When I was a kid, I almost brushed against death. It happened exactly when I was six. It was January then. It was freezing cold. The snow lying on the sidewalks turned into rubble. The house was being renovated. The entrance door has been replaced. Mother insisted on anti-burglary. My parents went to look at a wallpaper, but they left me alone, unfortunately. When I watched the cartoons allowed, I heard some anxious noises. Despite the cold, I went out in my pyjamas. I was going to come back immediately, not to cool down, but the door slammed in front of me and I was trapped in the icy court. I couldn't open it. I wanted to go to the neighbours. I slipped at the car entrance. I hit myself in head and lost consciousness. In my pyjamas in the backyard, I almost froze.

A few days later, I woke up in the hospital. I felt a little like after a company ball. I was sick and sleepy. Along with a broken arm, immobilized. My body temperature has fallen significantly. The chance for further life was pretty poor. I had 70°F degrees when I was found. I was taken to the hospital as soon as possible. The doctors were slowly warming up my body. My parents were mortally afraid of my life. I was introduced into a pharmacological coma and woke up at the right time, and then I could quickly return home. My parents didn't tell anyone about that miracle. They locked me in a room and went to pray. After 15 minutes, they reached the nearest parish. There, alternately, they lay on the cross at the altar, thanking God that had given us a gift.

I heard a lock turning in the door and the metallic sounds of the next-door handles. My father looked at me and asked me downstairs. I went into the room. I knelt down in front of my parents. I knew what was waiting for me and I was softened. My parents said I had put them under stress, and I hadn't made an apology yet. My father said that since I like to go out in the cold, I should move now and start dressing. Father went into the hallway to open the door and fastened my leash before I could put on my shoes! My father pulled me. I fell barefoot. I didn't think I was gonna have such a drama.

'Well, what the fuck did you want to do here, you little shit?! Work now fucking hard like your father on the internship!' my mother yelled and gave me a shovel.

I was clearing the driveway of the snow, and the family was watching. Quite quickly I felt a sting in my hands and feet, and then I completely lost the feeling. So, I had to take steps on the edges of my feet, as if the driveway was covered with a layer of poo. I fell down and my parents grabbed me. They dragged me up the stairs, and into the kitchen. They threw me at the floor. They gave my legs on a chair and with a poker on the soles of my feet beat me. My mother held me and strangled my screams. The street was probably full of crackles.

Once my parents had restored my feeling, they tried to put me on feet. I couldn't stay on my beaten feet. I couldn't start walking until I was in my shoes. I got into a cubbyhole under the stairs. I've been kept there for weeks! There was a huge kitchen clock hanging there, so I could always see which hours had passed, but then that I was going to my grandparents has been announced. After my father had warmed up the car, I was transported. Before I got off at my grandparents' house, they overturned the leash. Grandpa opened the door and told me to get my ass ready…