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"All hail Captain Kiera Kablue!" a voice called out.

It was nighttime with two moons out.

It was from a man in blue tights and a blue shirt with a blue headband. He had blue shoes. His skin was green with dark green hair. He had on black stripes.

Everyone else around him had blue headbands and tights and shirts and boots. They each had either purple skin and dark purple hair or light green skin and dark green hair. They had black-striped skin.

All except one with a red hat and shirt and tights. and boots. And purple skin and dark purple hair. Her's was more like a lion's mane. She also had black-striped skin.

"Thank you for your introduction, First Mate Cyrus Camp, but I can take it from here." Captain Kiera told him, standing on a box. "Ladies and gentleman! We have traveled the globe to find the most, best treasures left by ancient societies. Not to take them for ourselves, but to preserve them for new people to enjoy. Today, we set our sites on the floating city of Ocea."

"But Ocea's treasures aren't for the taking! The people there own them!" a a purple-skined mate out cried.

"They don't 'own' them!" Kiera bellowed. "They keep them locked away in the ruins!"

"Um, not that I disagree, but Kiera?" asked Cyrus.

"What?" she said, staring him in the face.

"I DO want to reach out and touch those treasures more than anyone, but we should skip a week then come back." Cyrus said, worried.

"I'm not afraid of their usual celebration. Are you?" Kiera asked.

"N-No way! I'm with you to the end!" Cyrus said, still shakily.

"I hope so. You all know that I'm a very impatient woman, and I've set my sights on this town for a ling time. I will not wait any longer. What say you all?!"

"HURRAH!" yelled the crew.

"That's better." said Kiera. "Now, before you all get back to work, I must remind you we will NOT harm the villagers, but sneak past them. In fact, I have a plan that will cause the citizens to be too afraid of us to let us pass. I still have the details to figure out, but I'll tell you in the morning. DISMISSED!"

Everyone went back to work.

Cyrus was about to leave, but Kiera grabbed him by the shirt.

"Join me for a bit, Cy."

"Of course." Cyrus replied.

Kiera leaned over the port side of the boat. Cyrus followed suit.

"Do you know why I asked you here, Cy?" Kiera asked.

Cyrus watched her stare at the sky.

"Y-You wanted to see the stars, Captain?" Cyrus asked.

"When we're alone, it's 'Ki'. Must I remind you?" Kiera said.

"Sorry." he apologized. "Why I'm your first mate, I'll never know."

"I know I can count on you when the going gets tough, that's why." Kiera spoke the truth. "Now, join me."

"Ki?" Cyrus asked in confusion.

"In looking at the stars!" Kiera pointed out.

"Oh! But what's so special about them?" Cyrus asked. "We use them to navigate the waters, but they're nothing special."

"One day I'll go and be apart of those stars." Kiera told him. "Then YOU will be captain."

"What are you talking about? First, you can't do that, second, you can't leave us, and third. Th-Third is I'd miss you." Cyrus admitted.

"Oh, I'll come back, I promise. But you'll be enjoying yourself too much to miss me. Besides, the crew needs a captain." Kiera minded.

"I don't think you'll leave, but if you do. If you do." Cyrus spoke softly.

Kiera squeezed his hand.

"Don't worry. It'll probably never happen."

"Hopefully. So, what's your plan to avoid the people of Ocea?"

"I'll tell you soon, trust me." Kiera said.

"Ki. I have something to say." said Cyrus.

"Yes? What is it? You can tell me anything, you know." Kiera replied.

"I-I'm tired of stealing treasurers off of others. Even if we put them in museums." Cyrus said.

"I'm not, but I know YOU are. Well, I don't like it a LITTLE bit. So, this'll be our last job. Stealing, anyways." Kiera conceded. "You'll be the captain, traveling the waters, and I'll travel the stars."


The space crew now traveled to yet another planet. It was in the closest galaxy to the Milky Way-Canis Major Dwarf Galaxy – or Canis Major Overdensity.

"How will we know when we get there?" Xena asked aloud.

"It said three days. It's been three days, so there." Yaron explained.

"I meant when we'll hear them! Stacey gave us an upgrade on the brainwave tracker, after all." Xena told him. "Say, how do we know where to go?"

"What do you mean?" Yaron asked.

"How can we tell apart the speech of the people apart from others? Like, wouldn't it take us to other rock harvesters?" Xena pointed out.

"We're going outside the spacegates. No one else does that." Yaron said.

"Um. Have you TRIED the speech feature, yet?" Tousin asked.

"No. I-" but Yaron was cut off.

"Then let's DO IT!" Xena yelled as she pushed a new, green button on the device.

All at once, the air was filled with hundreds of thousands of voices at once. Everyone covered their ears.

Tousin hopped up on the dashboard and hit a red button.

"You obnoxious lout!" Yaron voiced.

"I am NOT a boy!" Xena called.

"Um. Honey? Obnoxious means 'annoying'." Aaron pointed out.

"I meant 'lout'! It means 'an uncouth and aggressive MAN or BOY!' They're both bad, though." Xena said.

"Yaron-" but Aaron was cut off.

"PLEASE. Let's just try 2 figure out the tracker." Xena said.

"Get closer. I need you to know this more than anyone so you don't freak out, again." Yaron bid.

"So, what are all these buttons?" Xena asked as she tucked in.

"The entire tracker is white. The purple button tracks the brainwaves. The green button activates the talking. The red button cancels it. The yellow button? I don't know, but it turns instead of being pressed." Yaron explained.

"Well? Let's twist it." Xena went on.

"Fine." Yaron angrily conceded.

Xena twisted the nob until everyone could hear only two voices.

"King Caid Camile, there's rumors afloat that Kiera's crew is coming this way!" one voice said.

"Olly Oby, you know you are my most trusted adviser and messenger, but how do we know this?" the supposed king responded.

"We've just spotted her ship on the horizon!" Olly spoke.

"What flag?" Caid asked.

"The one with the face with the white face paint and red whiskers." Olly told him.

"Ah. Well, not to worry. The people will chase them away!" Caid declared.

"I don't think they're afraid, Sire. I think they know about Opposite Week and are coming, anyway." Olly sad in worriment.

"Fools! Don't they know of Kyros?" Caid said, indignant.

"I think they do. They just don't care. OR they think it's all local jibber-jabber." Olly spoke.

"We'll just have to get the citizens to try even harder!" Caid spoke, voice rising.

"Um. Kyros is one thing, but the pirates are another, Sire. I mean, Kyros is an animal-" Olly was cut off.

"KYROS IS NO ANIMAL!" Caid bellowed.

"Sorry, Sire Caid, but the citizens can scare Kyros, but not the pirates. They're too smart." Olly said.

"Hmm. Then we'll have Kyros-" Caid was cut off all the way up in space."

"What?! But we need to know more!" Xena whined.

She turned the yellow dial.

"Captain Kiera, could you please tell the crew your plan, now?" a voice asked.

"Very well, First Mate Cyrus. Everyone, we won't be stopped by Opposite Week. We're heading into the town of Ocea full-force! We'll scare them all away!" said the captain.

"How?" asked a third voice.

"We'll be in disguise!" the captain declared.

"We'll disguise ourselves as the people?" asked the voice.

"No! We will be-" but Captain Kiera was also cut off.

"Again?" asked Tousin. "What's wrong with the 'device'?"

"Probably because it's a prototype." Yaron said, putting a hand on his face.

"Well, one thing to do." Aaron said.

"What is it, Aaron-Honey?" asked his wife.

"We have to warn the king!" Aaron declared.


The ship landed on an island not far from the village. The sky shown two suns, an orange larger one and a small yellow one.

"The ship says the air on here is also mostly Oxygen, so we needn't need helmets." Yaron told them all.

"Let the ship in the bushes down there." Aaron pointed.

"Why?" asked Yaron.

"We must hide the ship here in case we make a bad impression on the locals." Aaron told his crew. "We wouldn't want them destroying it."

"Do you think they would?" Xena asked.

"I don't know, but I don't wanna find out." answered Aaron.

They put the ship in black bushes.

Xena looked over the horizon.

"Wow! So, Ocea is full of houseboats!"

Indeed, the whole town was on water. There were boards connecting each house to one another. But the real site was the big mountain on the shore with a golden castle with spires and a cave running underneath.

"I don't suppose we can travel on water?" Yaron asked Aaron.

"The snail ship? It can! I guess hiding the ship was a mistake. Time to travel-underwater!" Aaron declared.

"Let's just hope the ship can handle it." Yaron complained.

"It will." Aaron assured.

Soon, the ship was underwater and Yaron was analyzing the contents using the ship's bottom.

"Huh. The ship says there's Oxygen in the atmosphere, but the water is heavy water."

"What's heavy water?" Tousin asked.

"It's regular water with a different Hydrogen isotope." Aaron explained. "We checked you for it the first time came on board and ALL of us drink regular water. But if any of us drink too much of heavy water, we'll get sick."

"Ah." Tousin said.

Soon, the ship wandered to the bottom of one of the nearest houseboats.

"We'll need to stick to alleyways so as not to rouse suspicion." Aaron told his crew. "You'll have to hide in my shirt." he told Tousin.

"Alleyways on a houseboat town?" asked Yaron.

"Well, we don't have any money to buy disguises." Aaron said.

As they quickly ran into a dark passage, they noticed something.

"Did that guy have a hat on his butt?" asked Xena.

"I think he had pants on his sleeves, too." Aaron commented.

The crew kept walking and saw another person in the light.

"That guy is walking backwards!" Xena told them.

"Now, how do we get inside the castle?" Yaron asked out loud.

"What do you mean?" asked Aaron.

"We can't just walk in! We're not guests or royalty!" Yaron pointed out.

Then the crew noticed a group of mixed-up people walk by. Only they were dancing, cartwheeling, and using bizarre instruments. They were headed towards the castle.

"Can you dance?" Aaron asked Xena."

"Yeah. Can you cartwheel?" Xena asked Aaron.

"Yep. Yaron?" Aaron asked Yaron.

Yaron walked over to an instrument player who had dropped an instrument. He looked around, but couldn't find it. "Ick loot!" he said.

Yaron took it. "Thanks!"

He walked away.

Aaron, Xena, and Tousin poking out of Aaron's shirt, stared at Yaron.

"What? I can't dance or do cartwheels. I'm old!"

"Oh, yeah! Riders' lifespan is different from other races!" Xena reminded everyone.

"You need to give the loot back when this is over." Aaron said.

"If I must." Yaron conceded.

So, the crew followed the rest of the performers to the castle, performing themselves. Xena and Aaron were okay, but Yaron was terrible at playing.


"Ki, what are these?" Cyrus asked his captain.

"They're the disguises." Kiera told her first mate. "See the humps on the backs? The big ears? It's sure to freak the citizens out! They'll cower in their homes and wait for it all to be over."

"I still think it's a bad idea, but I'm with you all the way, Ki!"


"We'll follow behind the performers SLOWLY and out of eye shot. Then, when we get to the castle, we'll group in with them so we can get in." Aaron shared his plan.

The performers and crew were directed to the thrown room. The king wasn't there.


"What are those other performers doing here?" a green lady asked a purple lady.

"Better not cause a scene with a communicator mishap." Yaron whispered to the rest of the crew.

Then four people, two of each color, entered the room with more loots. They sounded the loots and a man with a tied-back purple hair in a red outfit and golden shoes and familiar voice walked in a bowed. He had a black hat on his butt and black pants on his sleeves. Each of them walked in backwards.

"Here ye, here ye! All hail King Caid Camile!"

"That's Olly!" Xena whispered. "But I can't understand them."

"And here comes the king!" Aaron whispered.

King Caid had a golden crown on his butt and golden pants on his sleeves. He walked in backwards. He was in a long, red robe in gold trimming that dragged behind him. He was green and had a mane. He also had golden shoes. He took off his crown so he could sit down and placed it on the thrown to his right.

"I've gathered you here today because you are the best of what you do besides perform: Keep Kyros away!"

"Um, Sire?" a purple man raised his hand.

"What?" Caid asked. "Why aren't you speaking only when spoken to?"

"Sorry, but there's three performers here that aren't from here. Are they your guests, too?" asked the purple man.

"Again, WHAT? Bring these people before me!"

The performers parted and the crew was visible. The performers grabbed the crew and threw them at the king's feet. The crew dropped their masks.

"Why do you all look like that?!" the king cried.

"Your highness-" but Aaron was cut off.

"He can't understand us." Yaron said.

Yaron pointed to his ear and mouth then threw it at the king. Caid caught it then placed it in his ear.

"Who are you people?" Caid asked.

Aaron spoke up, again.

"Your highness, we have come here from other planets."

"Is this some kind of joke?!" asked the king.

Olly went up to the king and whispered in his ear.

"Sire, they sure LOOK like they'e from other worlds."

The king rapped his fingers on his throne and then spoke.

"Okay. WHY are you here?"

"We came simply to find and make friends with aliens." Aaron told him.

"'Make friends', huh? That's a good reason." the king said with sarcasm.

"We also heard about Kyros and Captain Kiera's plan to disguise her crew so they could sneak pass your people and loot your treasures."

A green person played their loot.

Everyone stared at them.

"Sorry. Just thought I'd chime in with a joke."

King Caid rolled his eyes.

"Both those things are bad news. However, we are going to use Kyros to scare Captain Kiera's crew away. THEN we will send Kyros away like we do every year. Kyros may be a monster, but Kyros' presence protects our treasures."

"Excuse me, Your Highness, but why send Kyros away in the first place? And what is Kyros, anyway?" asked Xena.

"Kyros is a terrible monster. It feeds on our fish every year for a week. We usually put guards near Treasure Cave the rest of the year, but the guards are too scared when Kyros comes along. We make as much noise as possible or a week until Kyros goes away. We also wear our clothes strangely in case Kyros sees us as it dips it's head out of the water. This week is called Opposite Week." the king explained.

"You really expect wearing clothes weirdly will do anything?" asked Yaron.

"I don't know. But we do all and it all seems to work." Caid explained further. "So, you are saying that the pirates are coming in disguise? As what?" Caid asked.

"We don't know. All's we know is that they're coming. And they're going to try to fool you and your people." Aaron explained.

"We know this because our advanced technology happened to catch it." Yaron explained, too.

"Hmm." the king murmured. "Kyros looks like a giant fin with giant ears on top. None of my subjects have ever seen her underbelly.

"If you allow us to get rid of the pirates AND Kyros, will you allow us to take a subject with us?" Yaron asked.

Xena shoved him in the arm a bit.

"Why would we do that?" she harshly whispered.

Yaron ignored her.

"We are ordered by our leaders to bring back an ambassador back from the last planet we came from. I'm sure they'll want to see more of them." Yaron explained.

"Hi!" said Tousin as he popped up from Aaron's shirt.

"You DO need more ambassadors!" the king proclaimed.

"HEY!" Tousin said, indignant.

"Alright. You may take Olly." the king told the crew.

"B-But Sire! I'm your most trusted adviser and messenger! You told me, yourself!" Olly said.

"I can get another guy." the king told him.

"Well, I HAVE been thinking about getting a new job." Olly told his king.

"Have you now?" asked a surprised Caid.

"I don't think we should take someone against their will. We'll make up our minds when we get back, okay?" Aaron suggested.

"Very well. Who will you go after first?" asked Cain.

Aaron and his crew huddled up.

"I don't see why they should worry about Kyros. She only comes once a year. It's probably a natural migration." Xena pointed out.

"Don't tell the king that." Aaron told her.

Then they finished deciding.

"We'll go after Keira, first." Aaron told the king.


"How are we supposed to find this 'Captain Kiera's' crew anyhow?" Yaron asked aloud.

"You know how Kiera said they'd SCARE everyone away?" Tousin told him.

"Yeah?" Yaron asked again.

"Well-WHAT ARE THOSE?!" Tousin yelled.

Hundreds and hundreds of black fins and ears could be seen poking out from the water.

"Oh, don't worry, Aaron-Honey. They're probably just migrating." Xena said.

"You mad woman!" Yaron yelled.

"They're the pirates!" Tousin yelled again.

"Then we should use the ship to go underwater!" Yaron declared. "We'll catch 'um in the act!"

"Good idea!" Aaron told him.

As the crew made their way to the hidden ship underneath a floating house, they heard cries and shouts of the frightened people. There was also people pointing at THEM.

The people overturned their own mini boats and revved their engines.

"Why are they doing that?!" Xena yelled.

"The king must've neglected to tell us about that." Aaron said.

The space crew went underwater and saw the boat crew underneath the disguises. They had snorkels to breathe.

"I have an idea." Xena began. "One of us'll go out and grab one of their disguises off, then grab them and show all the people on the boathouses."

"I'll go with you!" Aaron told her.

"I'm glad you're letting me go." said Xena. "Let's head out."

"Take our mics." Yaron said as he gave them two communicators.

Aaron and Xena put on helmets then swam outside.

They found a green man and grabbed him. They swam up to the surface.

The citizens saw the disguise taken off and were confused.

They murmured to each other then cheered. They knew there were fakes among them!

"What ARE you people?" the man asked after Aaron put a mic in his ear.

"You must be Cyrus." Aaron said.

"We're here to-" but Xena was cut off.

Captain Kiera grabbed her.


Kiera put the mic in her ear.

"If you don't want me to take your friend with me across the waters, you'll give me back my first mate."

"Captain Kiera, I am Captain Aaron and that is my wife. "I'd gladly switch for her."

"Oh? You have a ship, too?" Kiera asked.

"Sort of." Aaron told her. "We're from other planets. We're searching for more ambassadors and crew members."

"REALLY?!" Kiera yelped.

"Kiera! Don't switch for me, yet! Use me to get the treasure!" Cyrus told her.

"Are you sure?" Kiera asked.

"Yes." Cyrus conceded.

"Very well, than." Kiera said.

The four walked all the way to the Treasure Cave, all the while the people stared at them.

"Hey, half the cave is underwater!" Xena exclaimed.

"Must be how Kyros gets in." Aaron commented.

"You're not locals and you STILL believe that garbage?" Kiera asked.

"Why not?" asked Aaron.

Kiera meowed.

"Can you breathe underwater?" Aaron asked further.

"For about ten minutes, yeah." said Cyrus.

So, they all went underwater to the back of the cave.

"It's very dark in here." said Aaron.

"Good thing I grabbed a torch." said Kiera.

Kiera got out a match and torch.

All at once, the cave lit up. The walls were painted with yellow, glowing paint.

Kiera went underwater then came back up being careful to keep the torch above her.

"There's nothing here but cave paintings!"

"So, we came all this way for nothing?" Cyrus asked.

"I guess us archaeologists won't strike gold today." Kiera conceded.

"YOU'RE archaeologists?" asked Xena.

"We travel all over the world, find treasure, then put it in museums." Kiera explained.

"But Ocea's citizens don't want you taking their things!" Xena yelled.

"Well, we can't take them, anyway. In fact, our crew should stop taking things against peoples' will. Cyrus wants us to." Kiera said.

"Really, Captain?" asked Cyrus.

"You got it!" Kiera finished.

Then they heard a wailing sound.

"I-It's Kyros!" Cyrus yelled.

Xena and Kiera went underwater. Then they resurfaced.

"Did you see that?" asked Xena.

"Yeah. It has yellow, thin stripes. Thin means it's female. It's a washer." Kiera explained.

"'Washer'?" Aaron asked.

"Yeah, they're quite common in my homeland." Kiera explained further.

"She has an egg sack on her underbelly." Xena said.

"Yeah, they go to underwater caves to lay their eggs one week a year." Kiera said.

"So, the noise and weird ways of clothing does nothing?" Xena asked.

"Probably turning their boats upside down works." Kiera explained. "Well, we'll tell the king they're an endangered species. By law in Ocea, endangered species have to be kept safe in this country."

"I don't know how the king'll take that." said Xena.

"We'll tell 'um we'll leave the cave paintings alone as long as they put up with Kyros for a week a year." Kiera told them her plan."

"Let's hope it works." said Aaron.


The entire space crew had gathered in front of the king once more. Yaron and Tousin gave up their mics so the king and Olly could understand.

"I've already decided to take a portion of food from the people once a month each year to replace our fish. Besides, Kyros protects our treasure. We'd feed her if didn't deplete our fish population. It sounds like a LOT of babies will be born."

"I don't have to go with them, do I?" asked Olly.

"Nope." told the king. "Now, where are the pirates?"

"As it turns out, the pirates are archaeologists. They only wanted to bring the treasure to a museum. AND they've given up on taking things by force." Aaron explained.

"If you don't hand them over, I'll be forced to not send an ambassador with you." Caid told him.

Then Kiera barged in.

"Kyttht!" she yelled.

"Ah. So, YOU'RE Captain Kiera." said the king.


"So, YOU'LL go with them?" asked Caid.


"What is going on?!" yelled Yaron.

"It seems the captain wishes to go with you. She'll be the ambassador. And as long as her crew she leaves behind never does anything by force, I'll let them go." the king said.

"I don't like this." said Yaron.

"Me neither." said Xena and Tousin.

"Yeah, but we need a new ambassador AND crew member." Aaron said. "Hey, what's the name of this planet, anyhow? And I wouldn't take off your mic because e can't understand you like Yaron can't."

"Catorona." answered Kiera.

The crew went outside. Kiera saw Cyrus, ran up to him, and hugged him.

Kiera got out a knife then and cut her mane. She grabbed Cyrus' headband and put it on her. She put her hat on his head.

"I'm joining a new crew, Cy. I'm going to the stars. You're the new captain."

"I'm gonna miss you, Ki." he said with a kiss.

Yaron couldn't hear their conversation, but he knew enough from the kiss.

"You leave behind your beloved to come with people you don't even know?! I just want to get off this planet!"

Yaron ran in the direction of the ship.

Aaron turned to Xena.

"It's time." he said.

William Wright, AKA Loftydreams101's idea was to have the alien people attempt to scare away the space crew by being opposite. It turned into the people attempting to scare off an animal instead.

Please read his poem novels, Rhythms of the Eternal Uprising and The Slums of Nightfall. You can also find him on wordpress and deviantART.