Hark!, sit awhile and think.
Ponder on this thought with me.

What if still today, in this vast modern world,
The tales of heroes, quests, and triumphs
Were still but recorded as they were by Homer?

No paragraphs structured straight and true,
But stanzas to guide us readers through.
Mighty epitaphs highlighted by the breaks for their line.
What if we still wrote our tales in epic form,
True to the epic tales they hold?
Wouldn't that be epic?

"I tell you this," I imagine some great modern reviewer saying,
"This idea of yours is simply illogical. Our language has changed,
And thus how we record our stories. Be not preposterous child."

Come now! Why be boring?
Why stay in our structure? Why follow rules set forth by those who came before,
No dead and cold, sleeping soundly, six feet beneath our solid ground?
Our heroes are partaking in great adventures, why not us?
Why not be bold? Why not strike out on something new?

Well, not new exactly, but hark!, consider:
Many things once the norm, then faded to obscurity,
Make a comeback, like heroes we thought lost for good.
If this old fad can rise again, whether good or bad, objective is still objective,
Why can't we bring back a writing fad?

Have we so abandoned our far off past,
That we would not dare to venture down its once well-trodden paths again?
True, "Those who forget their past are doomed to repeat it" is issued as a warning.
Let us not forget things of our past that should most certainly never be repeated,
But there are also many wondrous things from the past that would bring no harm in repeating.

Let these words ring loud and true:
Heed not the neigh sayers and their gloomy disposition. Let them not dull your spirit.
Strikeout as you wish. Do what it is your heart sings for you to do.
Let us write our pros as epics once more. Such magic shouldn't be done away with.
Our lives are dull and dreary much too often. Were we to bring epics back,
We would hear epic much more often.

Epic rings with promise of adventure,
Of far off lands yet to be explored, unknown to all,
Of heroes and their daring deeds in the face of adversaries.
Epic promises magic and mischief, something we could use a little more in our daily life.
We could make it common once more,
And wouldn't that be epic?

So, yeah. Not sure where this one came from, but my point still stands, well not the exact point of the poem, but a point made none-the-less. We should make epic a common term again. I can vaguely remember a time when it was a common term, tossed around daily. When was the last time you used the word 'epic'? I know I can't remember.

Also, writing superfluously, for no other reason than I can is fun. I don't often get to put my vast vernacular to use, but I especially love when I can overdo it.