There once was a tale about a paper. The paper who did such great things. It all started on November 17th 1738.

The paper woke up one day, and ate a big piece of steak for breakfast. He then looked in the mirror and thought to paself;

"I look like a snack"

The paper had a white shiny surface and had superpowers, which were flying through the wind, becoming invisible, and seeing invisible meatballs.

He went outside to garden the garden and enjoy the cold November morning. He heard a noise from the old shed. When he went to check it out he saw one of the creatures of Walmart. He quickly beat it up with a broom laying beside him - His mother used to be a witch.

When the monster was dead and its belly was open, three invisible meatballs popped out. He picked one up and ate it. It tasted a little funny, and so he realized he was allergic to invisible meatballs! He died for a minute, and then somehow woke up!

He was a superpaper! He heard there was a war in Poland, so he got on a flight to save Poland. All of a sudden the sexy flight attendant asked if he wanted to join her in the bathroom. But he declined; He was gay, but he hadn't come out yet. So he thought about it for a second. After that second he stood up, and shouted it out.

The sexy flight attendant then took of her costume, just to reveal she was Mrs. Pencil. The paper's worst enemy!

Mrs. Pencil had killed the paper's father three years earlier, so the magnificent paper prepared for battle. He took out his big eraser, but then he remembered he was on an airplane, and there was no space. He and Mrs. Pencil agreed to put their differences aside and enjoy the flight.

He wrote a war plan, which involved sharp sword, giant bubblegum, and buff waffle guards. When he arrived in Poland he blew the war horn and it was on. The war that would change paperkind forever. Mrs. Pencil threw three inkgrenades, and the paper blocked them with his colored paper shield. The shield got badly damaged, but the paper survived the battle to fight another day. He found an escape and he ran.

Just ran.


That was the marvelous story of the magnificent paper. It's written by me and one of my friends.

We wrote it about a year ago in math class, by writing a couple of sentences, and then passing it back and forth. This amazing story was created.