Walking up to the principal's office, Sherry shot me a look. "Did Tyler get in trouble again?"

I rolled my eyes. "No... well, yes."

"Isn't it always that?"

"What's always like that?"

"Tyler getting into trouble. Every time he gets into some heated debate with some other guy, he always tells me that it was undeserved or some shit. We all know that he was probably the one who initiated anyways, he definitely has anger issues."

I shook my head, not knowing why exactly she was telling me this.

"Anyways, I'm here to explain to Mr. Kane what happened."

"Ah, exploiting your position in school to keep your lover out of trouble?"

My eyes widened. "Whoa, where'd you get that idea from?"

"What do you mean, idea? It's obvious that you and Tyler have that enemies to lovers thing going on, especially since you guys started talking."


"Girl, stop denying it. Have you seen how much his personality changes around you? With everyone else he's this arrogant dumbass bitch who will make your life miserable if you get on his bad side. After that incident in freshman year, everyone expected him to hate you until either one of you is six feet underground but here he is, slowly getting back to his old habits with you."

I took in a sharp breath, not because I was about to correct Sherry, but because she was right. Obviously, she was right. Sherry was always in everyone's business, something that she did way before she became one of the student secretaries, so it was obvious she knew what she was talking about.

Did I just let his actions go unnoticed, or did I always know about Tyler's weakness towards me?

"Whatever. I'm not his lover or whatever the hell you think I am, we're just connected with our shared interests or something, I don't know." I brushed past her, barging into the principal's office.

Mr. Kane shot up at his chair, his knees banging on the bottom of his desk. He rubbed his knees, looking up at who walked into his office, his face graying as he saw me. News really does travel fast here.

"Ah, Jayleen. Have a seat." He motioned for me to sit on one of those uncomfortable wooden chairs with a dirty thin gray cushion with unnamable stains. You would think that for the expensive tuition, they would invest a minuscule fraction of it to get more comfortable chairs, or even just to replace some of the cushions, especially with the large crowd of jokesters who just love to get in trouble just to exploit their money to get their misdemeanors off of their transcripts.

"No thanks, I'll just stand. I'm here for a small thing anyways."

His wary eyes narrowed. "Small? I'm assuming you're here to talk about Emerson. Before you start, it's clear that he punched Dion, and we have a zero tolerance policy here."

"What about the talk about a female's body, is that tolerated?"

"What about it?"

"Cox was talking about my body before Emerson punched him. He also has a history of talking derogatorily about female bodies, and even a few whispers about his drug or alcohol usage influencing his sex life, getting close to sexually assaulting many girls. And what have you done with those claims? You dismissed them."

His face started the redden, the red flowing up from his neck to the top of his balding head, droplets of sweat forming and dripping down from the top of his egg head to his collarbones, which by the way, were exposed. So men can have those goddamn collarbones exposed but women couldn't?

He sighed. "Well, how about this? Dion is off all team sports, into detention for the rest of the school year, and Tyler can just be stripped of his chance of getting the captain position for any sports this year?"

I rolled my eyes internally at his microscopic attempt of managing the situation. Tyler would throw a fit for not getting any captain positions especially in basketball and well, track, his two favorite sports, but that's exactly why Kane chose that punishment for him. You would have thought that he would throw Tyler in detention for a week or two, or maybe a month, but no, detentions don't show up on your transcript, and Kane knew that Tyler would never forget this incident if he lost chances of getting captain in multiple sports teams, which he has been doing since last year.

Dion's punishment was nowhere close to the one he deserved, but for the time being, I knew that if I tried to get anything more than what he was offering, he'll complain about it in his staff meetings, and I don't need both Dion and his father out for my head.

"That will be fine. For now. I'll be back to discuss more about it though. Maybe at the next leadership class."

"Seabrook, you're the social manager! You don't have that much power!"

Ignoring him, I left his office, slamming the door as I walked into the empty hallways, towards the parking lot.

Slowing to a jog as I pushed open the large metal doors of the school building, I took a deep breath and tried to calm my breathing down when I sensed Tyler's eyes on me, attempting to look like I totally didn't just sprint out of the office.

"So, what's the punishment?" Tyler asked me as I slid into the driver's seat, clicking my seat belt in place.

And that, ladies and gentleman and everybody in between, is when I realized that it was over.

Our idiotic bet.

It's not like Tyler can somehow miraculously become track captain with Kane said that he literally couldn't.

I should be happy. I got the stupid captain position. So why was I not jumping around laughing in Tyler's face?

"Uhm," I hesitated. "You're not suspended or anything, but you can't be the captain for any sports this year?"

He let out a huge breath, then proceeded to tense up again after he absorbed what I said. "Any sports?"

I slowly nodded. "Hey, at least it's not getting suspended, right?"

"Like hell it isn't. I'm planning on getting sports scholarships to help my parents save up for Kim's tuition, how am I supposed to do that now that I can't be captain for a whole year? How am I supposed to explain that dent in my resume? 'Oh yea, I punched this stupid fucker for another stupid fucker and she said she could somehow get it off my record or whatever and I clearly shouldn't have because now instead of a suspension I'm basically banned from playing sports all year'?" He mocked.

"Stop!" I snapped. "One, I tried my best okay? I know it isn't fair, but newsflash bitch, life isn't fair. If you can't do anything about it, move on. Two, being in a leading position in a sports team isn't and shouldn't be the goal of playing sports, playing the sports should be. Don't give up on sports just because you can't be the captain. I know how much sports helps you, keep doing it. Three, I'm sure your parents will be just fine. I get that you want to help your parents out especially since according to your mom she was a fun surprise, but they'll be okay. They have high paying jobs, you've been cutting back on your spendings since high school. Sometimes you need to prioritize yourself."

Tyler stared at me, stunned and silent.

"Shit," I muttered. "Sorry. Couldn't help myself. Should I drive you back, or would you be okay to drive back yourself? Wait, that's a stupid question. I'll just drive you back, I don't think it's safe for you to drive. It's the middle of the afternoon, road rage in the midst of Karen's driving to pick their teeny tiny devil spawns up is probably not the best."

To "recover" from the "incident", results were being posted later that week. Seriously, how dramatic could Franco be? Not that many people actually saw or knew what happened, and even fewer people knew exactly why Tyler punched Dion, but no, because Dion was his son, he gets special treatment.

Walking to the bulletin board after school, I sifted through the crowd that was forming in front of the boards, muttering sorry's under my breath as I bumped into a bunch of people.

After what felt like 10 minutes, I finally reached the crowded corkboard covered in last year's sports announcements that the coaches seemingly forgot or most likely chose not to take off because they were lazy as fuck. Scanning past the football game posters and badminton match results from last winter, my eyes zeroed in on the small printed paper with the competition team results.

After three years of going to this school, I still had no idea their obsession with sports, and still couldn't believe how damn competitive they were when it came to the competitive sports teams. But then again, a lot of people were attending this school just for the sports and were expecting to go to university on sports scholarships.

Inspecting the list, I didn't notice the crowd around me thinning. I finally saw my name at the top of the list, as captain. My shoulders loosened, breath rushing out of my mouth in relief. I don't even know why I was so worried, it was practically unsaid that I was going to be captain, especially after Tyler got disqualified or whatever it would be called.

"Congrats." A voice behind me spoke up. I jumped, slamming into the corkboard, posters loosening and falling onto the ground like fall leaves.

"Dion, you scared me."

"Don't be. There's absolutely nothing about me you should be scared of."

I mentally scoffed. "Well, I'll leave you to it."

"See you at the next track practice," he smirked, not bothering to look at the list, even though I knew for a fact that it did not contain his name.

"Sure," I meekly smiled, before turning to walk into the coach's offices.

"Hey Jayleen, what can I do for you?" Thankfully, Mrs. Alforo was the one who spotted me first. If it was Franco who did, I don't know if the words would have left my mouth.

"As the captain of the track team, I think Tyler should have a chance to be co-captains with me."

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