I sat at my desk, pecking away at the keyboard, intent on finishing the slightly overdue report. Elliot was supposed to help me with it, but he had slipped away after the meeting. I wasn't the least bit shocked. It was typical Elliot behavior. If I had asked for his help though he would have stayed.

"Tell me Detective Winter," A voice says from behind me. "Now that you've stopped Crazy Cathy, what do you plan to do?"

I smile at Laci as she plops down in Elliot's chair. "Most detective's go by their last name in interviews. It's kind of a thing."

"This is why I work for the chief, not PR." She scoots the chair over to mine. "Elliot leave you to do the reports again?"

I spin in the chair to face Laci. Looking at her is almost like looking in a mirror. Laci is a strawberry blond and my auburn hair is so light, it's almost looks like the same color. Of course, though, that's where it ends. Laci loves to curl her hair, where I, on the other hand, can barely remember to brush mine. When we were in school, people who didn't know us thought we were related. The fact that we both have blue eyes probably doesn't help. She has a soft sweet face with a smattering of freckles across her nose and cheeks. My facial features were more defined than hers and I didn't have freckles, something I was thankful for.

I tilt my head to the right. "If I wanted him to help and asked-"

"He would. Ya, ya, ya." She cuts me off. "Elliot's a big boy. You shouldn't have to ask."

"Shouldn't have to ask what?" Elliot asks, coming to a stop in front of our desk. He waves to Laci.

"She shouldn't have to ask you for help with the paperwork," Laci answers.

Elliot thinks for a second. "As the partner of a star detective, I'm just here for the ride." He flashes her a smile. "Speaking of paperwork, I need you to sign this, Winter."

He holds out a vanilla folder, turned inside- out to the first page. I take it from him. "What is it for?"

"Its the permission slip for evidence. They want to box it and put it in the warehouse."

"We just closed the case yesterday. They don't usually push this stuff until two days later."

"They got a new director," Laci states, "And he's super serious about not holding evidence for a closed case longer than necessary."

"I preferred Leo," I say, grabbing a pen. I scrawl my name one the line by the x. Detective Winter T. Fullin.

Having finished writing my name, I drop the pen on the desk and hand the file to Elliot. "Be sure you sign that before turning it in."

As Elliot takes the file from me, Laci's phone goes off. I turn back to the report and Elliot turns to leave as Laci reads the message.

Elliot hasn't gone two steps when Laci calls out, "I wouldn't leave yet!" Elliot stops and looks over his shoulder.

"Chief O'Brien wants me to bring the two of you to his office," Laci informs us. She looks up at me, puzzled. "But, there's no explanation."

Saving the paperwork, and locking the computer, I stand up. "Then let's go find out."

We'd been sitting in the chief's office for about a minute before he walked in, followed by two police officers.

"See?" He asks, motioning towards me. "Detective Fullin, in the flesh, alive and well."

I glance at Elliot, who looks as puzzled as I feel. I look back at the chief. "And why wouldn't I be alive and well?" I inquire.

"Well, Detective," one of the officers begins, "About thirty minutes ago, an unlicensed vehicle drove by the station and delivered a body."

"I don't see what that has to do with Detective Fullin," Elliot states.

Chief O'Brien takes over. "The medical examiner that went to look at the body, said it was you, just based off looks." I go to protest, but the chief holds up a hand. "Now, I myself haven't seen the body, so I too am dubious."

The second officer now speaks up. "I was one of the officers that saw the body, and I have to say detective, if you ain't got a twin, then its your doppelgänger."

I stand up, but before I can say a word, the chief cuts me off.

"I already know what you're going to say, Detective Fullin; but, before you going running off to see for yourself, I want you to know that I've decided you're going to be the lead detective in this case. Got it?"

I nod. "Yes, sir."

Without another word, I motion to Elliot and head out the door.


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