I stare out into the white open field
Its cold fingers wrapping around
My warm core,
Pulling me into its icy abyss

A crystalline breath
Sweeps across the bright white
Tossing them around
Like a dog would its toy

It steals away the fog
Created by my breath
Turning it to nothing
Like the white void around

A frozen shiver
Snakes down my back
I clap my hands together,
A fruitless effort
To bring the feeling back

I look around once more,
Searching for your figure,
In the crisp white abyss.

I heed no avail,
And head back to the warmth
Of my loving fire.

What? No introduction? I put an introduction in four poems. Not every poem needs an introduction. Just read it and enjoy the moment. The world doesn't revolve around you, you know.