Is there anyone who even genuinely likes writing poetry? Like honestly likes to just sit down, scribbles down a bunch of lines, tweak and rework those lines until it's exactly what you planned going into it?

And I'm not talking about people who write poetry for a living. Those people are a whole other world of crazy, but that's a different story.

I remember sitting in class and the teacher would say poetry and my classmates would groan and complain- it didn't matter if we were reading or writing it, they complained anyways. I always felt so odd sitting there thinking, yes, poetry. I love poetry. Reading it. Writing it. I hope we'll do both.

I bet that's why I was never popular.

Writing poetry,

Wow, so lame.

No one likes poetry.

I guess that why I'm such a loser.

Silent girl from the back of the class,

Notebook open, jotting down line after line

I wasn't popular to begin with,

I like to live my life lone wolf style.

And I would, but I have some really clingy friends

Only, they don't know my secret.

No one knows my secret-

How many poems I have written down

If no one knows they exist

Does that still make me a loser?

Of course.

After all, now a days,

Writing poetry is for losers


Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoyed the first poem in Writing Poetry is for Losers!
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