A/N- Anything in italics is a dream sequence.

16- In the Past

Morgana had trouble sleeping that night. All that writing down really took a lot out of her.

She found herself lying on a straw mattress. The walls were stone. Another mattress lay a few feet away from her bed. A thin figure, dressed in a long flowing nightgown lay on it. She got off the mattress and walked toward the door, trying not to wake her roommate.

A pale man in obvious bedclothes walked toward the door.

"Aurelia, do you need anything?"

Aurelia walked back a bit. "Why yes," she said. Morgana paused. Was she seeing things from her ancestor's perspective? She guessed so.

The man pulled out a waterskin and handed it to her. "It can get a little... stuffy in here." The man disappeared.

Morgana struggled to remember what she read in the book. "We lived in the dungeons of vast castles... two or three of us in a single cell..."

The man from before stood talking to another.

"She's all set for tomorrow's hunt," he said. "Our supplies of meat are dwindling."

His friend nodded. "We need all the help we can get.

Hunting... Morgana thought. What did she read about that?

"I know a place where we can get plenty of food," the first man said. He picked up a bag of gold coins. "The butcher in town is willing to take bribes."

Morgana woke up. It was Sunday. The book lay open on the desk. She forgot to close it before going to bed the previous night. Her parents were already awake. They sat on the living room couch, watching TV.