Today was the day I go out to start my own family legacy. My name is Mary Balson daughter of George and Elizabeth Balson. Only daughter as well. As such my parents tried to talk me out of the family tradition. At eighteen all Balson's travel the lands trying to do something of worth of the family's name. We've been merchants, soldiers, ranchers, and even stagecoach robbers. What was once a large family of thirty now only three remained my father, mother, and myself. I hugged my parents then went to the town bank. I took my inheritance of seventy dollars. Soda Springs was a frontier settlement on the edge of the state of Absaroka. I paid for a train ride to Soda Springs as the railroad company had just finished the railroad line. While I will miss Rapid City and my parents. I have a heavy burden as I must stake my claim on something and hopefully marry my family's line will not die with me, I told myself.

The train ride was enjoyable. I sat at the dining quarter of the train. It was busy and full of people and creatures. Half-Goblins gorged on the roasted chicken and cakes. Along with guzzling the new drink from Soda Springs. Soda Springs Sarsaparilla I sat and ordered one myself. It was delicious the creamy taste I had to order another one. A large troll asked if he could sit next to me. I said of course for a troll he was well mannered and spoke without an accent. He had a fine tuxedo and a fine stiff bowler hat. He said his name was Charles Woodward. Charles was adopted by a nice human family and taught how to be a businessman. The Woodward family had been a humble but wealthy lumber merchants. The Treadway Mountains around Soda Springs was rich in pine and his family wanted to set up a small forestry camp on the edge of the mountain.

We continued small talk then I wished Charles good luck. I went back to my room than fell asleep. When I awoke I was at Soda Springs train station. Everyone got off the train some hugged family members. The first thing I did was grab my things than head towards the local bank. It was a bustling town full of townspeople, prospectors, and migrants seeking work. Hunters and trappers also traded meat and hides. I put twenty dollars into my new account. The teller an aging dwarf with a large grey beard gave me some advice. Go to the local saloons and inns a patron sometimes works for a company and offers one time jobs.

I smiled and said thank you and headed towards the nearest saloon. Tattershall street was the merchant and trader part of Soda Springs. The saloon was called the Rowdy Prospector. I walked in a young half-elf played on the piano. It was surprisingly calm. I talked to the barman who laughed and said come the end of the work hours and the saloon lives up to its name. I asked about work the barman pointed me to a man sitting at the end of the table. I nodded and headed towards the man. I said hello and said I heard he was offering a one time job. The man a middle aged gnome said his name was Jack. Jack said he represented Spriggs Porter Company. A small porter company that needed more laborers as gnomes avoided this place like the plague for a reason Jack would not give. I signed the contract and the pay was one dollar and one nickel. I was told that was a very fair offer. I followed Jack towards the companies office. I was instructed by the manager the job. I focused on the short class of lifting boxes and loading them into the companies stagecoach. The manager even complimented me saying I was pretty focused for a human day labor. The day was uneventful the coach arrived three times. The boxes weren't that heavy as it was mainly dried goods the company traded with the isolated settlements and posts.

With no incident I was given the money. The sun was starting to go down. Now the place was getting more lively. Prospectors and townspeople danced in the streets. Others busy fighting that didn't last long as the constables arrested them and told them they could sleep the night off in jail. Some fairies, nymphs, and elves in corsets tried to seduce potential clients. I decided to see what it was like. I went into the Plockerd Bordello. It was beautiful beautiful pictures and paintings of the girls who worked there. I went towards the bar which carved from finely polished oak. I ordered sarsaparilla and paid with the nickel I earned. The nymph madame was annoyed I walked in only to browse and order a drink. Still she earned a nickel I laughed to myself. Some workers thought I was cute. They giggled even more as I was turning red I've never gotten compliments from my own gender. I left the bordello and headed towards the nearest inn. It was called the The Pillow Inn. I paid the monthly fee of twenty dollars. Spriggs as thanks sent my luggage to my room free of charge. I looked at myself in the mirror. I will make a name for myself here I told myself.

This one is my personal favorite as It's a mix of western and fantasy so here's the chapters question. Did you like the mix of western and fantasy?