennela is doing this. Once she becomes human, she'll start to see things differently. Feel things differently. Once she's human, she'll no longer have her powers. If I were somebody else, I'd be wanting to be human while keeping my moon powers. It's probably a good thing I'm a good kid and don't make deals like that.

My eyes are tired and want to sleep. Should've brought something to drink. How close are we to midnight? The wind blows through and it wakes me up. I look at the light shining on the water. I've always been drawn to it. I wonder what other Lunumians could be hiding in the water. Vennela said that Lunumians anchor to every part of the earth, from this ocean to the Atlantic. I feel bad for whoever finds one in the Arctic.

I fold my jacket into a pillow and lay it against a rock. I lay my head on my makeshift pillow, eyes gazing at the luminous moon. Stars dot the black, glimmering like miniature diamonds. I've always wondered what the night sky would look like in rubies, not diamonds. What about emeralds?

Peeking over at the moonstone, the light shining off it begins to grow fainter. Is that normal? It didn't happen last time the moon was full. It must be because she needs to be released. I never bothered to ask her what would happen if a Lunumian never gets freed from their moonstone. Would the Lunumian die? I want to ask, but I think I've asked enough questions. It's better to find out on my own.

Grandpa seemed to like Ms. Hatlestad when he met her at the beach. I think they really hit it off. Perla seemed to think so. It'd be nice to see Gramps hanging out with a woman like Ms. Hatlestad. If I had to chose someone to be with Grandpa, it would be Ms. Hatlestad. Of course, that's just me. I don't know what he thinks. Even when children grow up and leave the nest, we'll always be together. Do I think Grandpa should find someone else? Of course, but it's not my call to set him up. I wouldn't even want to do that. It's his call. Totally his call.

My attention goes back to Vennela's sphere. Is she doing that on purpose? Why would she do it though? If it's not her, then it must be her sphere. I check my watch again. 11:25.

Is there anything that says that it has to be midnight? I'm only waiting till midnight because midnight is always like the magic time. I also heard the witching hour is at 3 a.m. And midnight is the time between night and the coming day. Well, whatever they call it, it'll come soon enough.

I listen carefully to hear the sound of tires screeching. It's quiet thus far. She'll be along soon. I crane my neck to look over the rock I'm laying on. Parking lot is empty. A few street lamps shine the streets. I'm still hoping no one's around.

I run my fingers through the sand, grabbing at the tiny pebbles, closing my fingers. I throw a few pebbles into the dark, hearing them ricochet off the bigger rocks. I take another set of rocks and stack them together into a tower. It's much better than Legos. Looking to the sky, I feel tempted to count each star. Counting the stars will be more longwinded than counting grains of sand. But each is innumerable. Just like there are people on earth.

I look at my watch again. 11:46. Just thirteen minutes till midnight. I'd better say something before it's time. I pick up the moonstone.

"Vennela," I say. I was about to whisper when I remember I'm the only here.

'Yes?' She answers through speaker mode.

"I just want you to know," I feel like I'm talking at the moment before my death, "if this doesn't work out, if I don't free you—"

'Travis,' she interrupts, 'Travis, it's all right.'


'Don't worry,' she croons, 'you've come this far, and look where it's gotten you.'

I take a moment to mull it over. I have come a long way, and with Vennela guiding me, I feel like a new man. Not everybody can handle what I've been through. Anyone would've given up, but not me. If I could see into the future, I can already see me and Vennela married with kids, and grandkids and dying together. Since I don't, I have to wait and live as best as I can. Best as we can.

'You've grown so much in the last couple weeks,' she continues, 'and even if you don't release me from my stone, I would have been honored of having known you.'

"Do you really mean that?" I'm almost speechless.

'Yes,' she retorts.

"Even if another finds you first?"

'Yes, and I would leave that other person just to find you.'

My heart flutters. My head feels lighter, like I'm floating above my body and looking at myself. I can't believe myself hearing this, and it's genuine that she would really do that just for me. If I'm saying that I would do the same for her, it's because I want to because I want to, not because Vennela said it to me first.

Checking the time on my watch. 11:53. I'd better get started.

I stand up, holding the moon sphere in my palms. It's time.

"You ready?"

'Ready as I'll ever be,' says Vennela.


I raise the moonstone to my lips, feeling the nerves rise. I pressed my lips against it. The sphere glows brighter. The stone itself is melting away. I can feel Vennela's frame growing rapidly and her form fits perfectly pressed against me. My arms snake around her waist. I gaze before the goddess-turned-human.

Her hair's a certain shade of white that's like platinum. Her face is spherical as a melon's. Vennela's eyes are a milky gray, except there are no rainbow flecks in them. Obvious, since she's human now. I look down at her body, and she's dressed in the same silver dress, except it doesn't pulsate pearlescent colors. I guess the fabric turned into a silk kind. It looks sparkly, like the fabric had been powdered in glitter. Like those mesh dresses. Looking down at her feet, I see she has no shoes on. She looks better without shoes.

"Vennela..." Staring at her, I can't believe I actually did it. She's here. Vennela's here. I feel like I'm Adam meeting Eve.

"Travis," she says. Her voice sounds just as silvery as when she was in her stone, but now that she's human, her voice no longer holds an unearthly pitch. It's still clearer and silverier than any girl's. I like it.

The moon shines on. The waves rush and crash against the shore. I don't even care if Perla never arrives. I just want to stay here with Vennela and just enjoy the moment.

My life is finally complete.

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