Liberals' Paradise

The conveyer belt whirrs day and night,

Four eight-hour shifts to manufacture coffee machines,

Which the workers will never afford—

because wages must be kept at competitive levels.

Ten toilet breaks a week,

No radio, no talking, no distractions,

Nothing to disrupt productivity,

In the liberals' paradise.

Eye strain in a year,

Lung disease in three,

Deafness in five,

But if they don't like it they can work somewhere else.

They just have to defeat the other twenty candidates for the job,

In the liberals' paradise.

The conveyer belt falls silent,

The company has become non-viable,

Thanks you for your years of service,

But found cheaper abroad.

Now unwanted food and fuel piles up,

In the ghost town's abandoned factories,

Simply no demand,

While the starving and freezing penniless fight for scraps outside,

Strange that they don't want any food,

The undemanded food piling up,

In the liberals' paradise.

Mary hasn't eaten in three days,

Time to earn a living, then,

So she earns it the only way she knows,

But prostitution is a woman's autonomous choice to gain economic self-realisation and

control of her body and sexuality,

She's only thirteen,

But it's important to give young people the empowerment to make their own choices,

In the liberals' paradise.

Annie's got a baby,

For a fourteenth birthday present.

So nice that abortion is fully legal,

If you can pay the hospital fees.

No charity will give her free childcare,

Because no institution can take responsibility for a person's choices,

In the liberals' paradise.

Six months later,

Annie's on the pavement,

Sicking up blood in the doorway,

Two tabs of coke on an empty stomach,

But the supply of recreational psychoactive substances is simply the natural free-market response to demand,

It's not the state's right to regulate business transactions causing economic growth and providing customers with substances they choose to take into their autonomous bodies,

To get up in the morning, to get through the day, through their lives, escape reality for an hour or a night.

Annie's escaped forever now.

From the liberals' paradise.

The queues for the polling station have been waiting three hours for opening,

You lose two months' wages if you don't vote,

For shameful disrespect towards the democratic process,

But for every level of education you reach,

You get an extra vote,

Because politics should be in the hands of the educated and informed.

Those who can't afford school fees clearly think their future is not worth investing in and have interest in self-advancement.

It's not the job of the artificial construct of the "the state" to invest valuable energy in teaching the shiftless to read.

We all predict the win of the only party standing,

Because all other parties are illegal extremists seeking to destroy the democratic process.

Democracy is very important,

In the liberals' paradise.

Tom stole a loaf,

His wife- (sorry, marriage is illegal now,

The commitment to an artificially constructed partnership must not overcome

individual self-actualisation and personal growth)

His current sexual partner and children,

Haven't eaten all day.

The company's enforcers arrest him,

Place him in the company's gaol,

To await the company's private damages suit,

(A criminal trial implies the existence of an abstract, higher "State", which can be damaged by acts of wrongdoing, a monstrous imposition on free individuals, who, as the only beings damaged, are the only who can seek redress)

Companies bring twelve million suits per annum,

In the liberals' paradise.

Tom must complete twenty years unpaid labour,

Found guilty by a judge,

Not a jury,

The workings of justice must be left in the hands of the properly competent,

Untainted by mercy or fellow-feeling,

Uncorrupted by the instincts of justice,

Who don't understand what it is to be broken,

By the liberals' paradise.