Calling Everyone! ( FictionPress edition )

Two Teenage boys named CJ and Nick were sitting on chairs at the table, CJ moves up his glasses on his face, they were looking at Resumes and the person standing in front of them.

Nick says, "okay, so your name is Captain Canadian?"

"That's right, I am here to deliver peace, Justice, and Freedom!"

Both Nick and CJ looks at him dumbfounded.

Nick says, "your basically a Captain America knock off"

"Well uh, I am Captain Canadian, my own super hero, I have a shield that looks like the Canadian flag, and I have-yes I am a Captain America knock"

"Yeah, I thought so, next"

Next scene

CJ asks, "so your name is Pimple man?"

"Yup, that's what it said in the description"

"Okay? What can you do?"

"I can create pimples on other people's body"

Both of them look at him disgusted.


"Would you like for me to demonstrate?"

"Oh no! We're good! We don't need anymore pimples then we already have! Next!"

"But it'll be real quick"


Next scene

Nick asks, "Okay you look promising, what's your name lady?"

"My name is Tundra-X, I'm a Ninja"

Both of them looked impressed.

CJ asks, "That's a cool name to have, so what can you do?"

"Basically I can do this"

Tundra-X runs up the wall and then backflips, she then crashes down on the table, both CJ and Nick rises up panicking.

"OH ****! ARE YOU OKAY?!" CJ asks in concern

"Yeah I'm fine, I'm starting to see red liquid coming from my eyes"

Both of them look horrified.

Next scene

"Hi, my name is Gary, I just thought this might be fun"

CJ looks at him dumbfounded.

CJ says, "No"

Nick says, "But he has an epic mustache"

"NO! Next!"

Next scene

"My name is , and together we shall Conquer the world, BWAUHAHAHHAHAHAHA!"

Both CJ and Nick looks at him bored, Nick drops a card on the floor, a lion comes out of the card and roars, looks at the lion Terrified.

"Sic him"

runs away screaming, the Lion chases after him roaring, Nick and CJ gets up from their seats.

CJ says, "oh its hopeless, we can't find any good heroes and we're running out of time"

was still screaming, tearing noises were happening.

Nick says, "Well unless you can summon heroes from other worlds, I don't think we'll be getting anywhere"

"Wait a minute, that's it!"

"What's it?"

"We can summon heroes from other worlds!"

"Wait your taking that as a literal?"

CJ pops up a projector, a portal emerges from the projector.

"Come on!"

CJ enters the portal.

"Well this is completely random but okay"

Nick walks through the portal, runs back into the room with his clothes nearly torn apart.


The Lion then roars once more, then screams again, the Lion pounces on.

Hey guys, it's Stormknight089 here, I have news for you, so right now We're gonna have a Hero contest, that's right you read it right, you can enter your OC into the Review and get a chance to enter into my story with your very own OC

You can customize with it's Race, Appearance, Species, Weapons, Powers, and Backstory, it's all up to you

However there are a few rules, I won't accept anything related to Witchcraft or Demonic influences, just for future references

With that said let your imagination run wild and make your mark, Good luck