It had been five years since I moved to Soda Springs to start my family legacy. I married a prominent half-goblin name Jeffrey. While my parents originally disapproved. They later changed their minds after Jeffrey proved to be respectful and an effective businessman. Balson line was also safe as I had two children. My son Cole and my daughter Mary-Lou. My name was known all through Soda Springs and Absaroka.

My business mainly being mining and lumber. My contacts from both hard work and investing paid off after five years. I was now one of the richest residents of this town. I took my family out tonight. Today was the tenth anniversary of the founding of Soda Springs. While many came and went. I made my mark as people bowed or tipped their hats at my presence. Soon the bells rang from the town hall followed by grand fireworks. Jeffrey held my hand and my children looked intently at the fireworks startled from time to time. I ended up admiring this simple spectacle I held tightly on my husbands hand. "I made it" I whispered.

Thank you all for reading I fill I provided enough lore for this tale. Now here's an off topic question for the next story which involves the Root Beer Float Guardians Or Inquisitors which will be sci-fi do you want them to be Guardians Or Inquisitors?