A time traveler scientist outlaw wearing a bulletproof vest, mask, and clothing uses the more modern abilities of kevlar to his advantage. He decides to pick the Wild West as he is well aware of the many gunfights around.

So there he was, outside the taverns. Ready to make history. He hides and shoots the ankle of one of the horses being ridden on and gets the horse and the rider rolling on the floor. The rider knew it was shot as he heard the shot. The rider exclaims "WHO SHOT MY THOROUGHBRED?" And outcomes the scientist-outlaw hybrid. He gets in there and happily admits his "mistake". The rider is angry about what had just happened. The scientist gladly asks him "Would you be so kind as to shoot me?" With a confused rider, wondering why the scientist-outlaw would sacrifice life like that, he smiles and says "With pleasure." BANG! goes the gun. The scientist takes the hit. He still stands as the kevlar keeps him standing. The rider is now even more confused. To believe if this is real life, he shoots him again. He still stands.

Instead of being confused on top of being confusing times eight, the rider gets impressed. "Son, how are you standing" with a smile and nodding. The scientist sighs and pulls out the gun he used to shoot his horse and says "Son, how are you?" He then shot the rider on the leg. The rider eventually caught gangrene. Even back at the rider's home, he still could not believe it. Possibly because he doesn't know about what the scientist had on.