Picking and pulling is all they do.
These memories of a past,
That I realized could never last.
Away with the wind as it blew.

I'm torn apart, the pieces of I.
Who I am is becoming undone,
Can never return to where I begun.
These wet eyes are dry.

Tearing and ripping never ceases.
One way and then the other.
Man, Woman, and brother.
Clawing at my own diseases.

When can I calm the mirror?
What can I do to find this
Peace that is in the abyss?
Its shards impale me as if a spear.

Biting and digging deeper in.
Why can't I just be?
When did this start of me?
They don't even know why it had to begin.

It seeps from the wounds
That are not there.
Everyone watches, but know not to care.
For it is within, they who are consumed.