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"Stacey's sure to like this, Armand!" a dark-skinned, long dark-haired woman in a skin-tight, yellow spacesuit told her friend.

"I think so, too, Eloise!" said a dark-skinned, short dark-haired man in a skin-tight, orange spacesuit, answered.

There was a silver rock on the ground. Eloise got out another article of her clothing. The clothing turned orange.

"And to think, we've just discovered new elements!" Armand said.

Eloise looked up at the sky.

"See you soon, stars!"


The crew now had five members and decided to head back to Titan to celebrate.

"Do you know what day it is?!" Aaron excitedly asked his wife.

"No, not entirely. What day is it?" Xena asked back.

"It's Halloween Eve!" Aaron exclaimed.

"'Halloween Eve'? What's that?" asked Yaron.

"The day before Halloween! Don't they celebrate it on Trotter?" Aaron asked.

"Nope." Yaron admitted. "I don't use the word 'Trotter', by the way. Well, not often."

"On Halloween, us Titan kids go to a special place called the "Candy Grove". It's basically where all the adults-police, actually-check the parents' candy bags before giving them out. It's mostly for the kids, but adults do it, too. We all dress up, also. We pick costumes which are sure not to be scary."

"Sounds childish." said Yaron.

"Sounds wicked!" said Kiera.

"I keep forgetting we have communicators for you and Tousin and braced the ship." Yaron realized as he said so. "It was a pain in the butt, though. And we still need helmets and spacesuits for everyone!"

Aaron looked at Xena. Xena looked away.

"Lark? Would you please follow me?"

Yaron put the ship on autopilot, got up from the pilot seat, and followed.

"I've never been here before." Yaron commented. "Not to the back of the ship."

Yaron noticed two spacesuits on the floor. One was pink and the other sky blue like Aaron and Xena's first spacesuits.

"Yaron, do you know what meditation and yoga is?" Aaron asked.

"Sort of. I've heard of them." Yaron told him.

"Well, today I'm gonna teach you one of them-meditation. I'll teach you yoga another day." Aaron told him back.

"Hard pass!" Yaron declared.

"Yaron, if you don't learn to control your emotions, I can't keep you on the crew anymore." Aaron warned.

Yaron took a moment to answer. "Fine. If I have to."

"Good! Now, I'll let you sit the blue spacesuit, today." Aaron promised.

Aaron sat pretzel-style on the pink suit and Aaron did the same on the blue one.

"Shouldn't Kiera be wearing one of these?" Yaron asked.

"They don't fit her. Put your hands in your lap." Aaron told Yaron.

Yaron listened.

Yaron closed his eyes.

"Oh, I don't do that style. Keep your eyes open." Aaron coaxed.

Yaron opened his eyes.

"Try this first one. You see that point on the wall there?" Aaron asked.

Yaron saw something he hadn't seen before. A target.

"I want you to concentrate on that teeny tiny spot on the target." Aaron said.

Yaron stared.

"Only focus on that, nothing else." Aaron kept telling him.

Yaron kept on staring.

"Now, let's focus on blocking instead of concentrating." Aaron changed topics. "I want you to stare AROUND the point."

Yaron stared at the target spot around the little point.

"Now, after all that, how do you feel?" Aaron asked.

"Much better, actually!" Yaron said in elation.

"Now that you've meditated, I want the next time you get angry to do it again." Aaron told him.

"Thanks, Alair." Yaron said.

"Your welcome." Aaron said. "Sorry I didn't teach you sooner. I only found the whole idea off the web."

Yaron then saw something behind a curtain.

"What's that?" he asked.

"I can't tell you that." Aaron spoke firmly. "Not unless you agree to one thing: You promise to keep it a secret."

"Deal." Yaron bargained.

"Remember Stacey Crumb?" Aaron said.

"The scientist?" Yaron asked. "The one who gave us the brainwave device?"

"Yup. Before when I was only on my own, Stacey gave me this thing called an inter-dimensional travel box. I used it to go to different dimensions. I met my wife in one. She was living in another version of Enceladus at the time."

"You're kidding me!" Yaron said in disbelief.

"I'm telling only the truth!" Aaron swore.

"Can I test it out?" asked Yaron.

"Some other time." Aaron promised. "It's a prototype. Stacey only let me use it once-to test it out. So, do you get angry when you see couples torn apart?"

"Like how Kiera said goodbye to her boyfriend? Nah, just one of many things." Yaron admitted.

"Okay." Aaron conceded.

All at once, the two men heard talking. It was from the front of the ship.

"Guess we're needed, huh?" said Aaron.

"Yup." said Yaron.

"Stacey sent us a message." Xena explained once they entered the room.

Xena hit a button and Stacey's face came on the monitor.

"Hey, guys! This message may reach you at just the right time. You see, on an asteroid not far from where you are, there's two rock harvesters. Well, one's a scientist, but the other's a rock harvester. They've just discovered new elements. They're called Rainbowiram, Invisibliam, and Appearium. I was wondering if you could check on them? I haven't heard from them in a while. I'll send you the coordinates. Goodbye and good luck!"

A bunch of numbers appeared on the screen.

"We're finally there. Only we're getting brainwaves, not talking." Xena explained once more.

"Aren't we coming up on an asteroid field?"

"Looks like it." said Xena.

"But out HERE? We're still not near the Asteroid BELT." Yaron said in alarm.

"I hope we get to go to Halloween Night on Titan." Aaron lamented.

"We still need to see the politicians." Xena reminded.

"Them, too." Aaron conceded.

"I'd like nothing better." said Kiera.

"Me, too!" Tousin chimed in.

"Yaron, take the ship down." Aaron told him.

Yaron got in the pilot seat, turned off the autopilot, then brought the ship down.

Aaron and Xena put on their suits and walked outside.

They found a snail ship not too far from their own ship.

Aaron looked threw a window.

"It's filled to the brim with rocks!"

Then two people walked up to them.

"Hey, there! Did Stacey send you here, too?" asked a woman. "I'm Eloise Collins. This is my co-captain, Armand Cooper. He's also a scientist."

"We were harvesting rocks and found new elements." Armand explained.

"I know! Stacey told us." Xena explained further.

"I'll be returning to the lab, soon." Armand said.

"You should come to my parents' house before you see Stacey." Aaron told her.

"Shouldn't we see the politicians, first?" Xena asked.

"Yeah, but Mom'll make us some costumes! Then we can go to the Candy Grove together!" Aaron told her.

"We're both from Titan!" Eloise said. "But I don't know what to be for Halloween."

"My mom can make you a costume!" Aaron declared. "OR you could use one of your new elements. Can it change your clothes repeatedly?"

"It can! Thanks for the suggestion. I'll have rainbow clothes." Eloise said.

"You can't be invisible, though. The Candy Grove only allows non-scary clothes." Aaron told her.

"Oh, I forgot about that! It's cool, though! I'd rather much be rainbow." Eloise told him, back.

"Say, since you're scientist's leaving and you'll be on your own, wanna join OUR crew? We mainly have aliens that need to learn, and you know more about space than them, so, wanna be the final spot?" Aaron suggested.

"Would I?!"

So, Eloise became the sixth member of the crew.


"Thanks, Mom!" Aaron said as they were leaving his parents' house.

"I can't believe your mother made us these costumes so fast!" Xena said in realization. "And I can't believe Armand wanted to skip it to go to Enceladus."

"Mom had all day to make the costumes. She sure can sew." Aaron said.

Xena was a bride, Aaron was a groom, Yaron was talked into being a soccer/football player, Tousin was told to be a fairy, Kiera was a washer, and Eloise was a rock pressed against her clothes, changing them to a shimmering rainbow. They had costume heads, except for Yaron who had a cloth in front of his face. (Only they didn't mind what they were.)

"Why didn't you ask for that thing on your old ship's sail to be made, Kiera?" Aaron asked.

"Oh, you mean an elderfoot? It's what my people used to be in the past. I already had a washer costume, though." Kiera explained.

"Your people are pretty advanced, Kiera." Aaron commented.

"Where's the Candy Place?" asked Tousin.

"Follow me!" Aaron said as he swam away in Titan's thick atmoshere.

Everyone swa after him.

Someone brushed past Yaron's shoulder.

Yaron turned and saw a child dressed as a ladybug and apparently her mother.

"Apologize!" he said.

"Sorry, mister!" said the ladybug.

"Good apologizing!" said the mother.

Yaron imagined a spot on the ground. He concentrated as hard as he could. Then he stopped.

"You coming?!" Aaron called after him.

"Yes. Thank you, Aaron." he said.

Aaron's jaw dropped.

"'Aaron'? Really?!" Aaron asked.

Yaron simply shook his head "yes".

"The mediation helps a LOT." Yaron told him.

"What would you need 'meditation' for?" asked Kiera.

"Yeah, and what is it?" asked Tousin.

"It's a way to relax." Aaron explained.

"Yeah, Aaron taught me it. It helps with my anger." Yaron explained further.

"You tell them?!" Aaron yelped.

"I may as well. The crew should know so I don't get fired." Yaron told him.

"You won't." said Aaron. "Let's celebrate Yaron's good health by getting treats! Everybody, now!"

So, they spent the rest of the evening getting candy.

William Wright, AKA Loftydreams101's helped with Yaron's anger issues.