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On a very small planet on the edge of the Andromeda Galaxy were two beings with pink hair, floppy pink ears, red skin, and black furs with black fur shoes, stood on the edge of a small forest of blue plants. One held a stick out and appeared to use it to walk. The one without the stick was taller and younger than the other. It was hard to see just how tall the two figures were.

It was night, and although the stars were out, they were only shining on the two a little bit.

"You ever look out there and wonder what those twinkling things are, I mean, besides our sun?" the younger one spoke to the elder.

"Yes, but it's probably best if we don't think about it. We'll never be able to reach them." the elder assured.

"You mean we'll never be able to get off the ground to see them?" the younger questioned further.

"We might be able to get off the ground, but PROBABLY not up THERE." the elder explained.

"How can we get off the ground?" the younger asked in surprise.

"I'll tell you when you're ready." the elder promised.

"But I'm old enough!" the younger retorted. "I think I know who'll tell me!"

"She won't tell you, either." the elder spoke.

"But-" the younger was cut off.

I'll tell you. When you're ready." the elder repeated.

"Fine. Until then, twinkling things." the younger spoke to half the elder, half to the stars.


The former-rock-harvesters were busy traveling through space to find the new planet with intelligent life.

"We'll have to go DOWNWARD, and then FORWARD to fool the space gates." Yaron explained. "If you need extra explanations, I gotta say that going downward should avoid detection, then forward to get to where we're going. Most people are able to do this, but either never return or arrested. That's why we have to be sure to bring back a new alien. That way, everyone won't care we broke the law."

"We'll be heroes!" Aaron said, elated.

"But hey. How did the DSTW figure out we didn't return our water, anyhow?" Xena asked.

"They have special instruments to detect such a thing." Yaron explained further.

"And the spokesperson picked US for no reason?" Xena poked.

"Lucky us." Yaron said.

"Oh, and how come they don't detect us leaving the galaxy?" Xena asked again.

"They can't be allowed to track us EVERYWHERE. That would be invading our privacy." Yaron said.

"Good for us!" Aaron said, looking on the good side.

"IF this thing actually works!" Yaron said as he pointed to the brainwave tracker on the dashboard.

"How long will it take to get there?" Xena asked.

Words appeared on the screen on the tracker.

"It says 'About a week'." Yaron explained.

"Aww!" Xena pouted.

"It's only a week, Honey." Aaron told her.

"You're right! BRING IT ON, SPACE!"


A week later, the crew made it to a small, blue planet with a red sun.

"That's a brown dwarf!" Xena pointed out.

"But it's red." Yaron attempted to correct.

"It matters the size, not the color." Xena corrected.

Yaron whinnied.

They landed on the planet with relative ease.

"Huh. The atmosphere is allowing the Snail Model to ease onto the planet real smooth-like." Aaron commented.

Yaron looked outside.

"There's these tree-like things out there. They're ENORMOUS! But the weirdest thing is the ship won't land. It's just hovering!"

"I'll get some 'rocks' and put them in here!" Xena volunteered. "They'll weigh down the ship!"

"I'll help!" Aaron offered.

"I can do it myself, you know." Xena reminded.

"Okay. Just be careful." Aaron told her.

"I will, I will." Xena assured.

"Lark, do we have any extra rocks from the last harvest?" Aaron asked.

"Yup. I didn't unload them all." Yaron admitted.

"Why?!" Aaron got mad.

"Oops."Yaron said.

"You should seriously think about firing him." Xena said with her hands on her hips.

"We'll see." Aaron whispered.

"Well, here I go."

Xena put on her helmet, grabbed her backpack full of rocks, and went outside. She began gathering brown rocks at the bottom of a cliff.

Aaron and Yaron heard the brainwave tracker AND a rumbling outside.

Xena, in another case, found it hard not to float part-way off the ground before gathering some not-so-heavy rocks.

Aaron got on the ship's communicator/mic and talked into Xena's.


"Why?" Xena asked.

All at once, creatures the size of the palm of a hand ran past Xena and she fell against a "tree".

She began to rise and rise and rise, and went half-way to the top.

"I'M COMING!" Aaron called.

The little palm-sized things kept on going past her.

Aaron put on a helmet and, got a backpack full of rocks, and then rushed outside. The little things had already ran by. He grabbed some branches to the tree, but ended up floating a bit because he put the rocks down.

But Aaron went on.

He went on until he caught his wife.

Xena appeared to be grabbing fruit.

"What are you doing?" Aaron called out to her.

"These babies are as hard as rocks!" Xena called back. "They can weigh us down."

They landed on the ground with a "thump!"

Yaron could see them from inside the ship.

"One of you drop all the fruit you're carrying. But grab the other's hand."

"Why?" Xena asked.

"Just do it!" Yaron said, pinching his nose.

Xena dropped her fruit. Aaron dropped some, but then grabbed her. Xena was floating off the ground, just like before!

She picked up her fruit and steadied herself.

"What just happened?!" she asked.

"The planet is too big in size for the plants and too small for the animals. I have a theory-the planet is so small, the intelligent life has to be small enough to stay on it without falling into space. This is different for the plants because their roots can dig into the soil, so they're bigger." Yaron explained.

"We better keep these rocks between us until we get back to the ship just in case." Xena told her husband.

"Don't use your knees!" Yaron warned.

"Huh?" Aaron wondered aloud.

"Your knees! It MIGHT cause you to fly off, again." Yaron explained further.

Xena started walking. Then she started floating. Aaron grabbed her and they both held the backpacks.

"So, we have to be like Frankenstein's Monster, huh?" Xena asked aloud.

"Yep." Yaron confirmed. "By the way, this planet has nothing but oxygen on it. You can take your helmets off."

"You tell us this, NOW?" Xena complained.

"Nah, I just didn't notice it on the dashboard until now. I swear." Yaron spoke the truth.

All at once, the "little things" came back. A sea of pink with red hair came.

One of the aliens tried to speak, but all that came out was "Feihc rou ot ekat tusm ew."

"Here. Borrow my communicator." Aaron offered.

The communicator had trouble fitting, but it worked.

"We must take you to our chief."

Xena repeated for her husband.

"I guess we have to see their chief." said Xena.


There was a firepit and Aaron saw tons of little tents everywhere.

"I think we're at a campsite." Aaron told his wife.

"I can't believe Yaron up and left us! I mean, I know he's a crab, but to do that-" but Xena was cut off.

"Shh! I can hear some people talking." Aaron spoke.

Off in the distance, the crew could hear voices.

"I can't understand the, though." Aaron admitted.

"Me either." said Xena.

"What will we do with the 'Big People', Chief Gareth?" one alien asked.

"What do you mean, 'do with them'?" the leader spoke back. "We obviously can't let them go. BUT we can't hurt them, either. We've ALWAYS been against violence."

"I think we should make friends with them, Dad!" said yet another voice. "They can teach us sooo much!"

"Young Tousin, son, you are still a child, the way you act!" spoke a female voice.

"Mom, I'm old enough to make my own decisions!" Tousin retorted.

"I agree with you, Karin." spoke Gareth. "But we must do SOMETHING about the Big People."

All at once, a large scream could be heard from the forest. Another "Big Person" ran through the trees, covered in mud.

"RUN!" Gareth commanded.

Little pink and red things ran all over the place, even around the two humans.

The Mud Monster ran up to Xena and Aaron and grabbed them by their arms.

"Aaah!" Xena yelped.

"Shh! It's me!" Yaron whispered.

"You came back for us?" she asked.

"I never planned on staying away." Yaron admitted. "I just left because I needed a plan, first."

"Well, you don't have to scare everybody away. We came on our own." Xena explained.

"Hey, you!" Tousin yelled. "Go away!"

Yaron picked him up and carried him away. He taped a communicator/mic to his small ear.

"What are you doing?!" Xena yelled.

"You want to have a reason why we left the spacegates, right? Well, here it is!" Yaron told her.

Yaron ran ahead of the Humans, his hooves picking up speed.

"I just don't know about that guy." Xena shook her head.


They all arrived back at the ship, placing Tousin on a table.

"First, I want to be the one to tell you, Yaron that we're glad you came to our rescue. Right, Xena?" Aaron told his teammates.

"Sure, I suppose." Xena said.

"How come I can hear you all through this?" the small, dog alien asked.

"It was originally designed for different languages, then made for ANYTHING." Yaron explained while wiping himself off. "We have about a dozen extras in the ship."

"Hey, you know how we hover in the air if we don't act like Frankenstein's Monster?" Xena pointed out.

"Yes, why?" Yaron asked.

"Because Tousin-It's Tousin, right?-has no knees." Xena said as she poked him.

"Yeah, it's Tousin. And what are knees?" Tousin asked.

"Something to make your legs bend." Xena explained.

"Oh, you're right! I DON'T have knees. But I never get stuck because my arms are too long!"

"Hmm. I have a theory. Maybe before, thousands or maybe even millions of of years ago, when these people first lived like people, they made sure to stay on the ground and out of the trees so they wouldn't float away. Then they stopped jumping, and finally, no longer had any knees." Yaron explained.

"Just where are you all from, anyway?" Tousin asked.

"From the stars!" Xena insisted.

Tousin's eyes got big.


A small knock could be heard outside.


"Can you understand us?"

"That's Gareth and Karin. They're the bosses AND my parents." Tousin explained, too.

Yaron got out two communicators/mics and threw them outside.

"Put them under your ears and mouths!" Tousin yelled outside, his voice carrying through.

"Young Tousin, they haven't heard you, have they?" Karin said in a worried voice.

"Nope. We're taking him to our leaders-uh, I mean, 'other planet'!" Yaron said. "But before we go, we have a few questions to ask. Mostly about your knees."

"Karin, I think it's time." Gareth told his wife.

"And I thought we could hide it from him forever." Karin lamented.

"What's going on?" Tousin asked.

"Son, when I was young, as you know, my parents discovered I was different from the other children. I had these things called "knees". I was playing with some of the other children. We were playing ball and it fell into a tree. I climbed up the tree until I couldn't see the ground anymore. Soon, I was lost." Gareth explained.

"What does 'lost' mean?" Tousin asked again.

"It means I didn't know where I was!" Gareth explained further. "My friends got my parents and they eventually found me and coxed me back down. I try not to use my knees anymore because of it, since I used them for climbing."

"And the Big People?" Tousin continued to ask.

"On the same day your father lept into the trees, I saw something personally pass by across the skies." Karin told him. "It looked just like this one. But I haven't seen it since."

"Wow. So, the shimmery things can move?" Tousin asked.

"The 'shimmery' things are called 'stars'." Aaron explained. "This is a ship. It can take you TO the stars."

"Mom, Dad, this is it! The thing I've been waiting for all my life! You said you'd told me when I was ready-well now I am!" Tousin told them.

"Ready for what?" asked Yaron.

"To leave! To the stars!" Tousin declared.

"Tousin-" but his mother was cut off.

"It's obvious there are other worlds out there than this one. The Big People can take me to them!" Tousin went on.

"Actually, it's best that we take someone older than us. Perhaps the leader of your people." Yaron suggested.

"That would be me." Gareth told him.

"Aw. I wanna go!" Tousin whined.

"Quiet! That only shows how immature you still are." Gareth said.

Tousin wordlessly tried to get up.

"Right. The Steady Stick."

"I'll take him outside." said Yaron.

"Maybe we should take him, anyway." said Aaron.

"MAYBE we should let him stand on his own two feet." said Xena.

"But he can't!" Yaron pointed out.

"Let's see him try." Xena suggested.

"Really?" Tousin asked her.

"Go on!" said Xena.

Tousin stood as hard as he could. Then they heard two "pops"!

"Tousin!" cried both his parents.

"You have knees!" Gareth yelled.

"Wow! I never imagined I could do what you do, Dad, but I can! I love you guys sooo much!"

"We love you, too!" Tousic's parents declared.

""And now that I'm ready, I can leave, right?" asked Tousin.

The rulers looked at each other, then to the ship's direction.

"Yes. I think you can." said Gareth.

"Can I say goodbye to my family properly?" Tousin asked the crew.

"Sure thing." Aaron said as he picked them up and took him outside.

Tousin ran to his parents using his knees, then ran back outside.

"To the stars?" asked Xena.

"To the stars!" cried Tousin.


A week later, the crew, along with their new member, were back on Titan.

They were in a white room with about a dozen chairs. Stacey the scientist, and Jeremy Eron and Soo Claxton of the Dept of Space, Time, and Water, were also there.

At the front of the room with two podiums were a man and in blue robes and a woman and in red robes and both had capes. There were five people on either side of them, except without capes. The five on the man's side were women and the five on the woman's side were men. Beyond that was a purple curtain.

"Who exactly are these people?" Yaron whispered to Aaron.

"The one in the blue cape is Julien Okra. He is the president of Enceladus. The one in the red cape is Julia Okra. She's the prime minister of Titan." Xena told him.

"So, they're related?" Yaron asked.

"Yup. Fraternal twins." Xena explained further.

"It has come to our attention from one Jeremy Eron that you three passed by the spacegates and into the void. What do you have to say for yourselves?" asked Julien.

Stacey stood up.

"It's my fault, senators! I was the one to give it to them!"

"I didn't ask you!" Julien retorted.

"Brother, think of the bright side of this!" Julia spoke. "They brought back a new alien, and one to inherit leadership a that! We should do more than let them go, we should tell them to bring back more!"

"Hmm. Sister, others, I wish to speak with you in private." Julien told her.

"Very well, Brother." Julia agreed.

They both went behind the purple curtain.

"I hope we'll be okay." Xena said.

Aaron squeezed his wife's hand.

"Don't worry. We will." he said.

Soon, the senators came back.

"We've come to an agreement." Julien said.

"We'll let you go, but you must say you'll KEEP finding more aliens. As long as we ask you to." Julia said.

"WHAT?!" yelled Jeremy.

"I'm sorry, do we have a problem?" Julien asked.

"N-No, I'm good." Jeremy finished.

"The other thing we must tell you is that we don't want you to tell anyone about these new aliens. If you discover too many aliens at once, we could be disturbing their ways of life. We mustn't do this too quickly." Julien went on. "Also, Stacey Crumb? You will continue to design equipment for the team."

"Oh, good!" Stacey exclaimed.

"Oh, and one more thing." Julia said. "What will we call this new alien species? Let's have the ambassador say the word 'species'."

"Let's remove our communicators and ask the ambassador, Tousin." Aaron suggested.

Everyone removed the communicators/mics and Tousin said one word:


They put their communicators/mics back on.

"Say it again." said Julien.


Everyone just stared.

"D-Did he just say it backward?" Jeremy spoke up.

"I think we should call them by their world, this time." Julia said.

Everyone took them off, again.


Everyone took them off.


"Hmm. It looks like the communicators are malfunctioning." Aaron offered.

"ALL of them?" Yaron pointed out.

"I guess it's just one of those mysteries." said Xena.


Soon, the crew was ready to leave. They stood out side a purple dome where the meeting would be held.

"We want Tousin here to stay with us so we can learn more about his planet." Julia asked.

"Sorry, but no-can-do!" Aaron told her. "But he's coming with us. He's apart of the crew, now."

"YES!" Tousin punched the air.

"After all, I need more crew mates. The usual crew is six members. We, including Tousin, only have four." Aaron explained.

"We'll hire you some more." said Julien.

"But I don't want to stay with you!" Tousin said.

"I know he's small, but we can find a job for him!" Aaron assured.

"Brother, you can't force him!" Julia told Julien.

"Fine." he conceded. "But bring the leader of Dlrow around whenever's good for you, okay?"

"You can count on it!" Aaron said.

Xena was outside, looking at the sky while the rest of the crew (besides her husband) was in the ship.

"Something wrong?" Aaron asked her.

"I'm just wondering what more people we're going to see when we go out to space, again. I mean, we were attacked this time." Xena shared her concerns.

"Don't worry, Xena. If anything else happens, I'll protect you!" he said with a hug.

"Thanks. I feel much better." she said as she hugged him back. "But, once again, I can protect myself. I'm more worried about YOU."

"You don't-" but Aaron was cut off.

"Hi, and goodbye, friends!" Stacey said as she hugged both Xena and Aaron at the same time. "Also, I have this new app which can snap into place on the brainwave tracker. It picks up TALKING, too! AND it translates automatically! AND the senators already know about it!"

"Wow, thanks!" Xena exclaimed.

"Yeah, we can't thanks you enough!" Aaron said.

"HEY! You guys comin'?" Yaron yelled from a ship front window. "I'll leave you two here!"

The two lead astronauts ran to the starting ship.

"Bye!" Xena and Aaron yelled at Stacey.

"Bye! Stacey said.

"To the stars!" the wife and husband declared.