She was on Tinder
But she wasn't on Tinder
For reasons most would guess

No, she was on Tinder
For something that the app wasn't for
But she was on Tinder

She wanted some excitement
Not of the intimate kind, however
But still a physical kind

Tinder was for "hook-ups"
But she wasn't interested in "hooking up"
She was interested in something else

She recalled her high school days
Whereupon she's demonstrated the lessons she's learned
And relished the results they've brought her.

Those days have passed
And, here she was today, where she needed something
To quell her boredom

So she took to Tinder
And made a profile
Using her best picture

Specifically mentioning that she wanted "excitement"

She'd get her excitement
The same kind she got in her high school days
And she relish it again

She arranged a few meetings
One after the other, in quick succession
Her loved ones were suspicious

And one of them knew
But what was unimpressed
And duly annoyed

"There she goes again…."

She arranged about eight of them
Arranging the meetings within an hour
So she could get some excitement for the day

And then be on her way

She was on Tinder
But not for hooking up
Regardless, she arranged dates

She wanted some excitement
Not of the intimate kind like most
And she'd get it

Not with her ruby red kisses
But with her fists

Just like her high school days