My heart has claimed you.
Though, I'm telling it no.

If my heart only knew,
Only what I know.

My heart, you may want him.
My love, I'm sorry, He doesn't need you.

Dim as the light, as you may become.
Slowly you fade, he stays the same.

Look at him, My heart,
He thrives, while you slowly die.

I cover my ears before those
Dreadful words are spoken.

My heart, you say it softly,
barley there, "I love you. . ."

I scream, shout, cry.
I am torn in to two.

What have you done?
Why have you said that?

Because of what?
Why, my heart, are you like this?

Oh right, him...He saw me.
You actually saw me.

While there were others around
He looked at me and said. . .