15- Grandma's House

Dr. Franklin pulled the black town car into the driveway.

Prudence pressed her nose against the back window. She and Gideon sat on opposite sides of the car while Morgana sat in the middle.

Prudence threw open the car door and ran up the porch steps. Gideon followed close behind.

Morgana and her parents slowly walked up the stairs towards the front door. Dr. Franklin knocked.

"Come in," a voice said. Dr. Franklin opened the door. The whole family slipped in.

Ethel Franklin was a stocky, hunched over woman with long dark hair. She set a tray of glasses on the table.

Mrs. Franklin picked up a glass and took a swig.

The two younger children took places on the sofa.

Morgana glanced at her grandmother. "So, what's the story?"

Ethel chuckled and handed her a thick book. "Well, two hundred years ago, we weren't the Franklins of Brookhaven, but rather the Ardeleans of... Transylvania."

Gideon paused. "Is that a real place?"

Ethel nodded. "It was real, but no longer exists."

Morgana took the book home and placed it on the desk. Beside it was a notebook.

She opened it. "Translated from the original language by Ethel Franklin. This is the journal of Vasile Ardelean." Morgana took the pencil and turned the page.

The villagers have grown too restless. Our days of robbing graves are over.

They have killed too many of our masters.

Morgana paused. "We were servants?"

Stakes, holy water, garlic... the surviving vampires have fled for safer lands. We must find safety as well.

They called us Ghouls. The Corpse men. Many of our lineage have been set ablaze.

Morgana shut the book. Dinner time.