I had an opportunity to have siblings in my youth. The older brother helped to fix every contraption. I also knew a few of his friends quite well. They were already working - they served as transporters. I met them at a country parish feast. I'll remember that meeting for the rest of my life.

Antek, my brother's friend, was celebrating his birthday and even though the day was quite cold, he invited us to the forest to celebrate his holiday. In the place where deer had been slaughtered recently, we settled down and took out various fancies – beers, cigarettes and joints! But the booze had the biggest calibre. Antek's grandfather rushed the best moonshine in the village. I haven't drunk any alcohol yet, except for a wine. A few years ago I was still in kindergarten! I drank the birthday boy's health out of courtesy. Half with my brother, I also smoked a joint. It was late, I felt tired. I stopped being focused on their chats. My eyes were closing. I was sleepy.

'Have a drink or you'll fall asleep! Stay awake! It's time to pour something down your throat!'

They started pouring me more and more vodka. I didn't know what the consequences would be. After a short sleep, I suddenly found myself in my room. I felt like I'd cleaned a barn of shit. I've never been so thirsty. My head hurt like I was about to stop living. I thought of causes of my condition, and I realized I was lying in faeces! I realized what had happened to me, even though no event reminded me of it. What would my parents say about all this?! I was afraid to get out of bed, but in the end, I had to. I was approaching the door with a very slow step. I pressed the handle, there was something hanging on it. Just what I was afraid of was confirmed. On the other side of the handle, there was a leather belt, which my brother was beaten with a long time ago. I was called to the big room soon. Then for the next few days I wouldn't have any peace… When I came in, I was terrified. I think I saw something like that in a movie theatre… There was a stool in the middle, around the accessories. But I didn't have a happy euphoria waiting for me. The biggest surprise, however, was a bottle. I was undressed naked and laid down, and then my ass was painfully rehearsed. In the meantime, my mother used to pour me vodka forcibly. I'd almost vomit on that future divorcee.

To this day I have not touched alcohol any more, but it was not I who received the greatest punishment. My brother was flogged for stealing the moonshine while I was shitting drunk in bed. Cheers to that parochial lesson. We didn't find any alcoholic disease. Our children know what will hang on a handle, if their nightly scouts are sprinkled with vodka…